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  1. I note that there was a tie last year. How about a tie-breaker with predicting who comes up?
  2. 1. Blue cheek 2. Green cheek 3. Dons 4. Hibs 5. Mighty Pies 6. Hertz 7. Well 8. St.Johnstone 9. County 10. Hamilton 11. St. Mirren 12. Livi Autopromo: Dundee Play-off (lose): Yinitit
  3. Who do we fancy? Shamrock Rovers (Republic of Ireland) Ballymena (Northern Ireland) or NSI Runavik (Faroe Islands) Connah's Quay Nomads (Wales) Kuopion Palloseura (Finland) Breidablik (Iceland) The factor 50 can safely remain at home regardless
  4. Tammy comes across like he's already sunk half a litre of voddo.
  5. Big Stevie is plenty 'cheered', ta. 1 stand spouting hateful bile. The other 3, rammed, ready to show out love for our departing hero with nothing but good wishes. Good vs. Evil
  6. I'm Killie but temporarily stationed in Dundee. I've always thought they were a sound shower aside from the 'Thank you' contagious affliction. For some it doesn't seem to be general ribbing of a side on the slide doon. I don't know why. We've never had issues before more than with others. I don't really care, frankly. I think we need to remember where we were before SSC, avoid karmic retribution (he'll be away sometime, mind) and I'm all for support paying their cash to their community and no choosing the cheeks. Thank you (F**k, it's as catching as ebola)
  7. Mind he was glorifying the bombing of Syria by Trump? On a fitba forum. Totally unprompted. The boy is a balloon of the highest order.
  8. This. As another father to a wee yin, and if I was a member of said support, I'd have no qualms whatsoever my berating my own. Unacceptable.
  9. https://www.the42.ie/alan-power-gary-dicker-kilmarnock-2019-4588895-Apr2019/?amp=1
  10. BBC leading with an image of Celtic players and management clapping the stand of fans at Tynecastle just as they did at Rugby Park after sectarian abuse of Boyd, coin-throwing, encroaching upon the field of play, and throwing pyrotechnics onto the surface. Surely those weapons need tempered rather than encouraged. A really shoddy, entitled shower from the bottom, up.
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