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  1. 4 hours ago, Div said:

    I don't wish to be a mood hoover but I don't find the outcome of last nights meeting much cause for celebration.

    I'm staggered that anyone can just shrug their shoulders at the fact we've burned through £1.7m over and above our usual expenditure in the period May 21 (when we had £2.7m in the bank) to May 22 (when we had a million in the bank).

    Whether that £1.7m was in the form of a long term interest free loan or not it's still an incredible level of spending for a company with a turnover of just £4m.

    I appreciate Ralston cost more than planned and we still had lingering recovery from COVID, but £1.7m, gone! f**k me!

    The bigger issue though is this notion that we've budgeted to finish 7th. I find that an amazing strategy to be honest.

    The prize money on offer for 7th this season is £1.8m. So fair to assume that we've set our playing budget based on that level of income.

    What happens if we finish lower than 7th?

    Here's how the prize money drops;

    7th - £1.8m
    8th - £1.5m ( -£300k)
    9th - £1.45m ( -£350k)
    10th - £1.4m ( -£400k)
    11th - £1.3m ( -£500k)

    Now of course we might finish 7th or even higher, that cannot be ruled out either, but similarly nobody can tell me there is absolutely no chance we might finish 8th for example.

    8th wouldn't be a bad finish for us at all, yet it would put another £300K loss on the books unless unbudgeted income bridges that gap (Baccus World Cup money, a healthy Scottish Cup run, a Dylan Reid transfer fee etc etc).

    That's the issue I have. We're setting ourselves up for a pretty big fall here if the team don't deliver on the park. It's great to be ambitious and we've certainly got a good team on the pitch, but it's not sustainable to budget for finishing 7th and I find it a wee bit concerning that we're effectively gambling on ourselves.

    You have it spot on. As a club we should always budget for worse case scenario. We don't want to be in last spot having budgeted to be mid table. 

    Poor management IMO. 

    Can only hope we can get some big transfer money in. 

  2. 1 hour ago, glenburn bud said:

    It’s a pity Marcus Fraser went in a bit too quickly on Kent. Had he let the useless twat just run on a bit and leave him to do what he usually does, like f**k up the final ball. Then we could and should have had all 3 points. 
    I can’t think of a worse refereeing performance than what was on show today, from Glancy. 

    He wasn’t even subtle about either. 

    Two words Andrew Dallas. Clancy was bad but Dallas was worse

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