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  1. The SFA's deal to buy Hampden was reported as being worth "significantly less" than £5 million and perhaps as little as £2m. If it's true that they still have north of £15 million in the bank after buying the stadium at a time when almost every senior club in the country is facing bankruptcy within months due to an unprecedented global crisis, then the decent and sensible thing to do would be to distribute most of that pile.
  2. That's not really the case, though, is it? The season has not been completed and none of the teams in question are even close to being mathematically down. Hearts (and Thistle) may "deserve" to be relegated for being fucking shite in a banter sense, but the season itself obviously needs either to be finished, or voided (barring an unlikely league restructure which would be way beyond Doncaster's skillset). Just freezing things at an arbitrary point in proceedings and saying "You're out!" like a game of musical chairs isn't good enough. I think you know that, but I realise this is an irresistible chance for you to wind some folk up. All the teams in question deserve the chance to be properly relegated in similar memorable style as Morton were in 2013-14. Personally I am looking for 10+ points adrift, possibly with the bonus of a 10-goal tonking to see us off on the last day. Anything else would be unsatisfactory.
  3. If true, it'd be very "Thistle" to be relegated due to a global supervirus with a league game in hand which if won (OK, I know that's the most improbable part... ) would have had us off the bottom spot.
  4. "Money's Too Tight to Mention" could be the new SPFL theme song...
  5. So, your solution is to follow up the sudden halting of matchday income which is going to put severe financial pressure on almost every club - with a season with one league game a month? Interesting...
  6. You're certainly correct that the above plan might hope for crowds of 1200-1500 eventually.
  7. Why are they having the same Morelos discussion again tonight???? They did all this last night! Edinburgh derby, lots of important games in the other leagues, kicking off in an hour. What a joke.
  8. Remember that time Jacqui passive-aggressively apologised for her piss poor performance, errors of judgement and numerous PR pratfalls, but also had a snide go at the fans in the process for not backing the team? One of my favourite moments in her fantastic reign, which seems likely to land us in the third tier of Scottish football. Looks like piles of free lottery cash are irrelevant when your chairman suffers from Kruger-Dunning-esque delusions of competence. It's almost literally unbelievable that she thinks she is the right person to come back in and run things now. PS loads of great comms from the fan takeover folk lately... errrr.....
  9. The return of an absolute charlatan to put the tin lid on an utterly dreadful two seasons. An appointment which shows an incredible brass neck given how many mistakes Low made last time she was running the club. My reaction to pretty much everything Thistle just now is something like this:
  10. A babyish Accies fan deleting the entire match thread in a toddler tantrum after we beat Hamilton (feels like a century ago) - what made it particularly pathetic was that it was the game after Lambie died, so a lot of said thread's posts were appreciations and reminiscences of the great man.
  11. Doubt it. I think most of us expected to be winning more often than we were losing when we got relegated to the Championship, and that's been far from reality...
  12. Anyway, just to reclaim this thread from tedious Rainjurz conspiracy theorists: Sportsound's still shite, but I did hear Bonner correctly identifying a non-Celtic player yesterday - an unexpected step forward. I wonder if the BBC will ever issue guidance to their match reporters around the country to immediately state which team has scored when Richard Gordon goes to them for an update. Having to listen to 10-20 seconds of confused, incoherent drivel every time is painful. I don't think things will ever improve while Chick's involved, though.
  13. Well, if it's at our expense then that would be a particularly nightmarish way to go down... It's fairly obvious that Doolan will be back as a coach at some point, so it's disappointing that it didn't happen now, meaning he'll be in a Morton shirt instead (of all things!). He obviously feels he has more to offer, and maybe he's right. His dip in form coincided with our complete disintegration as a team, although admittedly Ayr fans didn't seem impressed. Personally I wouldn't be surprised to see him score a few for Morton.
  14. One of the worst things about this craven, pandering apology is that "the situation at Ibrox" shows that the club in question have nothing but thick-headed contempt for the BBC. If the issue was Traynor not having right of reply, why not just invite him on? Sportsound is broadcast every night!
  15. He did retire, in 2016, after getting his free jolly round France when Scotland had failed to qualify for the Euros. Unfortunately forSportsound listeners, Chick then pulled a George Costanza and showed up for work at the start of the following season as though nothing had happened.
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