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  1. 3-0. That has become a depressingly familiar f**king ring on our scoreline. This is Maurice's team. He can talk the talk but needs to walk the walk. Pronto.
  2. Official site a bit tardy at the moment, re the new signings ?
  3. How depressing, Long season ahead.
  4. I assume you are going to change your moniker to berwick-the-soundly-thrashed ?
  5. Some of the best, most professional, camera work and footage I've seen. The defence needs to stop pratting around with the ball in the box and just clear it. However some good stuff on display and I am encouraged.
  6. Was just thinking that meself. Definitely similar to the 77 to 81 one, I think. How about reversing the blue and the white for the away strip. That would look cool.
  7. Away and take your face for a shite.
  8. Anybody who went able to offer any observations on the game last night ?
  9. Watched the Maurice Ross interview. In it he referred to wanting 2 or 3 more signings - an attacking winger, a midfielder and a 'back up goalie'. I would presume from that comment that he knows who he wants or already has for his first choice in goal.
  10. And yet we managed to end up with Stephan Gollasch.......
  11. Just to do a 'just saying'... I could understand that mindset if we had a few 'experienced' players in the squad but we don't. Surely the young (and so-called hungry) players we have signed will want to prove themselves (and therefore put themselves on the market) against the allegedly 'elite' younglings associated with the top clubs. ? If they can't rouse themselves against the likes of those then surely turning up for (in the right frame of mind) and beating say a university side is going to mean that it is going to be a long and tough season for us ? Not any kind of an acknowledgement that the whole B team inclusion in the league doesn't suck but since we are where we are, just trying to provoke a few thoughts....
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