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  1. I hope we've switched on our excellent undersoil heating for this, to ensure that silky football will be played as the sleet blows across Firhill.
  2. Partick Thistle 2018/19 thread

    The only thing I like about that final was possibly the worst ever piece of BBC Scottish football reporting. According to the national news, not only were we both Falkirk and Thistle, but we won! Even the dinmwit reading out the rubbish prepared for him realises it doesn't make any sense.
  3. Hibs vs St Mirren

    Are you so bad that you're going down two divisions in one go? Even Thistle need two seasons to complete such a task. Edit: just watched the highlights; maybe you're right....
  4. Partick Thistle 2018/19 thread

    This is even more delusional than believing that Miles Storey is, in fact, a talented winger. Overall, I'm extremely worried by what I have seen of Caldwell so far. His matchday strategy resembles Archibald (with less of an end product, if that is even possible), he answers questions like a much dimmer version of Gordon Strachan, and apparently rates himself as a sort of Scottish Ranieri, engaged in wacky ideas to improve teamwork. Meanwhile, we are bottom of a league we were expected to do well in, and all signs are that we'll still be there at Christmas and beyond. I wonder if he'll beat his Chesterfield win rate by the team he's punted? He'll have to actually win a game first...
  5. Partick Thistle 2018/19 thread

    When's Coulibaly back? Massively clutching at straws I know, but we urgently need to find someone capable of regularly kicking the ball into the opponents' net. I think yesterday was our 4th 1-0 loss in the last eight matches, during which time we have scored three goals.
  6. 2020 Group Draw

    That's not a bad draw at all. Some easier groups, but some harder ones too. Obviously Belgium are likely to beat us (and all the other teams) home and away, but Russia aren't great, and their over-performing team at the World Cup this year was cobbled together with quite a few ageing stars, and spurred on by hosting a huge event, after a terrible run up. We are capable of beating them at home. They've had some poor performances both home and away in the last few campaigns too (e.g. drawing with Moldova at home)...
  7. Queens v Partick

    Buzzing for this one. A tactical masterclass from Caldwell as he springs some surprises with his selection and formation. All our players looking sharp, dangerous and committed. Defence well organised; keeper solid. 3-0 QOS.
  8. New GK A RB (PLEASE! I BEG YOU!) O'Ware* New CB New LB New RM Slater Bannigan Penrice Fitzpatrick New ST *When fit, if ever; Keown will have to do in the meantime. Sneddon, McCarthy, Doolan, Erskine, Quitongo, Keown, and Coulibaly (when fit) on bench. Everyone else can do one, especially Miles Storey and Cameron Bell.
  9. I just spotted this - very odd indeed. I reckon we could probably squeeze past the US State of Georgia's soccerball team (or at least, I'd rather we played them than the former Soviet Georgia, who always derail our campaigns). The Estonia flag appears, bizarrely, to be one which was a historic suggestion, but never chosen. You have to look quite hard to find it!
  10. Sportsound Watch 14/15

    Because one guy proudly played for his country regardless of the circumstances or the manager, and the other went in a huff because he "wasn't being picked" and the team were struggling, declared he was no longer interested, then later hoped to get back in when they were doing better. I'd say that's a dichotomy - between commitment/playing any time you're needed and selfish sulking/choosing when it suits you to play. My own personal view is that if it's your country, you should get on with it and try your best. Others might disagree. One of the two players here was a great player and a model pro who did his country proud and achieved a lot of great things in his career. The other is Kris Boyd.
  11. Sportsound Watch 14/15

    Much as I agree that Willie is embarrassing in his ignorance of how the Nations League works, he spoke with dignity and pride about playing for his country, no matter the manager - in reply to the thick, fat mess Kris Boyd, who was busy justifying walking out on Scotland and hinting he thought he should have been recalled under Strachan.
  12. Partick Thistle 2018/19 thread

    If what has been said about Caldwell being in regular contact with Wee Gordon Strachan is true, then it seems he (bafflingly) thinks WGS's media policy is really clever. The problem with regularly talking absolute shite, though, is that it infuriates and alienates your own fans. Something he is managing to do really, really quickly, just like his mentor did with Scotland. Same team selection week after week, same nonsense spouted each time after a poor result. It's Archibald v2.0 at the moment. I wasn't at the game either, but based on the commentary's description of our insipid, ineffective build up play, and on the result, it's impossible to square his claims of an "outstanding performance" and "bravery" with a 1-1 draw away to the team at the bottom of the league, having managed to defend our lead for less than 120 seconds.
  13. Football Words

    Pluralising the names of individual players as a way of showing they are important, e.g.: "Hearts need their Christophe Berras and their Steven Naismiths back from injury" Usually to be heard coming from the thickest of the Sportsound pundits.
  14. Football Words

  15. Paywalls

    I had Jagzone for quite a while, but our absolute shiteness combined with the Pravda-esque content pushed me to ditch it recently. I always saw it as a donation to a needy cause, but when that cause makes you angry on a weekly basis, it's time to stop.