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  1. It was tongue in cheek based on suggestions we play big Joe up top
  2. Time to grab Curtis Main and get a new contract signed. He is immense. I would also like us to try get Tony Watt in on a permanent deal.
  3. Felt for big Dec. He clearly pulled his hamstring. He will be missed. Thought Kiltie was superb. He was all over the park. Great wee guy. Was funny seeing Brophey sitting with the Ross county players. Tony Watt is getting better with every game.
  4. Bossed the first half without adding to our tally. Should be at least one more ahead. Main looks to be struggling. Kiltie has been immense. He is winning every second ball and pushing forward. Need to grab a second to put this to bed.
  5. I am not being funny but put Urminskey up top instead of Joe. He is enormous and would win lots of the ball in the air. Would give it a go
  6. I cannot see us finishing top 6. Not on our away form
  7. Last night was nothing new. Our away form has been an issue all season. You can point to a number of factors but we are shocking away from home. Injuries and suspensions are hurting the side. We also miss Ethan who linked our midfield perfectly. Baccus and O'Hara drift out of games and we are not moving the ball quick enough. Saturday is a winnable game just like last night but it could also be another poor result unless we play to a higher level.
  8. Knew we would gift wrap the points tonight. We can always be relied upon to be charitable to teams in need. Our away form is bottom 2 never mind bottom 6
  9. On tonight's performance we can kiss top 6 goodbye. Injuries are catching up with the squad.
  10. Totally expected this from us tonight. Our away form is shocking. Missing big Dunne.
  11. Have my reservations about this game. Well will get a boost and our away form is ropey to say the least. Really hard to predict a winner
  12. Please keep him for another week. Fed up playing teams who bin their manager before we play them
  13. Really sad news about Billy Thomson. He was a great keeper
  14. This sums up the community element of our club perfectly.
  15. It feels great to be sitting in the stadium with a decent crowd. The extra revenue is also welcome. We really are punching above our weight with such a small squad.
  16. Felt for the lad. Clearly took a sore one
  17. Poor game in poor conditions. No keeper really tested. Thought the best player on the park scored. One moment of quality won the game. We lacked a cutting edge. Main had our best chance but ballooned it over the bar.
  18. The huge difference this season is Robinson. He has changed the mindset of the team and everyone would run through a brick wall for him. He knows how to get the best out of a player. I just love big Curtis. Something I never thought I would say. The togetherness is something we havent seen in years. I am enjoying it while it lasts.
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