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  1. I'm willing to give it a pass if the choice of flung objects are particularly creative and aren't intended to hurt people. The Hibs contingent managed to get a coconut and a set of car keys lobbed onto the pitch at Tynecastle in a couple of games a few years back, and sadly, the arsehole contingent of both fanbases haven't managed to come close to that level of whatthefuckery since. Coins, bottles, chips and pyro are all very humdrum and don't really take any imagination. I blame the 12 o' clock kickoffs. The fans just simply aren't in the correct frame of mind to make the right mental connection between the fruit and veg aisle at the Gorgie Sainsbury's and the Tynecastle pitch at the appropriate time on a Sunday morning. We need the Derby rescheduled for a better time of day.
  2. Magnum PI's "TC", Roger Mosley, is now Turning Cold.
  3. Just a thought, but won't we be punting Doidge this month? We have five or six first-team strikers on the books now, with Bojang, Youan and Boyle just in the door, Melkerson a work in progress, Nisbet out of commission and unsellable until mid-season. That must leave Doidge surely surplus to requirements, unless Lee Johnson is going to bring back some sort of Famous Five lineup.
  4. I fully expect us to put on another pitch invasion when Boyle scores the last-minute winner at the Tony Macaroni next week, just to defuse your point.
  5. In comparison with other teams, sure. If you want a fair point of comparison, here's what the Hearts crowd looked like the last time they were trailing at Easter Road shortly before full time.
  6. Not quite as batshit as you think. In that the theory revolved around JFK Jr, who died in a plane crash circa 2000, rather than his dad JFK the ex-President. It's still far off the deep end into insanity, mind.
  7. Video cuts out just as it's about to get to the good bit. 1 star, would not watch again.
  8. What makes you think Boyle is eligible to play? Him being in the team is no indication.
  9. The lower league player plays as white, so it will be the_kid1433 vs N5_Spur AH13STU vs PurpleKangaroo89
  10. Well Season 5's league campaign is over. All the results are in and the results are (barring errors to be corrected) final. The undisputed runaway winner of Division C is newcomer @wastecoatwilly who pretty much looked like the presumptive division winner from the get-go. Division C P W D L Pts wastecoatwilly 10 8 1 1 25 The_kid1433 10 6 0 4 18 Dandies1983 10 5 0 5 15 KenDeans 10 4 2 4 14 Strachanovski 10 3 1 6 10 RBWatson 10 2 0 8 6 Division was a much tighter affair, but Arabjoe, aka @arab_joe emerged as the eventual winner Division B P W D L Pts Arabjoe 16 11 2 3 35 AH13STU 16 10 2 4 32 gkneil 16 10 0 6 30 pleslie999 16 8 3 5 27 markf268 16 7 0 9 21 PnBMathematics 16 6 1 9 19 N5_Spur 16 6 0 10 18 XCTR94 16 6 0 10 18 paakman01 16 4 0 12 12 And in Division A, the favourite DearyMe @Trogdor became the first P&Ber to win the league for a second time. Division A P W D L Pts Dearyme 12 10 2 0 32 Board_Stupid 12 8 2 2 26 Ziggy_the_Spider 12 8 1 3 25 AimHere 12 6 0 6 18 beef2711 12 4 1 7 13 Purplekangaroo89 12 1 2 9 5 invergowrie 12 1 0 11 3 Congratulations to all three winners! Due to the high drop-in/drop-out rate, the leagues are a somewhat ad-hoc affair from season to season, but if they maintain the same rough shape Arabjoe and wastecoatwilly will have definitely earned promotion to higher leagues than the one they're in now, with paakman01 and invergowrie sadly dropping down a tier. Likewise, the playoff spots will have Purplekangaroo89 and AH13STU fighting it out over the Division A/B slot and (as per the tiebreak arrangement mentioned earlier in the thread) N5_Spur and The_kid1433 will duke it out to see who stays in Division B -- In cup news, I see the last quarterfinal result has only just come in minutes ago, so nobody has had time to report it. DearyMe beat Purplekangaroo89 by timeout. DearyMe was winning with a mate in 1 position anyways - so I hope the timeout had a genuine reason, and wasn't just bad sportsmanship from the hitherto unimpeachable competitor Purplekangaroo89. The four names in the draw are thus: invergowrie AimHere Dearyme PnBMathematics And with Susan Calman and Neil Doncaster pulling warm balls out of a bag, the madwullie cup semifinals will be: invergowrie versus AimHere PnBMathematics versus DearyMe
  11. To be fair, that itinerary involves standing outside a closed pub for half an hour, followed by a brisk three minute march to ER South Stand (enough time for maybe two full, rousing, renditions of the Gorgie Billy Boys), followed by waiting outside the turnstiles for another half hour until they open, then wait for another hour until kickoff. I suspect even the dullest Jambo out there can think of better plans for a Sunday morning than that.
  12. Dammit, it's a mild nuisance when you can't just pop by a bog-standard league one game on a whim because it's sold out to capacity. Is this some kind of brand new derby or something?
  13. He scored 3 goals and one assist in 12 games, in the third-worst team in a 16-team league. He was directly involved in 4 of the 10 goals the team scored when he was on the pitch. He didn't struggle, the team did. The team got relegated and they couldn't afford him anymore.
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