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  1. Stewart Milne jumps & club finances released on Monday... I think fans of all clubs can unite in a big LOL if that club hits the skids. It’s their turn
  2. good day yesterday, textbook. 2 up at half time, early 3rd then sub the goalscorers. Finish the game with 3 Academy graduates on the park (plus Appere) 5 clean sheets & 15 points since that Palmerston debacle. Well done Robbie
  3. The Dundee Derby is the envy of Scottish football, undeniably unique. And I’m not sure I’d like to go long without it.
  4. I remember that. Even sssh’d us then ran away, sparking a mini pitch invasion.
  5. This is relating to views that are a page or 2 back. You have a rookie manager making rookie decisions / mistakes. He’ll learn. Chopping & changing managers 10/12 games in rarely helps. Trust me, but then again punting managers long after you should’ve has humped us too, so what do I know eh
  6. 4/5 of these winning runs will do it. (maybe 5/6) we’ve had one (a 4 match run) and are now looking to put together another (4 currently)
  7. I was at that game, and I couldn’t get out the exit quick enough when Wightons shot hit the net. Fuckin brutal. Couldn’t stay away, glutton for punishment ffs
  8. Agree with that. First half verged on turgid. Zero quality on the park. Nervy, anxious, all the cliches. United turned it up a notch in the second, daft foul for the pen. Then seconds after you withdrew McGowan (I’d have taken off Nelson) United go & score, aforementioned Nelson giving up possession in a key area. Game was gone there, and United looked comfortable from then on. United weren’t brilliant but they didn’t have to be, imo.
  9. He was booked by 7.47pm last night then wandered around the pitch like he owned the place.
  10. Don’t ever sack him. Thank you. Regards. and so on
  11. No, no.. please keep going. You guys have convinced yourself that it was a draw really. You don’t have a meaningless game to talk about for 9 days so maybe you can talk it up to an away win by then. enjoy yourself
  12. day 6 and they’re peddling about how hard done by they were. a loser attitude and underlined that they 100% will not be promoted, long may it continue.
  13. are they still trying to claw this back to a closer score? what is it now, 4-4?
  14. Zanatta is a good signing. I’d have had him at us. [emoji1303]
  15. I heard today Stuart Brannigan was signing for Dundee United. Third hand information.. surely a load of shite eh. Captain, CM I believe? we don’t need anymore in that area.
  16. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCW-xiRyV-jKxh9-RejcyYWw
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