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  1. The rules specifically disallow it. Also it's bad strategy, since the posters are unlikely to receive a qualifying obituary in a mainstream UK-based news publication. The loophole is if the poster in question isn't known to be a famous person until they're dead. So if it turns out that @The_Kincardine really was Prince Philip all along, or that the notably absent Internet hard man and brain donor @Snifter Pee Rot was actually Supreme Court Judge Ruth Bader Ginsburg, you don't get your points retroactively docked.
  2. We have that, it's the match thread for the last game that Hibs lost in. The more dedicated paint huffers amongst the sheep support are a bit funny like that.
  3. It's not really true. Firstly, playing people much better than you isn't that good a plan, because you have no opportunity to learn what works and what doesn't. If you only play against Magnus Carlsen, you're never going to learn which of your tactics and strategies are better than the others, because ALL of them will get hilariously ragdolled at the first hint of an inaccuracy. And for a similar reason, playing people who are a wee bit worse than you doesn't hurt either, because it allows you to come up with tactics that actually work, even if your naive ideas and pisspoor execution would likewise get horsed by the players who are better than you. You can't learn easily if you aren't given feedback about which of your half-assed and not quite properly honed ideas are maybe good and which aren't. Ideally, play against a mixture of people who are better than you and who are worse than you and the ones who are about your skill level.
  4. I wouldn't mind having a crack at this league and seeing just exactly how bang average I am. AimHere on chess.com.
  5. manners / planners / banners / spanners / barcode scanners / Greville Janners I don't know your main song, but that's a pretty uninspiring set of rhymes you're restricting yourselves to, in order to that you get to deliver the line 'We know our manners'. Maybe the fitba' culture is different down in darkest Dumfries.
  6. Wrong way round. We've had Christian Doidge in our team for nearly two seasons now. If we're not missing a bunch of easy chances in every game, it'll bring Hibs out of their comfort zone.
  7. Exactly. If you go through your past game history, you might find some guy who beat you who is now banned, because chess.com decided they were using a computer program to cheat.
  8. Before 2020, Dead Pool picks died on average about once every 9 or 10 days or so. You would often go three or four weeks without someone scoring a hit (IIRC, there was at least one of those in 2020, the record-breaking Dead Pool year). A lull of 13 days - which we're in now - would not be out of the ordinary. Currently 2021 is on-track for about 80 hits, compared to 2020's 60 or so. It's not that there's 'nobody dying', you're now so used to the new regime that a small, relatively normal, pause of a week or two between people scoring is beginning to feel weird.
  9. Wouldn't the fairest way be to count up the people joining next season, and allocate them into suitably sized divisions based on their previous standings in the league? If half of Division A drop out, it might be worthwhile promoting a few more from Division B, etc.
  10. Oh my. Just seen the news. That's brightened up my evening. How about you, Nicola?
  11. The Livi fans need to get with the times. Diving is all part and parcel of the modern game. David Martindale is doing a fine job over there, but he clearly isn't genned up on the latest sports science and hasn't been drilling his players in the essential skills of simulation and referee perception management. Martindale should use the summer to go to Heriot Watt and get a couple of courses in adversarial sports psychology under his belt and maybe next season, Livingston, too, could be assured of European football before the league split.
  12. Doig is going to have to up his simulation skills. That dive was pish.
  13. Dogged duo Doig and Doidge help Hibs dodge defeat in Livingston
  14. Depends on the position. If it's a simple one-sided position where moves are easy to see for relatively low-level players, then you're likely to get high accuracy, even if you're not that good, because the crappy second-best moves you come up with end up with much the same result as the optimal ones found by stockfish. If it's a more complex position, where there are bizarre lines that no human being would think to play that escape from a trap or make the end result non-obvious, then you get low accuracy. The result is that accuracy isn't something to worry too much about. It's the obvious issues of 'throwing away your pieces' and 'blundering into forks' that most folks need to work on.
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