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  1. It was a soft penalty to be fair. I would have been upset if given against us. A lot of work to be done to finish top 6. Our away form is killing us
  2. My fears are becoming real. Poor choice by Robbo not to play Joe
  3. Defence is giving me the fear for today. Big Joe should be starting. Hope I am wrong.
  4. Our defence today gives me the fear. Big Joe should be starting
  5. Carson and O'Hara superb business. Would love main and Strain to stay. I am not suprised if there was interest in either player. Both been stand outs this season. Main had done the rounds so fingers crossed he sees sense and stays put.
  6. If we play Small it has to be big Joe. He needs experience beside him and someone who can cover when Small heads up the park. Taylor is too raw but given time could develop into a decent player.
  7. Got to say even if we don't make top 6 I have really enjoyed this season. Our home form has been excellent and we have taken points off of the old firm. Robbo has been outstanding and I look forward to seeing how we progress under him.
  8. Before he was taken off I was really impressed with Small. He is slowly getting better as he adapts to the team.
  9. We beat ourselves today. Red card was a game changer. Poor decision making in the second half. We need luck to win these games and it went right out the window with Dunne. The second Celtic goal was a foul on O'Hara but that is clutching at straws. Team needs to forget about today and move on to the next game.
  10. I heard a guy has his lucky pants on today so get money on Saints winning this one
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