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  1. I can understand both sides of this.  On one hand, i'd love my team to be winning at a canter as Utd are.  On the other hand, I'd also be concerned that the expected challenge next season for top 4, and a place in Europe perhaps,  is not looking so attainable now.  And,  if things continue as they are now until the end of the  season, that 3 million quid offer for Shankland isn't happening.  
    Still, bunch of moaning barstewards right enough.  

    I’m not one of the miserable ones, and even in the midst of our unbeaten run this season, I’ve said I’d be happy with 10th next season. Anything above that will be a lovely bonus.

    Our rebuilding will take a long time

  2. Thought we were going to get pumped but disappointed we never got a point. White was superb in the first half. Shame he can't out that kind of performance in every week. Didn't think much of United but, as the old cliche goes, the sign of champions is even when they are playing below average they still dig out the win and that's what they did. Disappointed with our defending for both goals but they were good finishes from a United PoV.

    Good header from White to get us back on level terms and prior to the second United goal we seemed to be knocking the ball around really well despite the conditions and seemed to have reduced the number of long balls we were playing. Thought Tremarco had stolen a point right at the end when he met a cross at the back post but the side netting rippled rather than the back of the net.

    Despite the loss that's probably one of our better performances in recent weeks.

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