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  1. I, like many others, have revelled in Particks misfortunes. I looked at Uniteds fixtures, wondering if we could relegate them. Turns out we play them first in the ‘last 9’ And you guys play them last game. You know the drill.
  2. https://www.thecourier.co.uk/fp/sport/football/dundee-united/1130926/exclusive-dundee-united-made-big-money-deadline-day-bid-for-kevin-nisbet/
  3. Yeah he never got a run in the side, but I don’t think I’ve ever been impressed with him when he has played. He’s ended up in the League of Ireland ffs (we need a fresh face or 2 in now though)
  4. However, he certainly better use this next couple weeks to refocus his team. Next Friday we need Watson back in that side, Powers to appear a little fitter, Pawlett on the bench and if possible, a left sided winger and/or striker recruited.
  5. What we have learned is that, for a number of our fans,you can have all the long unbeaten runs you like but when you lose a game you were ‘supposed to win’ the manager has to be replaced.
  6. I believe both ourselves & Dundee have made an offer to Tony Watt.
  7. We’re Dundee United, we do what we want, at first. Man Utd we’re doing it before.. I’m sure ‘scores’ was doing the rounds too. Any road, it was ages before all this. But that upsets the narrative
  8. I have one very small thing to add to this. ‘He does what he wants’ was a song months and months before the incident.
  9. Hope the painkillers were ok with the drinks he had in the pub Friday night.
  10. United end Jamie Walker interest, instead focusing on a striker FWIW, I can see the boy Walker ending up at Dens
  11. I’d like to see any young Scottish talent ‘bigged up’ more. England are experts at it
  12. Can you drag this Kamberi thing on til 10.30pm tomorrow then tell them publicly to f**k off please?
  13. I must say, whether he goes for £4m, whether he plays for 2 more years & leaves for f**k all. The desperate state people are getting themselves in over it is as funny as it is ridiculous.
  14. Rinse some English club for £3m Haggle f**k out Dunfermline for the boy Nisbet, £225k double standards DUSC
  15. and Kerr. don’t forget Kerr. worst of the lot.
  16. We’ve needed a left winger for so long that I’m sure it’s now a world record attempt by the management.
  17. Definitely missed Clark yesterday. And I’d like to know how many times our CHs passed the ball to each other. I’d also like to see the top corner save. Looked a beauty
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