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  1. Division A, Round 2 gkneil gets a couple of pawns ahead, but AimHere's knight sneakily locks two pieces in jail for a few turns and eventually swaps itself off for both of them, and the game is turned on it's head. AimHere beats gkneil by resignation
  2. There was two or three 'Well players on him at all times. He was being overmarked, and therefore more useful than Drey Wright has ever been in a Hibs shirt.
  3. Only think I can think of is that Mueller isn't that fit; he looked absolutely dead on his feet when they hooked him after 90 minutes against Cove.
  4. Mueller off, Wright on? Maybe the plan is to have three 'well players closely marking Wright for the rest of the game, which might work...
  5. Wordle 221 4/6 Going from 5 blanks to 5 greens came as a surprise...
  6. Division A, Round 1 DearyMe does that thing he does where he soundly trounces you when you haven't made any obvious (to you) mistakes. DearyMe beats AimHere by resignation.
  7. It works for every other potential pick, though, too. They're also one year closer to the high score table. Maybe Meat Loaf seemed less unhealthy than all the other people thought of picking, so he just dropped down the shortlists. Also, the moribund tend to drop off the radar and work less - so people forget they're even there.
  8. In wilful stupidity news, Czech folk singer Hana Horka had the brilliant plan whereby, instead of taking the vaccine, she could get around vaccination restrictions in her places of work, by contracting Covid and then recovering from it, and getting certified with antibodies. So she contracted Covid, and died from it. I do have to wonder whether deliberately contracting a disease with a fairly low fatality rate with the intention of surviving it would constitute an accident for the purpose of getting the 'Unnatural Causes' bonus in the Dead Pool; most infections by Covid would generally be natural deaths.
  9. That's been apparent since about the start of the season. I'm surprised it's Doidge provisionally being punted on rather than Nisbet.
  10. Is it premature to start the 'Maloney out' campaign, or do we wait until the score hits 8-0?
  11. There are now the same number of Dad's Army main cast members alive today (2) as Vicar of Dibley cast members.
  12. Okay, so the Scotsman headline isn't technically wrong, but 'Failing the second-stage interview for the Rangers gig' surely doesn't belong at the top of the list of Derek McInnes' identifying career landmarks.
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