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  1. Great win for the boys. GIRUY Vimto you c**k.
  2. Well that was a hard watch against a not great Edinburgh side. Although we looked comfortable for much of the game, we have zero physical presence in the midfield and up front. The one moment of quality resulted in a goal, at last, for Bucks. I just hope the gaffer is able to bring in the players he needs to turn this side around.
  3. Aye, we could have. Cammy made some fine saves. It worries me that despite seeming to be playing a 4-3-3ish we create very, very little up front. Most of the few chances we create is from folk joining in late in the play from other areas of the park.
  4. Maybe I've been kidding myself about the quality in this current squad. The spine of the team, Gill, Barr, Hutton, Bucks seems to be there. What I've not understood is how we have continually re-signed players, i.e. Mullen, Buchanan, Miller etc who have been a consistent in sides struggling at the bottom end of the league for the last few years.
  5. No do not agree about Renton at all. Mind you Mahady ran his socks off without him really having any chances created for him up front. Passing to each other was still awful as most time we gave the ball away and it came back at us.
  6. Thanks for your money. Why now do sets of fans have to want to kick the shit out of each other ? Our rivals have always been the Pars and we have the Beasties, generally speaking, on the mantle piece. Regardless of which there has been no bother between the fans. Seriously what is wrong with you ?
  7. Oh man that was hard to take. The players worked their socks off all game and one moment of calamity by Cameron Gill settled the game. Feel gutted for the players but there was much to admire in the performance and it augers well for the future.
  8. Cowden under new management. So many questions. Will we see a new manager bounce from the Blue Brazil ? Will Kelty give a team shorn of confidence a good hosing ? Should be a decent turnout for the match I would imagine.
  9. Kudos to the board in putting this new management team in place and by doing so have have made another signature statement along with the signing of Bucks and O'Connor about their intentions regarding direction of travel for the club. I always found it baffling that, under Bollan, along with his many faults about tactics, selections and substitutions the players did not seem to develop at all. Maurice and Scott, as well as having management experience have a coaching background l and so I would expect to see some development happening with the players. Welcome to The Blue Brazil to the two of them. Onwards and upwards mes amis.
  10. Especially with the 'laughing 'til I cried' emoji. About a man with dementia.
  11. Mate. You are being little a bit dim this evening. If Mixu is available and willing to do it the that would be just the most tremendous Filip for the fans and the club. Just saying.
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