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  1. Hmmm. You can't have read the Morton forum thread linked here where various weirdos demonstrate that they do indeed give a f*ck, for an assortment of salty reasons, then.
  2. This is weird and wonderful stuff. What makes it all the more pleasing is that Thistle fans don't really give a f*ck about Morton. They have some truly dreadful posters on here, we cruised to the league win against them in 2013, then they got humiliatingly relegated the very next year (10-2), they haven't played top-tier football in decades, their actual rivals St Mirren are a million miles ahead of them, and that's about all I can think of.
  3. +1 on Panmure. Played it in April for the first time and it's a stunning course with some really memorable holes. Even in early Spring the fairways and greens were excellent so I can imagine it'd be top-notch now. It also has one of the best clubhouses in Scotland and everyone we encountered was really friendly. Scotscraig isn't quite at the same level but it's still a very good course and experience. Years since I played it but remember it as more heathland than links. £200 for both and B&B is a genuinely great deal.
  4. Even if it is real, it wouldn't be in the Top 5 riddies of the coming season - we have Jacqui in charge, digging in to cling on to her power despite having promised to hand the club over, and likely a whole year of patronising, passive-aggressive "statements" to look forward to.
  5. Even though he isn't actually disappearing from the coverage, the two situations aren't remotely comparable. RG has been a beacon of calm competence in anchoring Sportsound over the years amidst a sea of idiots, and it's quite clear that he's standing down from Saturdays but still doing other days. Chick on the other hand has enjoyed the luckiest broadcasting "career" I can think of given his absolute lack of talent - and he really did trumpet that he was retiring, with the BBC sending him off with a farewell series about Scotland at the world cup (IIRC he swanned around abroad making it?), before boldly turning up the following season on OAM with his usual terrible jokes, word salads and pointless interruptions, as though nothing had happened. He's the George Costanza of the Scottish football media, with less charm or integrity.
  6. Have they though? I'd say the qualifying campaigns for Euro 2004 - except the play off second leg obviously - and (especially) 2008 - except Georgia away obviously - were better results and performances. This time around we capitalised on the new one-legged playoff by squeezing through on pens, and played really well against an already qualified Denmark. Austria away was a decent result, but it wasn't exactly up alongside beating France home and away.
  7. This is a calamitous performance. Could be 4 or 5-0 and we look like minnows hoping to keep the score respectable. Clarke really learned nothing from that Czech game.
  8. I agree with everything you say. My Jackie Chiles gif may in hindsight have looked sarcastic, but I do in fact find Jacqui's recent statements to be outrageous, egregious and preposterous!
  9. Jacqui Low has today received the following update fromJacqui Low in relation to fan ownership, which Jacqui Low has decided to share with fans. " Fan ownership of Thistle has been and remains a priority for Three Black Cats (3BC) despite suggestions to the contrary."
  10. Malt whisky society old and new bottlings. Prefer the old design myself.
  11. Problem is, much of the time it's just a bunch of w4nkers standing about in pyjamas. They also sometimes play for several days, then call it a draw - even when one side has a huge lead - because it's started raining. On the other hand, England are absolutely humiliated on a regular basis by their ex-colonies, so it's not all bad.
  12. Snap, right down to being off 10. Although I prefer to hoover up a few new courses than to play a lot of medals. I'm not 100% sure I miss Thistle all that much in summer, as the stress/rage levels going down for a while is a good thing.
  13. If we resign Muirhead, then this man is the next logical step:
  14. Rare instance of tiring Fern out on her holidays - she fell asleep while chewing her antler. PS she was on the lead at Dunadd and the ancient (and bold) sheep took us by surprise at the top - no risk/harm involved.
  15. I wouldn't say this debacle is being blamed on Rangers - it's more about the absolute state of the wider world of Scottish sports journalism. However, it's an interesting question as to whether someone who "learned the three Rs - Rangers and Rangers reserves" in childhood, states it as a self-identifying point in his bio, and who has therefore spent life steeped in "We are the Peepul" sectarian triumphalism, may be more inclined than someone else to punch down with hate speech and horrible jokes about women, foreigners, and gay people. Who knows? Maybe he's part of a "small minority" and there's nothing to see here.
  16. Seems like a lifetime ago now but that was a great night in front of a bumper crowd. Craigen loves a promotion push goal...
  17. If the board are looking for dazzling powerpoint skills they should make sure Gary Caldwell gets a chance to shine. However, he may later parp that as a former Scottish international he's decided he can only coach elite level players, and you will have to give him his jotters in a travel tavern in Penrith, like we did.
  18. We gave away our best striker half way through the season for the equivalent of a fiver and a traffic cone, leaving us with a (worthy) veteran with a bad back and entirely untested options/traffic cones who haven't contributed up front. The pitch is in a disgraceful state, and we had a covid outbreak. The Archibald-trademark last minute goal conceding has also crept back in, after a pleasant spell when it was becoming a distant memory. The board's worrying desperation to gather in trickles of cash by selling Rudden and hiring out the pitch has badly hindered us. There is obviously significant discontent among the fans at Low's antics - which makes me wonder if the players and coaching staff are happy, or are also being demoralised by her mismanagement.
  19. I see @Vinnyjag is negging criticism of J Low's power grab across various threads. How about setting out your view, Vinny?
  20. Quite an amazing turnaround by Morton since they got Imrie in, kudos to him. As for us, I think most of our fans would have taken a playoff spot at the start of the season given the previous couple of years and we started well, but if/when we stagger into 4th it will be in the most underwhelming way possible, and with very low expectations of winning play off ties. A weird, and ultimately pretty "meh" season, not helped by giving away our best striker half way through for the equivalent of a fiver and a traffic cone.
  21. Thing is, Jacqui's still working to the Conservative Central Office PR Handbook for the mid-late 1990s when she was Michael Forsyth's spad and tried and failed to become a Tory MSP. She apparently thinks the club's fans won't realise that both parts of the statement were by her, and are simply feeble spin and accusations, which amount to "we (I) don't like these fans asking questions - we'll find some other fans to deal with who are grateful for what we (I) tell them". It also looks like a 1-0 win over Queen of the South wasn't a big enough good news day to trot out a mendacious press release about a power grab and a broken promise. Who'd have thunk it?
  22. Classic Low. Ensure overall passive aggressive tone; Throw some vague accusations around; Offer no explanation of your own plans for the club (while criticising others for their alleged lack of plans); Question another party's "fit and proper" status when you have never established your own; Highlight a lack of trust when you're the one causing it; Leave the fanbase of the club baffled as to why you're in charge; Have the brass neck to write a two part statement as though it's by different parties when both parts are in fact by J. Low. Hope that no one notices you're not handing the club over to the fans, despite the fact that you were put in charge to, er, hand the club over to the fans. This, in particular, seems like a deeply dodgy smokescreen: "“Much has been made of due diligence, which has no legal requirement for a gift. What TJF wanted was for the Club to complete a form giving a snapshot of the Club’s position on a single day. Instead, we offered to put a director on our Board to give a full, unhindered view of the current financials and operations on an ongoing basis. Nothing was hidden, access was unfettered and yet TJF continued to allow due diligence to be a constant distraction." But the club is a business, Jacqui, not a present. TJF have already said they were not offered an "unhindered view" of all the financials. Someone is lying here and I don't think it's them. TL:DR version: F**k off Low.
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