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  1. 20/20 hindsight of course, but he jumped to England far too early. He was the punchline of a Celtic joke. Sure, he won’t be short of a few bob, but his career is only really beginning now at 28. Has a Prem medal with Celtic (13 apps) He should have 25 caps by now. Has none.
  2. We should line up, with one eye on Hibs. Be that a player or 2 rested, or early subs used if (hopefully) we are in a good winning position.
  3. Was at the reserve game. He played well (Freeman) Glass, Sow & Appere got minutes. United controlled the entire game. Training session stuff
  4. I’d like Pawlett to actually try to make something happen, rather than look where he can throw himself on the ground. He’s not even good at it
  5. Ian Harkes has, at times, that canny knack of finding an area to hide in, and finding it quickly.
  6. Hearts wanted you guys to pay 100% of Wightons wage? (apparently)
  7. Was told today that the boy Forrest from Ayr was coming your way. Pinch of salt etc
  8. I’m purely going by the ‘forum talk’ done deal etc... You are right though.
  9. So, with Dundee & United both reportedly interested in Alan Forrest, we will soon know where he thinks his level is..
  10. this is what we have, plus C Smith & Freeman. (unlikely to feature much) plus boys like Cooney / Mochrie.
  11. If it’s true the boy Forrest has agreed a PCA, I’d offer a fee for him just now. Or offer C Smith on loan to make it happen
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