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  1. https://www.uefa.com/insideuefa/mediaservices/mediareleases/newsid=2641071.html
  2. I’m not one of the miserable ones, and even in the midst of our unbeaten run this season, I’ve said I’d be happy with 10th next season. Anything above that will be a lovely bonus. Our rebuilding will take a long time
  3. There definitely is a group of Arabs who can’t wait for Neilson to fail. If you’re not sure, ask yourself if he got any praise when we gave sides 4/5/6 or when we went months unbeaten? Zero.
  4. Neilsons record P56 W34 D11 L11 GD +41 113 points from 165
  5. Why you on a United fans page at 3am man? Night shift?
  6. We are the only club capable of getting 60 points this season. We ‘could’ have that tomorrow night. But results / performances like the last few weeks or so are only really acceptable when the job is mathematically done.
  7. Anyone have a link to the Neilson - Cup Final stuff?
  8. I fully endorse your ‘at least we’re not as bad as United’ approach. Carry on
  9. If ICT continue their points per game, they’ll finish on 58/59. Dundee & Ayr around 54.. We have 57 right now.
  10. Good to see both Appere & McMullan trained today.
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