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  1. A player similar to Gogic would be good but I actually think O'Hara and Baccus could be a great fit for the centre of our midfield
  2. While I can agree with you. We need a few of these players to go for big money to allow the club to grow and attract better players.
  3. I was in the same camp as you about Flynn. However he will not be a high earner, he won't rock the boat and can play multiple positions.
  4. Our midfield needs a Gogic type of player to break up play. He for me would just about finish the squad. A couple of quality young loan signings and its looking good.
  5. The club will have held the aces on this one. Looks like Gallagher has dropped his demands after we told him we were pulling the plug.
  6. Our midfield still bothers me in terms of quality. We badly need a Gogic type of player. If we get another centre half then our defence looks stronger. Interesting that Aberdeen are working on deals to sign McGrath and Ronan.
  7. It hasnt worked at Aberdeen for Gallagher but he was a player under Robinson. Alongside big Joe he could get his career back on track.
  8. Don't know anything about the lad, but if Killie don't want him for the prem, is he good enough for us? Think he left them and not them getting shot of
  9. Another left field signing but a welcome one. A centre half and a centre midfielder now
  10. Ayunga looks a unit of a lad. I thought he would be smaller
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