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  1. The huge difference this season is Robinson. He has changed the mindset of the team and everyone would run through a brick wall for him. He knows how to get the best out of a player. I just love big Curtis. Something I never thought I would say. The togetherness is something we havent seen in years. I am enjoying it while it lasts.
  2. Totally agree. Anyone who can make me completely change my opinion on Main is a top guy. You got to love wee Robbo.
  3. Watt at his best is better than what we have. Robbo is a great man manager and may be just what he needs right now. Up front we now have options. Would have liked another midfielder in but at least we kept Keanu.
  4. Disappointed if Lowry deal is off. Hope we have other targets
  5. Apparently we missed out on Conor Shields of Motherwell. Thank feck for that
  6. The boss being honest as ever. He has been a superb capture as gaffer. Hope he gets his targets signed up
  7. Robbo would have known this is happening so should have targets in place.
  8. Alex Lowry could be put out on loan from Rangers. Would be a good addition if we lose both Ethan and Keanu
  9. In an ideal world the latter. However if we go on a losing run the others will soon catch up. 10 points ahead is nothing. Reid was deemed the closest academy player ready for the midfield and he is away. We need to bring in replacements capable of keeping us in the top 6
  10. Ethan will be missed. His range of passing is excellent. We are in big trouble if he and Baccus goes
  11. It is going to be a very interesting last day of the window. Hope we have targets lined up if players go out the door. Still don't think Watt will happen. Hoping Baccus stays as well.
  12. If we sign Watt it would be a slap in the face for Brophy. Letting him go to sign Watt. Can't see both Ethan and Keanu leaving. We would need to replace one or both.
  13. Cannot see Watt rocking up at St Mirren park. To be honest don't see any movement in. Ethan would be a loss. His passing is superb. Has the odd wayward pass but his percentages are really high.
  14. We can do without Ayunga but we need Carson to be fit for midweek
  15. Still can't believe you let them go. Main under Goodwin was shocking but Robbo knows how to get a tune out of him. Dunne was injury prone prior to coming to us. He appears to have ditched the injuries and is a cracking player. Carson was let go by Utd and is top notch
  16. The problem we have is trying to keep a small squad fit. Ayunga and now Carson going for scans. Big Joe missing yesterday and Tait out for weeks. Added to this suspensions and the likes of Gallagher needing injections to play. How we have reached 30 points is testamont to our superb squad management by Robbo. If only we could add a player or 2 for the run in.
  17. You only have to look at the team spirit Robbo has in the squad. It was never like this under Goodwin. He had brief spells where it went ok but he was nowhere near as good as Robinson
  18. Best comedy line I have heard in ages. Hammell is a poor manager IMO. Time to bag him
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