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  1. Can see big Joe, Brophey and perhaps Kiltie moved on. We might get bids for Ethan and Keanu. Janurary will be an interesting month for players leaving. Shame we probably won't get any in unless we pick up a loan deal.
  2. You have it spot on. As a club we should always budget for worse case scenario. We don't want to be in last spot having budgeted to be mid table. Poor management IMO. Can only hope we can get some big transfer money in.
  3. Well said Jonah. Its time this was called out. The old firm get a serious bias during games.
  4. Disappointed with the abuse Ayunga was taking from a couple of members of our own support. One guy had a constant tirade against him until he scored. It's pathetic. Ayunga like Main plays a massive part in our team and the abuse he gets is shocking.
  5. Rangers were there for the taking but we sat back after we scored. Not seen the penalty incident back but it is the only way I could see Rangers scoring. Disappointed to drop 2 points. Referree was shocking he looked too scared to give us a free kick.
  6. Poor from both teams imo but would take your prediction. Rangers very one dimentional.
  7. Robbo now 2/1 favourite for Luton job. Bookies rarely wrong. Hope he stays but fear he will be off during break for world cup
  8. The technique by both Kiltie and O'Hara was impressive. Text book strikes on goal.
  9. We have not had much luck with VAR but after seeing the incidents from our game last night the calls made were right.
  10. Our midfield looks very weak and struggled in early cup games. Poor starting lineup. Gogic should be in Midfield
  11. The situation with Brophey is sad. There is a player in there but just not fit or consistent enough. I would never have signed him. Saying that if he scores the winning goal tonight I take it all back lol
  12. Strain is the best full back we have had in years. Really gutted for him. On a plus point he will get a chance to rest up and not get injured while away.
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