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  1. Well it's the other way around. Manson was a talented cult leader but a flawed musician.
  2. Willie Collum was literally our 12th man there.
  3. Ryan Gauld started his wee stint at Hibs with some sort of manbun, but it was shorn very very quickly.
  4. You can see it in the link, just before it fades out to the paywall nag screen: '... the likes of Albert Roux, Michael Apted, Bond girl Tanya Roberts, the Indian novelist Ved Mehta, Julie Strain out of Naked Gun 33⅓ and the Irish racehorse Zoffany have already been mown down like so many dogs ..." In the absence of a Daily Mail obituary, it'll come down to an umpire's adjudication as to whether an offhand, probably unfactchecked, mention in a weak, bottom-of-the-barrel filler article by the shitiest member of the Coren clan constitutes a legit confirmation/obituary. For comparison, the other names in his list of third-stringers and remind-me-who-the-f**k-they-were-again celebrities that have died in 2021 so far includes two names (Ved Mehta and some racehorse that won three races in 2010) that didn't even warrant a qualifying UK obituary, even if dead horses were allowed in the game.
  5. I suspect the numbers were scraped from last year's figures and they used Hearts' figures and applied them to Hamilton Accies.
  6. Closest so far is an offhand mention in a (paywalled) opinion column in the Times. https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/doomsters-have-all-they-need-to-cancel-2021-k88vv7pr0
  7. I dunno if I've aged over the course of the match, but Celtic players seem to be getting younger by the minute.
  8. Carole King is already one of his choices, and none of the others seem like better picks than the guys he already picked. I wouldn't swap out Larry or Don King for Kenneth Branagh, for instance.
  9. ... for whom the Bell tolls. Also a solo shot for dee62. If true, that's the sixth hit in 7 days. 2021 is off to a flying start.
  10. It'll be hilarious if the season is called off with the league tables roughly as-is, and you have the spectacle of Celtic, Rangers and Hearts all solemnly arguing for the exact diametric opposite conclusion to the season than they were arguing for last year. I'd want to see a lengthy rebuttal of Ann Budge's arguments in 2021 rebutted by cutting and pasting Ann Budge's 2020 arguments.
  11. It's more than an all-female, his team was clearly a Hollywood actress theme-team. Great stuff! The other theme team was Miguel's usual roster of writers, but in deference to his nul points finish last season, he's reinforced last team's literary slackers it with a couple of commonly-considered-moribund celebrities in the hopes of not repeating last year's performance. Disappointing, but understandable. Mr Alli's my favourite to end on 0-points this season, what with him having an expected Deaths (like expected Goals, except even more useless and wishy-washy) of only 1.09 (by contrast, a couple of players have an xD of well over 4.9). I'll be rooting for him to climb onto the scoreboard, but it's an uphill struggle. His best hope is his captain - a Bulgarian footballer with leukaemia, and the next-best is the famously indestructible Keith Richards. The most similar pair of rosters is @The_Craig and @sparky88 - they share 9 of their 15 picks in common, so it might be hard to separate them on the scoreboard. Great minds thinking alike, or lemmings following each other off the cliff, time will tell...
  12. Hey Miguel, any reason why @Busta Nut is allowed to get away with 16 picks?
  13. It puts choirbairn in the lead with180 points; captain + solo shot + 60 years old.
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