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  1. Honestly don't be daft they are paying big wages up there and I know that for a fact They will be paying the level of wages needed to compete to win the league their in
  2. Think he might be trying to insinuate your a barely literate half wit ? I may be wrong .
  3. How many pointless roundabouts too the nearest 10 do we need to navigate through too get to the park ?
  4. Away and talk pish somewhere else you sad man
  5. You really need to f**k the f**k off
  6. I actually suspect the icon is not really a darvel fan but just someone trying to be a pest
  7. Maybe the 4 folk on here who might no the answer to that all have you on ignore ?
  8. It’s never actually about the football though , snidey comments , abuse and personal insults are what the majority of posts amount too
  9. Take the hint , no one is interested in you or your pish
  10. Come on to f**k , whit a lot of utter pish . Your either a half wit or at the wind up if you believe that ?
  11. That’s factually ballocks, every committee member on here and almost all other darvel fans who post are very courteous to other teams . You would be lucky if there’s any more than 6 darvel fans who actually comment on here . Most of the abuse comes from fans or other clubs .
  12. Hardly any rain up here mate , in fact it’s almost sunny now .
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