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  1. Dearie me. 10 yellow cards and 2 reds. Sounds like a bad tempered affair. Well done on the result lads !
  2. Stating the bleedin' obvious probably but we do not appear able to score any goals.
  3. Why are Sky saying extra time being played ?
  4. Well done to the boys ! The real deal.
  5. Another clean sheet and a win. Great stuff !
  6. That'll be 3 thuggeries to nil then. 6 points from two away games. 6 goals for 0 goals against. Pleasing.
  7. Normal service is resumed. Stenny back on the mantle piece.
  8. Anybody any idea when Football Nation will be getting the <ahem> 'larger' gentlemen's sizes for the new home tops back in stock ?
  9. That is a thing of beauty and deep joy.
  10. Elgin at home last game of the season. Where have we seen that one before ? just saying.....
  11. Davie Ross. What a wizard on the wing. My dad reckons he could hit the crossbar 8 times out of 10 from a corner.
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