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  1. Partick Thistle 2019/20 thread

    If Powerpoint skillz could be translated into actual Championship points, we'd be the runaway league winners next season.
  2. Partick Thistle 2019/20 thread

    100% agree. For all Caldwell's apparent ability to dazzle any audience with a powerpoint presentation, he's done the bare minimum so far. The January window was excellent, as much in terms of ridding ourselves of utter dross as quality coming in, but in the end McDonald was the difference between safety (by the skin of our teeth) and a play-off or worse. He certainly hasn't got us playing consistently well since January, that's for sure; the main step forward from the Archibald era is that at least we're no longer shipping last minute goals every other week. I wasn't there, but what you say about contradictions isn't a surprise. He's clearly happy to talk a fair amount of bullshit as he goes along, and that includes the individual plans nonsense, when he then got about 1 point in his first 8 games, and the mixed messages about promotion. The delusional promotion chat was infuriating last season - I'm sure quite late on in winter either Caldwell or the board (or both) were still talking about it when we were in the bottom two (or even dead last). Is he now saying we're not aiming for promotion next season, or not being drawn on it? He obviously talks a good game at events like last night's, but during the actual season he handled a lot of stuff pretty badly.
  3. Partick Thistle 2019/20 thread

    Thanks for your efforts Christie, you tried hard, at least. Good luck at Carlisle.
  4. Partick Thistle 2019/20 thread

    Doolan still had a potential role to play as a squad player who can come on and score goals, as well as being a model pro, a coach, and an example to younger players. It's not sentimentality to think this, even though he wasn't at his best last season.
  5. Performance review - managers

    Alan Archibald - 0.5/10. He did very well for us overall in his tenure; promotion with Ratnamara's team, who he got winning away (something his predecessor couldn't do), then 5 seasons in the top flight is an excellent achievement, and Top 6 even more so, with Liam Lindsay propelling us to dizzy heights before inevitably being sold on - but AA's pisspoor recruitment overall should have been a massive red flag to prevent him being handed the summer rebuild. He should have been immediately emptied after the playoff loss which (I think) followed a tally of 1 point from the last 8 games of the Premiership season. Entirely predictably, he then assembled a squad of absolute diddies, wasters, and non-footballers, and having had the whole summer to at least fill the bench and every starting position on the park with someone vaguely competent, he failed to do either, so we had the shambles of playing with 3 subs and no recognised right back for a long while (Christie Elliott doesn't count; he's always been a utility player, i.e. jack of all trades, master of none). How anyone could have looked at Ntambwe and thought "he's the guy for us" is just mind-boggling. I can't be bothered listing all the other chancers and failures who stunk out the place for a few months, but that squad was eye-wateringly bad. He was also completely out of ideas by the end. Sad, as he seems a genuinely nice guy with the club at heart, who was desperate to get us back up. Gary Caldwell - 5.001/10. Barest of pass marks. Kept us up on the last day of the season in a terrible standard of league, but for long spells of the year we were in deep trouble and would put in a stinker of a performance every time we had a chance to climb up the table. He was obviously very, very limited at first by AA's duds, but he got the square root of f--- all out of them, started horribly, unable even to shitfest draws, and presided over some of the worst performances/results I can remember (e.g. the farcical thrashing at Cappielow). January window was excellent, especially the impressive feat of finding rest homes for Bell and Keown and, obviously, bringing in McDonald, without whom we would probably have finished last. However, we didn't exactly ease to safety once he had his own players in. The way Doolan has been treated has been the icing on the cake and indicates that Heed is an egomaniac who puts himself before the club and has no people-management skills whatsoever. Probably sees himself as a ruthless visionary but he's not as clever as he thinks he is. He won't last the season next year unless we are challenging for promotion throughout, and overall he seems like a total bellend. That said, if we do well next year, he can be as much of a dick as he likes.
  6. Partick Thistle 2019/20 thread

    Been away for a few days and come back to this. There's no way that Doolan no longer has anything to contribute, even if it's only off the bench. Caldwell apparently seems to have said tattie Bye in about 5 seconds, without even offering him, say, one more year on the same wages, with the proviso that he's now only a squad player. Not even that. Massively insulting and thoroughly disrepectful to a model pro who has played for us for a decade and been the best player at the club for at least 7 or 8 years of that. Keeping him here wouldn't have been sentimentality - as I am pretty sure he'll show at Ayr or wherever he goes next season. He's also a fantastic example of professionalism, loyalty and level-headedness which must have some value around the club. It's also extremely odd that although 'Heed' doesn't seem to like long-serving club legends, he is apparently willing to pay big money to keep Christie Elliott, whose career has ben a long and painful search to find a position he is able to play in. RB has ended up the least bad option, but he is eminently binnable. (at least his OG against Dunfermline secured Archibald's overdue exit). Imagine looking at the smouldering remains of this season's squad after staying up on the last day - and saying Keep to Elliott and Punt to Doolan. Madness. Just when I thought this utterly shite season couldn't get any worse.
  7. An absolutely bizarre season; started off with the massive handicap of a dreadful squad full of Archibald panic buys, followed by being rock bottom in winter more than once, and then basically being saved by Scott McDonald after a very impressive winter clear-out of the non-footballers, fat goalie and other dross we'd managed to accumulate. Plenty of surreal moments such as Doolan's goal which never was, Coulibaly's Egyptian curse being lifted (only for him not to play anyway) and the team picking themselves. Oh, and Miles Storey contributing an assist. Incredible. The above sounds more fun than it was. Most of the time it was like going for a hillwalk, quickly losing the path and ending up spending the whole day falling in muddy ditches and crawling through gorse bushes, then somehow finding a way to safety/the car park/the pub right at the end.
  8. Queens v Partick

    A picture with not one but two Larry David lookalikes, who have happily failed to curb their enthusiasm.
  9. How about his contribution across the season and/or in the Caldwell era?
  10. OK, I'll bite. Storey 29 league games, 2 goals this season - now 5 goals in 71 (seventy one!) appearances in all for us in a forward role. The best thing anyone can say about him is that he never hides; it's a shame he doesn't have the skills to do useful things regularly while he's running fast in straight lines. Fair play that he was involved in yesterday's goal - that's statistically highly unusual. A scapegoat only in the sense that there are others this season who deserve more criticism than they are getting, while Storey is rightly widely recognised as a waste of a jersey. Doolan 23 games (including a lot of sub appearances), 4 goals in what has been a very disappointing season for him. Club legend status obviously secure but he was rightly dropped for most of the winter, unlike Storey who continued to be bafflingly selected to start every week. McDonald 10 games, 5 goals. Sorely missed yesterday as he has a high workrate (like Storey) but is also a dangerous and effective attacker (unlike Storey). We desperately need him back for the trapdoor-themed extravaganza in Dumfries.
  11. I for one am shocked that with the chance to keep our momentum by easing to a home win and ending the season on a comfortable note, we instead contrived to lose from 1-0 up and leave ourselves in significant danger on the last day away in Dumfries. Truly, a massive surprise.
  12. Apart from Alloa

    Wait, I'm sure we were told that Morton are a far bigger club who have won far more league titles than Ayr* *one more league title.... in the 4th tier.
  13. Back of the net (Gordon, 17). after some liquid football. 9th to 6th with one win. That's what I call bouncing back.
  14. Partick Thistle 2019/20 thread

    100% agree. Didn't TC also once get a valid goal against us chalked off just by harassing the linesman and pointing a lot? Not sure if I just imagined that.
  15. Fair enough. The main point I was making is that I don't agree that all criticism of the team should be suspended until summer.