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  1. Nisbet is exactly the player we need. I would push the boat out for this lad.
  2. Definitely agree. This boy looks quality and will get us a good fee in the future
  3. Goodwin is a great guy with the club at heart. He wants to be a success and that can only be good for us. Great news to see his plans for the rest of the season and beyond.
  4. Shocker Baird going to the ton. He is better than this. Can only imagine Broadfoot is a done deal.
  5. Livi are well organised and are better than people think. This will be a difficult game. I only hope we are on top of our game and ready for a hard 90+ minutes.
  6. Superb from the club. A signing out of the blue. NTFC fans are well pissed off.
  7. The decision was wrong but how many times have we been on the wrong end of bad decisions? We can all see it was a penalty but the ref didn't give it. No point in debating this as it's not going to change the result. Aberdeen were not good enough to score in 90 minutes simple.
  8. I don't see him going anywhere. He is too valuable as he can play in a number of positions and is good enough cover.
  9. I have to agree. MacKenzie is a more than capable player but as said he is injury prone and has no pace about him at all. He looks very slow and would get undone easily. We need a player who is mobile and Popescu fits the bill or similar
  10. This game should be a gimmie for hibs. We are nowhere near at full strength and still lack players in key areas. However we can live in hope hibs have a mare and we sneak it.
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