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  1. It should be an interesting season , a lot of young teams playing against lads a couple of years older , positive in that is they will have 2or 3 years in this league .
  2. Any idea why Kilwinning and Bonnington are not in group f with the rest of Ayrshire teams ?
  3. Will it be much the same team next year or are some now overage ?
  4. Kilwinning under 19s we’re decent in league last year , finished 2nd or 3rd
  5. Should be a decent league this year if teams don’t jack it in half way through the season
  6. Is it this years under 19s or the under 17s ?
  7. Bit like the main Darvel thread which was started by a Talbot fan for some reason , hardly anyone who supports Darvel or has anything to do with the club ever comments on it and it’s still one of the busiest threads on here
  8. Will Kilwinning have a development team next season ?
  9. I did the new Darvel juniors tour today and seen his childhood home which is surely in the Calton ?
  10. DL, Is there a genuine reason why the Darvel fans are turning their backs on the team especially as they are serious contenders to win the league. They had a lot of young boys 14-17 year olds who went pre COVID , a lot of them came from many different parts of Ayrshire . Roll on 2 years and their out the habit of going and now needing to pay £6 too get in which could be spent on other things .
  11. Am going to a game at your stadium today , is there plenty of parking ?
  12. I was doing a survey in emrys avenue on Saturday , whit a bleak street
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