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  1. As long as we get them in by the first league game im not too fussed.
  2. I would take all three. I know Stokes patched us but Stubbs takes no crap and will sort him out.
  3. I would prefer people not to say until deals are finalised. Dont want to alert others.
  4. We are not finished recruiting players by a long way. We need to see who comes in before putting the side down.
  5. Another good bit of business from the club. I like how Stubbs is going about things so far. We need a team of players signed by Stubbs so they will buy into his way of playing and have no loyalties to Ross. Best way forward imo.
  6. We have already signed 1 of the original 3 mentioned this would be someone else as well.
  7. Fair play to Stubbs. He has clearly looked at our squad and thought this won't do. If he can move on players not up to the standard we are looking for then great. My only hope is that we can attract better than what we have already. Smith, Magennis and J McGinn are the only 3 that Imo are SPL quality.
  8. McKenzie and Eckersley I would keep. We are going to need experience along the way and both fit that. I can only hope he has better replacements lined up.
  9. Or else he is bringing in hungry young players who will supplement any experienced players he will bring in. I think he knows what he is doing and unlike most of fans he will have seen these guys actually play.
  10. Lol anyone looks good next to Stubbs. Wonder who is signing tomorrow?
  11. We need a manager who can take us forward. Neither Stubbs or Mcintyre can do that. Epic fail imo
  12. Stubbs is useless. Cant our board show some imagination. Seriously underwhelmed.
  13. All these big names and we will still end up with a journeyman Scottish manager
  14. Larsson will be the same as McCoist no chance. We will go with Neilson or Kearney
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