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  1. Hibs v Celtc, Easter Sunday

    Just spread a rumour that it was Craig Levein who was holding all those drugs for Brad Welsh when they went missing - that should do the trick. Come to think of it, this isn't related to those yearly tranches of HMFC Mystery Money is it? I notice Ann Budge conspicuously didn't mention sniffer dugs in HER campaign against Derby Pyro.
  2. Hibs v Celtc, Easter Sunday

    I enjoy Lenny's post-match statement about how "We could have come here to win the league last year, but got beat 2-1" since Lennon was managing Hibs at the time...
  3. Journalist killed in Derry riots

    The correct response to that (for folks suitably physically capable, of course) would be to batter the specky Tory shitb*****d and then accuse him of looking for trouble by asking idiotic questions.
  4. Journalist killed in Derry riots

    The PSNI was formed as part of the Good Friday Agreement that involved the SDLP and Sinn Fein, in order that it might escape the baggage of it's predecessor, the RUC. Where it's current sympathies are perceived to lie depends on who you ask. A lot of dissident Republicans consider them to be the latest group of British Colonial Oppressors. A lot of loyalists consider them to be Sinn Fein puppets - a quick google search for the term 'PSNIRA'. As usual with Northern Ireland, you pick a side first, and then you use that for shaping your perception of how the world works afterwards. .
  5. The Hibernian Thread

    If you're actually interested, he was in a couple of those Danny Dyer shows, one on football casuals, and the other themed around 'Britain's hardest blokes' or something like that (i.e. the usual Danny Dyer pish), and I think they're still on youtube, so you can get an idea of his background. Whether he was still involved in any of that stuff, I have no idea.
  6. Pie & Bovril Dead Pool 2019

    Who needs Mrs Marple? Gun deaths are very often non-suspicious. 60-70% of deaths by gunshot in the USA are either suicides or accidents.
  7. Pie & Bovril Dead Pool 2019

    Peru's President Alan Garcia has committed suicide, which is a fairly unusual way to go for a world leader (King Dipendra of Nepal was the last one, I think and he barely qualifies, since blowing his own head off was pretty much the only thing he did in his reign) Apparently Garcia pulled a Big Vern after the cops were lifting him for having his hand in the till.
  8. Can Rangers end Celtic's domination?

    You're right on the first three, but wrong on the last. Legally, Rangers are right at the avant-garde cutting edge. There's not a legal document in their filing cabinets that's more than 7 years old.
  9. The Great Big Kilmarnock Thread

    These proposed boycotts aren't actually to be carried out, that's the thing. The calls for a boycott are either for boycotting them on the day the away club cuts it's allocation (when they've already demonstrated they don't need the bigot pound, so a hypothetical one would prove ineffective, even without the inevitable prospect of ticket-hungry Rangers fans indulging in mass scabbery) or for boycotting them after they've reverted the allocation back to the usual increased OF allocation (and so there's nothing that the boycott can possibly achieve, since the club has already given the OF fans the larger allocation they want). The calls for a boycott are mostly a narcissistic power fantasy - centred on the fanbase and/or club getting to demonstrate that they matter more to the away club than the away club's fans themselves. I'm wondering if these calls for a boycott are perhaps related to the reason why folks latch onto the Ugly Sisters in the first place (i.e. whether it's a similar psychological phenomenon to gloryhunting).
  10. The Great Big Kilmarnock Thread

    Talk of boycotts in this situation is particularly hilarious. They're demanding extra allocations for RP on the basis that the bigot brothers have an extra-large demand for away tickets, and they haven't realised that will make boycotting impossible. A lot of their fans have been trying to win the lottery to get to a Rangers away game for months and telling them that they should stay away because the lottery is now a bit harder to win isn't going to be effective, especially since every fan taking part in the boycott just increases the odds of the scabs getting their hands on a ticket.
  11. Pie & Bovril Dead Pool 2019

    Swedish actress Bibi Andersson, best-known for her roles in Ingmar Bergman's films, such as Persona, Wild Strawberries and The Seventh Seal, has just lost her chess game with the grim reaper.
  12. Clearly they posted their tweet a couple of hours later on a Sunday night than is entirely proper, and this time differential is evidence that the forces of organized anti-sectarianism in Scotland are a bunch of obviously bigoted Rangers-haters, so it's okay to disregard everything they say. Who's for a round of the Famine Song?
  13. Right. That's more or less what's meant by bottling it. If you weren't getting all these big cup runs and then screwing up at the final hurdles, you wouldn't be bottlers, you'd just be rubbish, like the rest of us!
  14. Is this the bit where you point out that O****e b*****d' isn't sectarian because the Orange Order are a specific Protestant organization and not representative of all Protestants, and therefore it's okay to use the term against Derek McInnes because he's, errr, an ex Rangers player?