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  1. Very valid topic. Played with 3 left backs in back 4 (Robertson, Tierney, Mulgrew) a lot last campaign. Interesting to read thoughts on this thread about giving young players a chance or not. Thoughts on this issue here: https://thefootballblether.com/2017/12/02/will-the-scottish-centre-halves-please-stand-up-please-stand-up/
  2. Dilemma facing fans as prices escalate on tickets, trains - increasingly seen as a "consumer" by SFA, so are we best to look elsewhere for our football fix, is our £££ spent better in Europe? https://thefootballblether.com/2018/01/22/the-supporters-dilemma/
  3. Discussed this issue in an article - pros and cons of moving. Tradition versus finance. https://thefootballblether.com/2018/01/03/tradition-versus-finance-hampden-versus-moving/
  4. Discussed this issue in a recent article - keen to hear other thoughts; https://thefootballblether.com/2017/12/13/champions-league-evolution-pulling-the-thread/
  5. With Sky TV, BT Sport subscriptions becoming increasingly expensive, looking at the option of watching Czech Football - free app, £3 for whole weekend of football. Cheap, good quality, provides an enjoyable alternative/option while sitting on the sofa watching Final Score. https://thefootballblether.com/2017/12/04/bohemian-armchair-football/ https://thefootballblether.com/2018/01/09/czech-first-league-mid-season-review/
  6. General overview of Scotland's place on European Football stage, the pro's and cons of following Scotland versus European Football. Discussion on Scotland's place in Britain, Supporters Club, ticket prices, Czech Football and much more. https://thefootballblether.com/
  7. Is the SSC too expensive, is it delivering value for money or should hard earned money be better spend on trips abroad? Ahead of the upcoming renewal subscriptions, looking for thoughts, comments etc. https://thefootballblether.com/2018/01/22/the-supporters-dilemma/
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