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  1. Agree with this. When we rightly (albeit belatedly) binned Archibald last season, I did think he had been unlucky to sign O'Ware, who at the time looked like a surprisingly good acquisition to build our defence around, only to lose him for the season almost straight away. Either that was a big overestimation (possible), or O'Ware's long-term injury has finished him - either way he's utter shite now he's back playing. I wonder what Archibald has brought to defensive training since he was brought back in? Yesterday was very late period Archibald in its disorganisation and dismal lack of any fight whatsoever. I'm absolutely dreading every single game atm. McCall's a good coach and talent spotter but he's got far, far too much to do to turn this around unless he lucks out with someone as good as Scott McDonald in Jan (obvously not going to happen). Quite simply we need a new team, and as you say, only an Uncle Roy "OK, I'll just get a new team in January" would have a hope. Remember that time we scudded Dunfermline 5-1 on the way to promotion as a young, hungry team playing dynamic football and scoring fantastic goals? That seems like a hundred years ago now.
  2. Looking for a captain's performance from O'Ware to lead us to a crucial away w..... oh.
  3. "Biscuits" accused of outright lies, eh? Crumbs!
  4. We could have done with the 50/50 luck of a home final, assuming we get past Israel (we could easily f*ck that up anyway, obvs). Typical.
  5. Bell (much, much worse than Stuckmann, because Bell was signed as our 1st choice) Nitriansky, Devine, Piccolo (swoon), Carroll Ntambwe (the worst player I have ever seen), Barton, Woods, Osman (for his pathetic final 6 months with us as captain/hat salesman). Storey, Mutombo
  6. If she was good at running a football club (e.g. hiring competent, non-egomaniac managers) and/or knew how to do PR which didn't enrage and patronise fans, she might be an asset - it doesn't matter what her political views are. Unfortunately her time on the board was a complete disaster and she should have the nous to recognise that.
  7. On the face of it this is probably good news as it gives us a semblance of stability (in not becoming a feeder club for Barnsley), and brings the stadium/land back into the club's control. I would also expect Colin Weir to restart the training ground plans. My main worry is in some of the personnel - 1) that a proven incompetent in Jacqui Low is once again lurking, despite her shit-stirring in running to the press and deliberately painting the club in a bad light only a few months ago when she was punted from the board. Possibly her negative contribution can be minimised if this "PR supremo" is kept well away from any PR work... 2) that Lifelong Thistle Superfan Paul Goodwin might also be looking to use us to gain personal publicity and press coverage for his stupid ideas, which he has past form in at Stirling before scuttling away and calling them ungrateful.
  8. Richard Gordon just apologised to Austin MacPhee for the "tone and lack of balance" in Sportsound's discussion of the Hearts job last weekend (13:42 today). It was brief, but a nice surprise that the BBC realised this was necessary. Maybe they've sacked "Biscuits" for good measure?
  9. Richard Gordon is a beacon of calm competence among a rabble of frothing idiots on Sportsound. It's nonsense to suggest he is an enabler or a sycophant. I never thought I would detest any sport broadcaster more than the apparently non-retired Chick Young, but "Biscuits" is running him close these days. Almost everything he says demonstrates that he's thick as mince, and he obviously has a huge agenda as an agent. The MacPhee stuff was really bad. All topped off by having a voice which is somehow even more annoying than Chick's.
  10. That would be funny, but is anyone at this level even remotely likely to hire him given that he's an obvious egomaniac and abject failure, and just petulantly stated that he doesn't understand how championship players think, because he was better than them in his career? Gary may have talked himself into a corner here, as he's not going to get a top-tier job (or the Scotland job). We may never see him working his magic in management again - what a wee shame that would be.
  11. Brazil 82 & 86 were a terrific side. Zico, Socrates, Careca, Alemao, Junior, etc. The QF against France in 86 was pretty memorable...
  12. I wonder if the statement "I'm far more qualified to manage Scotland than Partick Thistle because I have no idea how championship players think" was part of the powerpoint presentation that dazzled our old chairman? I'm guessing it wasn't. For once, a midweek Sportsound with "Kenny mac" was worth listening to. Caldwell has a few lines he likes to repeat, including the claim that the current team are good enough to challenge for promotion. If they are, Gary, then your management must have been the factor that left them bottom rather than near the top. Surprised and delighted to hear "Kenny mac" challenge some of Gary's more far-fetched claims, to tell him lots of players hated him, and to read out some representative fan opinions of his shambles of a tenure. Entertaining stuff.
  13. My guess would be Bannigan, O'Ware, and A.N. Other. That's assuming Caldwell's claim is correct, and not his usual delusional guff which he is spouting because he knows no one can prove otherwise...
  14. It was a great listen. He's clearly still absolutely raging about being punted, still a complete egomaniac, and still peddling the obvious drivel that the team he put together this summer is ready to challenge for the league (look at the table, Gary, and consider the run of shite defeats we suffered in your closing stretch of games). He even had a snide dig at McCall's start, which I thought was pretty cheeky given Caldwell's own terrible, terrible start which seemed to go on for months without a win. For possibly the first time ever, I thought Kenny MacIntyre (?) did a good job as he challenged at least some of Caldwell's arrant nonsense, and put him on the spot over how Doolan was treated. A shame, though, that SOD kept backing him up on his idiotic "I need time, no one ever gives me time" shtick. Another highlight was demanding NAMES OR IT DIDNAE HAPPEN about all the stories coming out from Firhill about players hating him. All in all, 8/10, would listen again.
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