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  1. We're winning the World Cup again. Calling it now!
  2. I wasn't expecting an AI. For about the price of a handful of PPV tickets, they could actually pay for a human being to do the job twenty times better.
  3. Between Hibs and Scotland, I think I'm starting to enjoy the 'Well that was poor, but at least we got the result' style of post-match discourse.
  4. And as before, every Hibs fan in the stands rushes onto the pitch to triumphantly murder the opposing team's players...
  5. Who's complaining about the lack of commentary? That's often a plus. The camerawork, can still git tae f**k, though.
  6. Is it working? I'm in the middle of 'strongly worded complaint emails at being booted out 15 minutes in and not getting a stream any more.' Mind you, the 15 minutes I did see, the camerawork was bizarre. It seemed like the cameraman was some security CCTV operator in a control room.
  7. That's a pretty decent 3 minute masterclass in timewasting from McBurnie and Mcgregor there.
  8. Kieran Tierney. The second choice is Graeme Shinnie. Hope this helps.
  9. Here's some Aussies on reddit talking about him. They're grumbling but not that terribly upset. And remember they got Boyle so it is a swings/roundabouts thing.
  10. Bad teams have a knack of making their opposition look good.
  11. That was some strike from the Cove boy.
  12. Please mister, can we have wir ba' back?
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