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  1. Am I right in thinking O’Brien is left footed? We couldn’t play with 2 left footed CHs IMO. And would he play ahead of Reynolds?
  2. It’s either black b*stard or m*ng b*****d I lean to the former. Neither is acceptable and I’d like to think a bit of self policing had happened, although I’m certain it didn’t
  3. We missed Stanton. Which is why maybe C Smith might’ve been the sub ahead of Sporle. Although when Sporle turned Kerr inside out and got the cross in, that was meant to be the plan.
  4. the ref ruined large parts of that tonight. If a player went to ground, it was a foul. Stop / start was frustrating.
  5. Think if you offered both managers the draw right now, they’d grab it.
  6. May 2016 was a miserable time for me, football wise. But I turned up at Dens (glutton for punishment etc)
  7. If you guys do end up bringing less people on Friday than we did to a game where it was almost certain we were getting sent down, well....
  8. they’ve been holding us back. I assume they’ve just got bored of it now
  9. Wait, have we been getting help from the refs for the last 3 years?? f**k
  10. Noticed earlier, the Ayr GK trying to ‘rough up’ the penalty spot while the sending off was happening.
  11. Ayr had all of the ball first half & done nothing with it, apart from I think one shot Seigrist turned round the post. Of course the pen & red card changed and decided the game, but their player manager should know better.
  12. If we were to bring in, say, Sam Nicholson. And Stephen McGinn as back up for Butcher. With Sow, Banks & Brown away, would that do us?
  13. a true left winger for balance. And, without tempting fate, anyone coming in must be with a view to next season
  14. Ian McCall having a great old time at his beloved Thistle.
  15. I then said in another post, will wait for Monday. Should’ve waited.
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