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  1. Lets be honest if our support was bigger this would not be on the table. If we don't want the old firm to pack out an extra stand then we up the ticket price and kick them out. I am in favour of giving us much of our stadium to our fans and thats how I voted. I am happy to pay more to not listen to the bigots
  2. Good bit of business from the club. Good keeper at this level and bags of experience. Would like to know if Urminsky is the real deal and could he be a star for us eventually
  3. Davis to stay at Rangers according to Record reporter Scott Burns
  4. Two different types of player who perform different roles. Yes both midfielders but they are not like for like. Would you say Ronan was the same as Power? Davis makes the ball work for him where Brown charges around trying to break up play.
  5. Only time will tell I suppose. But i do hope we get him. Class player
  6. Davis allegedly fell out with GVB during the season so may not extend his stay. I still think he will end up at a bigger club but you never know
  7. If we get Davis it will be a masterstoke by Robinson. He may be 37 or whatever but he showed again today that he still is a quality player. He has not lost anything in the tank and is very mobile. Fingers crossed this is true
  8. Power was ok but he is slow and prone to costly mistakes. There are younger and better out there.
  9. I would totally agree. He would be a real asset. However he may not fit our managers type of player.
  10. Reece McAleer looked poor against Arbroath and not sure about Tumilty. We had our bid knocked back for Cameron Norman. Gogic would be great to have back the rest not so sure. I would also happily accept decent bids for Ethan and Dunne.
  11. To be honest I would have let Flynn and Tait go as well. Still hoping we get a bid for Ethan. Delighted Urminsky is being retained. Would love to see how good this lad is.
  12. No loss if Power goes. Better and younger out there. Would prefer Gogic to stay if poss
  13. Watching the play off game. You lot are a cert to bounce straight back
  14. Could the 4th player be Steven Davis. This rumour is still doing the rounds
  15. Interesting that we are waiting on the English market to open up. I think we need more than 2 or 3 more than the rumoured players
  16. I would move Ethan on if we get a decent fee. I think its time for him to find a new club. He just doesnt seem to be improving or making a position in the first team his own. Got some talent in there but not as good a some of the younger lads coming through
  17. Really pleased for Robinson. Just about safe now. Superb result today
  18. The squad is paper thin and our policy of signing injury prone players is not helping our cause
  19. You cannot say that for certain. We couldn't buy a win in the 11 games before Christmas. We work with what we have and go again.
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