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  1. Watching Popescu playing for hearts. Pity we couldnt bring him back.
  2. Given we now have 3 players missing it shows the extent of our lack of squad depth. We really should have boosted the player pool by now.
  3. Not having a go at you but its funny how some of our fans have done a complete turn around on Ethan. Many were happy to see him go.
  4. If the board dont back Goodwin tonight know one could blame him if he walked
  5. Good deal for the player. Now over to our board to bring in help for Goodie
  6. Goodwin loves the club so there is no way he will resign. He will be disappointed yes so lets see if he is backed by bringing in player or players tomorrow.
  7. Jammy ????????. We have as much luck as we have subs on the bench
  8. Only 4 subs tonight. Pathetic. What message does this send to our youth players
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