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  1. I loved Joe. Absolute quality. Made the game look easy. His long passing was an overlooked joy.
  2. Mullen is a good right back but I'm not sure Kyle, for all his long service, is an effective player any more. Seems to run around a lot these days without actually doing anything.
  3. I think we need to have an adult conversation about Gary Bollan. I have made no secret of the fact that I have now lost confidence in him as the manager and that we have made little progress. I know we finished nominally in the top 5 last year but we were on the slide, looked less than convincing, and if things had continued to the end were by no means guaranteed to remain in the playoff places. I am certain that Donald will have set Gary the challenging expectation that we would be at the very least in the playoff race yet we will finish 2nd bottom and were starting to sweat. The Board have supported the manger as much as they can by bringing in players. I think I can safely say, given the comments by other compadres, that given the players we have, we should be in a much more comfortable, nay challenging position. Has Bollan taken the team as far as he can ? Should we play safe and hope that his brand of football keeps us in the division for another dreary year or should we try and bring in a fresh face with new ideas ?
  4. The team was f*#king horrendous and Gary Bollan [email protected] clueless. Not a good combination.
  5. Too many players not good enough. Very few of them appear to be able to pass a ball.
  6. Oooft ! Wasn't expecting that. Massive result. Well done to the boys.
  7. Well that's 90-odd minutes of my life I'll never get back. Utter pish. As much as I hate to say it, if we get through this season we need to look elsewhere than Bollan. He is not doing it for me any longer.
  8. FORZA BRASILE IN BLU - That is so cool Love it. Bravo il signor !
  9. Nae bother in atrocious conditions today. Good all round team performance. What a belter from Mango !
  10. Very happy. Tell you what, that Ross County keeper looks like a good 'un. Should be a confidence booster for the team as the attack looked short of it.
  11. Cowden worked hard today and never let up. Quality was missing for us in the midfield and up front. QP had it in the attacking postions that mattered and always looked a threat. When we keep the ball on the deck we can play some decent stuff but too often the ball was a hot potato and seemed to be got rid of post haste in a hopeful rather than purposeful manner. Hope we can get a result sooner rather than later.
  12. Well that was £7.99 and 92 minutes of my life I'll never get back. Swann and Miller were embarrasingly and staggeringly awful. I don't think either of them managed a pass to a Cowden shirt all day.
  13. Well thats f**cked it. We were looking the better side too 2nd half.
  14. Don't understand the game plan. Appears to be to hoof it up to one of the smallest players on the pitch. Don't think the Stranraer defence have broken sweat so far.
  15. Watching the game. Not much quality on show. Cowden's passing is atrocious, Swann is having a mare so far.
  16. Well f**k my old boots. That's a turn up. Well played boys. 😍
  17. Sorry. Not wiiling to accept that. No different for other teams in Div 2. Whatever the team is has got to be ready for the first game of the season and up for it. #getagrip
  18. These. According to the Beeb, we had one shot the whole game against ICT. Didn't have many in the Hearts game. Don't know about the Beasties. Obviously a worry as we are clearly not going to concede many.
  19. Good performance. Our left back was outstanding.
  20. 0-0 at half time. Boys playing well & looking very organised.
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