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  1. Season 7 signups Okay, I'm going to take signups for the next chess League/Cup season. Anyone wanting in, please say so in this thread, and if I don't know your chess.com username, please give that information too. If you only want to take part in one or other of the League or Cup, please say that (and bear in mind, the Cup format might change, since there's some murmurs of discontent regarding the use of Chess960). I already have IncomingExile and Ken Deans down for next season.
  2. Madwullie Cup semi-final Aimhere blunders into a fork, and that results in an easy victory for Ziggy_the_Spider. Ziggy_the_Spider beats AimHere by resignation. -- Therefore the final will be between DearyMe and Ziggy_the_Spider. Kevin Clancy's cointoss was called correctly by Ziggy_the_Spider so he gets to be white. Let battle commence! Final: Ziggy_the_Spider vs DearyMe
  3. Mehran Karimi Nasseri, who was famous for living for years in an airport and inspiring the Spielberg/Hanks film 'The Terminal' died as he lived, in Charles de Gaulle airport. He may have had a terminal illness.
  4. In order to correct my mistakes, here is the revised, and hopefully final, Season (ahem) 6 table for Division A. Apologies for any confusion! Division A P W D L Pts Board_Stupid 12 8 2 2 26 Ziggy_the_Spider 12 8 2 2 26 AimHere 12 6 3 3 21 Purplekangaroo89 12 5 1 6 16 AH13STU 12 4 4 4 16 Arabjoe 12 3 0 9 9 gkneil 12 2 0 10 6
  5. Sorry about that. I'm guessing that I checked chess.com for unannounced results and misread your recent game list. I'll update the table when you get the result in.
  6. It's the end of an era when Mark McGhee is no longer a staple on these 'next manager' polls.
  7. Pie and Bovril Chess League Season 7 - Final Results All the matches have finished in the league, and so, barring any corrections, here are the final league tables: Division A P W D L Pts Board_Stupid 12 8 2 2 26 Ziggy_the_Spider 12 8 2 2 26 AimHere 12 6 3 3 21 AH13STU 12 4 4 4 16 Purplekangaroo89 12 4 1 7 13 Arabjoe 12 4 0 8 12 gkneil 12 2 0 10 6 In their head-to-head matches, Board_Stupid and Ziggy_the_Spider drew once, and Ziggy won the rematch, so @Ziggy is the deserved winner of this season's chess league. Congratulations! Division B P W D L Pts invergowrie 12 10 0 2 30 pleslie999 12 8 1 3 25 PnBMathematics 12 5 2 5 17 markf268 12 5 1 6 16 N5_Spur 12 5 0 7 15 The_kid1433 12 3 1 8 10 XCTR94 12 3 1 8 10 Congratulations again to @invergowrie arab for winning in Division B. Again, the table here is misleaing in that XCTR94 beat The_kid1433 in the head-to-head matches, so comiserations to @the tungston weasel, who ends up in the automatic relegation slot, if it's applicable. Division C P W D L Pts AlbinoRov 14 12 1 1 37 Basedgodsa1nt 14 9 0 5 27 Dandies1983 14 9 0 5 27 KenDeans 14 7 0 7 21 mackieboz 14 6 1 7 19 RBWatson 14 5 0 9 15 Strachanovski 14 4 2 8 14 IncomingExile 14 2 0 12 6 Congratulations to @Albino Rover for strolling Division C. Well played! Basedgodsa1nt and Dandies1983 both won one game each in their head-to-head matches, so the decision had to go down to our version of the Sonnenberg-Berger score (the sum value of the final scores of the players that were beaten plus half the scores of the players drawn against). By my calculation, Dandies1983 has a score of 148 to Basedgodsa1nt's 135, so the P&B chess league's founder @Frank Grimes has his chance of promotion, at long last. As usual, for corrections, dispute resolution or checking of results, the calculations are in the spreadsheet at https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1WTFYYhhNWBObdMMS9BM-0teqA1DQQjAgnL0PsODXi5U/edit#gid=652529900 Congratulations to the winners, and thanks to all participants. Hopefully season 7 will happen sometime shortly. -- In the Madwullie cup, the semi-finals are half done, with Ziggy and myself still fighting over who gets to face DearyMe in the final.
  8. Video Assisted Scottish Refereeing is even more terrible than the analogue flavour.
  9. Lee Johnson to get a 10-game ban for calling that number 11 a cheat.
  10. It's not pointless, it's just a training game for both teams during the overlong World Cup break. It might be pointless for punters shelling out cash for it, of course, but from the POV of Hibs, they might rake in a few shekels.
  11. It's clearly the right move, but the fact it's *clearly* the right move would pretty much disqualify it as being a brilliancy as far as competent human players are concerned.
  12. Chess.com revamped their site so that pretty much any sacrifice is considered 'Brilliant' these days. It used to be that a brilliant move was one that the engine didn't see but turned out to be good, but that just made no sense to players, so presumably they went the other direction here.
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