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  1. No, no.. please keep going. You guys have convinced yourself that it was a draw really. You don’t have a meaningless game to talk about for 9 days so maybe you can talk it up to an away win by then. enjoy yourself
  2. day 6 and they’re peddling about how hard done by they were. a loser attitude and underlined that they 100% will not be promoted, long may it continue.
  3. are they still trying to claw this back to a closer score? what is it now, 4-4?
  4. Zanatta is a good signing. I’d have had him at us. [emoji1303]
  5. I heard today Stuart Brannigan was signing for Dundee United. Third hand information.. surely a load of shite eh. Captain, CM I believe? we don’t need anymore in that area.
  6. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCW-xiRyV-jKxh9-RejcyYWw
  7. Long term vision etc, need the fans onside for this. Also, said as much as he could on Aird. But the plan is him for Frear. All positive stuff, lasted about an hour & a half. Hopefully someone can add more details
  8. Yeah, a lot of tactical talk. Defensive shapes etc. Mentioned that a handful of ‘bad eggs’ were identified to be moved on post Laszlo.. McCulloch touched on that too. Also McCulloch been working very closely with Appere. Reynolds talked about the dressing room being together etc, all very positive. Robson saying there are no wee cliques now etc, unlike before Project Brave mentioned, working towards the next level there.
  9. Dundee fans were able to buy from Uniteds site? Got you. Amateurish I suppose, can’t really blame teething problems on it
  10. so, what was the issue with away tickets? United released a batch online?
  11. just repeating what I was sent. He did say later on, in a conversation that the drawings went from stadium & training facility to just a training facility. Maybe it was a Plan B, I don’t know. I believe Kilmac is a name made up of its 2 owners. One a Dundee fan, one a St J. Just added useless info
  12. See there’s roughly 400 home tickets left for the Dundee game. I didn’t think we’d sell out tbh so I’m a bit surprised. What was the story with a mix up with the away tickets? All I’ve saw is online moans but nothing on the actual issue
  13. not according to my pal, a civil engineer at Kilmac. ‘the drawings have changed’
  14. ‘our teams too soft’ ‘Connollys too rough’
  15. Joe Cardle* is the worst player in the league. *fucking Jojo
  16. IMO Clark was out there only to cut inside on that ICT rb McKay (who is awful btw)
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