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  1. Wouldn't have been the other way, since our grizzled and weatherbeaten back four have about 80 years playing experience between them and don't give away those kinds of penalties. Johnson and Porteous might be callow, reckless and mental enough, but Johnson hospitalizes, on average, 3.5 opposing players per game, so he's currently banned by Special Order of the SFA Star Chamber, and Ryan Porteous is out for the season, after finding out the hard way you can't just grit your teeth and play through a bad case of broken kneecaps. As for Rangers, I believe they'll be missing Morelos and McGregor, so you might actually get a result by playing football, rather than just preparing the usual faux-outrage at the match officiating a week in advance.
  2. FIFA Laws of the game. I emphasised the parts most likely to be helpful to your understanding of the game of association football. -- LAW 12 – FOULS AND MISCONDUCT Fouls and misconduct are penalised as follows: Direct free kick A direct free kick is awarded to the opposing team if a player commits any of the following seven offences in a manner considered by the referee to be careless, reckless or using excessive force: • kicks or attempts to kick an opponent • trips or attempts to trip an opponent • jumps at an opponent • charges an opponent • strikes or attempts to strike an opponent • pushes an opponent • tackles an opponent A direct free kick is also awarded to the opposing team if a player commits any of the following three offences: • holds an opponent • spits at an opponent • handles the ball deliberately (except for the goalkeeper within his own penalty area) A direct free kick is taken from the place where the offence occurred (see Law 13 – Position of free kick). Penalty kick A penalty kick is awarded if any of the above ten offences is committed by a player inside his own penalty area, irrespective of the position of the ball, provided it is in play. ... Careless, reckless, using excessive force “Careless” means that the player has shown a lack of attention or consideration when making a challenge or that he acted without precaution. • No further disciplinary sanction is needed if a foul is judged to be careless -- You'll notice that there I didn't include the rule whereby a penalty kick will not be awarded if an offence inside the box is merely careless, rather than reckless, or using excessive force. This is because there is no such rule.
  3. Sowah made a late barge into David Gray inside the box. See for yourself:
  4. Kilmarnock v Celtic

    A Scott Brown hat-trick - Broonie being the victim of a red-card challenge, then getting a goal, then a sending off - is pretty rare, and we should at least be privileged to have seen it, regardless of the result or the match officiating.
  5. Kilmarnock v Celtic

    Darnell Johnson being retroactively banned for two matches after getting a yellow for a foul on Izaguirre.
  6. Kilmarnock v Celtic

    To be pedantic, the rule is that 'The referee saw it and deemed it a yellow and the player being fouled was not a Celtic player so no action can be taken'
  7. He seems to have been credited with the goal from all sources, other than the stadium announcer.
  8. Looks more or less the same as what we saw from Eddie May, with the only surprise so far being the fact that Bogdan and Marciano are both fit on the same match day - if both survive to the end of the match without taking an injury I think it'll be the first time this season.
  9. Pie & Bovril Dead Pool 2019

    John Haynes, the Haynes responsible for those Haynes motor manuals, has ended up on the scrapheap.
  10. The Hibernian Thread

    Jock Stein lasted the same length of time at Leeds as Brian Clough, and had a hand in some European Cup or other too - and he has the best winrate of any Hibs manager. I can see a pattern emerging.
  11. The Hibernian Thread

    He may or may not be at it, but the name 'Lenny' was used on occasion by the fans... https://video.twimg.com/ext_tw_video/1025110695577362432/pu/vid/320x180/0AKCtOR_UNTjm0bO.mp4?tag=5
  12. The Hibernian Thread

    Celtic shortly after that, and anyways, St Johnstone are the team that Hibs simply can't beat these days.
  13. The Hibernian Thread

    If Stubbs would just be here till the end of the season, as per your other post, that 'head start' is not a good thing, since he'd just be a stopgap - and then whoever we get in the summer won't have the advantage of having worked with the team, won't be used to how they operate, and will be making summer transfer signings cold - and it was misguided summer signings that screwed us up this season. I'd rather give the permanent guy the rest of this season to get caught up.
  14. The Hibernian Thread

    It's a 3.5 year deal, and if the stories are true about Appleton's contract negotiations, he'll only get 4 months compo after a firing. I suppose a short-term appointment might be more acceptable, but hiring a short term manager would probably be a bad move in general. Why spend a fortnight hiring one and then another fortnight in summer, when you can hire a permanent manager in much the same length of time?
  15. The Hibernian Thread

    I think you've an overly simplistic view of the support's opinions. Stubbs would be a far more divisive choice than you seem to think.