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  1. Can you not just take a season out as well ?
  2. As their not competing in the league who gives a toss what talbot fans think about a random game last season
  3. Yes , under 17 , under 19 and a development team . I presume all of them are playing in their respective leagues and have not withdrawn
  4. They could easily supplement their first team squad with players from their development squad or under 19 or under 17 teams , unless of course none of those teams are competing in their relevant leagues for health reasons either ?
  5. Surely if that’s the case can clubs not just try and find players willing to play for expenses only etc ? Clearly the players not willing to play for free will leave anyway if clubs are not competing ?
  6. Will some not be good enough for league 1 or league 2 clubs ?
  7. Surely the teams not playing in league will struggle to keep players for next year ? If they do keep players they will have went a year with no games ? Do the 14 teams play pointless friendlies against each other every week ? Surely players will either go to teams still playing or just stop playing ?
  8. If it was someone not connected with darvel the idea would be complimented that is for sure
  9. Well they clearly didn’t organise anything ?
  10. Your a boring b*****d yogi , I really don’t have a clue what your talking about
  11. Ah your there , now I remember why I didn’t bother posting on here anymore
  12. I really think mick has pumped ballermks missus , his hatred is a tad extreme
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