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  1. Really want Ayunga to get a goal today
  2. Celtic middle to front are outstanding. Pace and movement are key. Rangers midfield is slow and ageing.
  3. Happy with our squad. Not fussed with any comings or goings. Robinson is getting a tune out of who we have. Main etc look like new players
  4. Only way we should allow him to leave is that we have someone better lined up. Kiltie is a great wee player and I would be gutted to see him go especially to Livi.
  5. Not getting carried away by resent results but this really is a game we should be looking to win. Which is why i predict a banana skin and a loss
  6. Won't slate utd. Celtic could do this to anyone outwith the Glasgow or Edinburgh teams
  7. Andy walker is a twat. He should be punted from every media source
  8. And they got out of jail against against Rangers with them going down to 9 men
  9. Tait has been outstanding. There is no way he should be dropped just now.
  10. I actually think you have s good point. We leave acres of space on our left. Tait is often exposed. I would love to see his distance covered stats. This is why we eventually tweaked the formation by bringing Kiltie on.
  11. Robinson had a sticky spell but now he has his own side and formation we are seeing how good a manager he is. I like the organisation he brings to the side. He also listens to his back room. We were getting done in midfield second half. Langfield shouted we had to change it and Robinson brought on Kiltie to give us the extra cover. Strain was immense today. What a signing he is. Thought Baccus goal aside was a bit quieter. He still played well. Curtis Main was superb he bullied hibs until he went off.
  12. If our forwards find their shooting boots we will give a few teams a doing. Should have scored a couple more.
  13. Will be interesting to see how we finish the transfer window
  14. Funny I had a feeling he may be moved on after he was benched against Utd and O'Hara made captain. He is a quality player but prone to the odd clanger. I just hope we manage to get in a left back with the wage saved.
  15. We get the most obscure seating when we go to the Old Firm. Feck them if we could I would ban them altogether
  16. How good is Ayunga? He is looking a class act. Baccus is superb and O'Hara is steel from Motherwell. Robbo is really getting a tune out of Erhahon and Main. We had no luck against well and Aberdeen or it would have been even better.
  17. Fraser is a decent player i would rather we let Flynn go.
  18. I think Ethan has been a changed player under Robbo. He looks a different player. All that aside O'Hara is a better fit and if Ethan was to leave I would not die in a ditch over it. I would however not like to lose anyone from Midfield.
  19. Its surprising some of the unattached players out there. Gogic being one of them. He and a left back would be the final jigsaw piece for me.
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