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  1. We should cut funding to the Academy, frantically assemble the club sponsors and get a package together for Russell..
  2. Stokes leaving Livingston after 0 minutes. shocked.
  3. 1 point off 5th. we’ll move up a place in a few days when St Mirren get murdered
  4. Safranko would have so much to offer in that area, we are obviously lacking there. If true that he really wants it, surely it’s almost a formality?
  5. Can we see the ‘Safranko is coming’ post please?
  6. Celtic would’ve murdered United had they played Edouard..
  7. Honestly, no idea. You hear 50/50 before the last few games. makes you suspect something’s up
  8. Just a text I got. Don’t shoot the messenger (not the 11 I’d have picked anyway) I hope it’s wrong & Shankland is in. We’ll see...
  9. Benji; Neilson, Connolly, Reynolds, Robson; butcher, Harkes, Pawlett; Chalmers, Clark, Bolton
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