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  1. This is the club that would rather die than pay their normal, everyday taxes to the queen they worship. Good luck billing them for additional costs on top of that.
  2. Tickets at Tynecastle are now £34 a pop as of ten minutes ago when the derby tickets went on sale. It might be that Aberdeen have been upgraded to a category A fixture this season, as Ron Gordon is making it a policy to get his hands on the red pound.
  3. Marciano is great (until he tries to kick a ball), and he's been sitting on the bench for about 10 games. Bogdan is also decent, and he's just collecting a wage without even being playable. We've signed them, they're just being hoarded while we give this Maxwell fellow some gametime. Go figure.
  4. The Radio's telling me Doidge scored yet another shite goal ('squirmed over the line'). Quantity over quality.
  5. Hibs twitter seems in two minds as to whether Boyle is replacing Newell or Kamberi https://twitter.com/HibernianFC/status/1202294245366874112
  6. Duly noted, thanks. On current form, the jobbers we sign as injury cover for the indestructible Lewis Stevenson tend to be the cheapest possible option, since we never ever need to use them. And what could be cheaper than conning Dundee into paying their wages for us?
  7. With Hearts' manager hunt now starting to take months, rather than weeks, and with Livingston on a 4-game losing streak, it seems that neither set of clinically depressed fans is able to work up the willpower or initiative to startt up the match thread for two days hence. Fear not, what with our new manager bounce and our 10-game unbeaten streak, morale is high amongst the P&B Hibs bois, and we have that little bit of extra energy and enthusiasm to help our less fortunate Lothian Brethren out in their time of need. Hibs were founded as a charitable venture, after all. As to the match, on Livingston's end, their top goalscorer, Dykes, looks to be fit and working again, and their secret anti-Hearts weapon, Marvin Bartley, will be on hand to ragdoll any Jambos foolish enough to set foot beyond the halfway line. Meanwhile, Hearts' top goalscorer, Christophe Berra o.g., is also likely to be on the pitch, providing that extra added goal threat that could well tip the balance in Livi's favour. The one consolation for the Hearts fans is that there's a good chance Berra will pick up a sixth yellow card this time, and provide some respite for the Hearts goalmouth in upcoming games. Can't see beyond an away win here. 0-2 (Dykes, Berra o.g.)
  8. You don't seem to have much in the way of reading comprehension for someone who thinks we should telepathically glean some tenuous non-bigoted interpretation of your naked display of symbols of race hatred and slavery. There's nothing wrong with illustrating how ridiculous and appalling your argument is by showing how the very same "logic" would be used by other actors in other contexts. There's absolutely nothing about waving a racist flag as a windup or a supposed pretendy history lesson that is exclusive to Scotland. Also when it comes to 300 years worth of the enslavement and murder of human beings on the grounds of race, Nazis are a perfectly fair metric for comparison. The North Atlantic slave trade killed millions, and stole the lives of millions more. It's supporters turned half the United States of America into a racist terror state for a century after it was abolished, and the economic, social and political consequences are still around today - and it was one of the major crimes also committed by the Nazis. There's a reason why slavery was put on the list of crimes against humanity after we were done jailing and hanging Nazis at Nuremberg.
  9. Quite. And those Lazio fans seig heiling up and down Buchanan Street were just soberly reminding fellow Italians of the role their country played as an axis power in World War 2. And all that singing about fucking popes and wading through ****** blood is just a laudable attempt by Rangers fans to remind people of the dangers of sectarian bigotry. Maybe you can get your swastika armband on, and change your signature to a few Mein Kampf quotes in memoriam of that time Hugh Macdiarmid temporarily sympathized with Nazi Germany. Proudly donning the symbols of the worst people in the world in entirely random footballing contexts is the most effective way to inform people of the uglier parts of their history.
  10. To be fair, Hearts aren't merely lying down. Their captain is very actively hoofing balls into the Hearts net. Berra is the top league goalscorer on the Hearts team this season, even if you discount the one aberration where he actually scored for Hearts, rather than against them.
  11. I'm guessing that any manager with ambitions to manage in the top two levels of England, Germany or Spain is looking at the results and worried about what failing to sort out Craig Levein's mess would do to their careers and any second thoughts they had are now their first thoughts. And with MacPhee ruled out as the fallback candidte, Ann Budge is going to start raking through the wastepaper basket she dumped the CVs of the likes of McCann, McCall and Magath. Then again, Craig Levein is still on the payroll. Third time's the charm...
  12. His career is way past that part of the downslope. Uche already spent a half-season at Blackpool. Scored 0 goals in about 9 hours worth of English League One football, then was released by Watford who realised they had no use for him.
  13. Paul Hanlon beat him to pretty much every through ball and every header. He was hooked after about 50 minutes, because he looked like less of a goal threat than the wee kids trying to score against the mascot at half time.
  14. Don't think anyone outside Hibs knows but if the Ashdod thing is true, you'd expect Bogdan to show up on the subs list any day now.
  15. I might be in the minority, but I really don't like the look of that lineup. I get that it's worked for us three times before. but Killie will be expecting it, it's been giving us diminishing returns - we probably deserved to lose in Paisley - and Killie trashed Hearts down their left flank last Saturday. I'm anticipating losing this one.
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