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  1. I dunno. In terms of strategy, picking solo shots is a good one. And part of that is guessing who someone else will pick and who they won't. The person who picked Rogers were right to pick him, and the people who didn't pick him because they figured someone else would pick him were right not to. It's only the people who rejected him because they figured he wouldn't die that might have made a mistake. Good play all round, chief.
  2. RIP Albert Uderzo. One indomitable Gaulish cartoonist is no longer holding out against the invaders.
  3. Rangers fans had him on their list already.
  4. That's a shame. We really could do with some good news around about now.
  5. Aren't you the gadgie who posted a tear-stained rendition of 'In Yer Gorgie slums' the very day Hearts thumped Rangers out of the Scottish Cup?
  6. I was a few feet away from them for the St Johnstone vs Hibs game after Hecky got fired; part of the reason nobody skelped them that day was that they were surrounded by a fawning mob of about thirty 15 year olds, because they're apparently famous on the youtube now. Maybe we're just getting too old to understand.
  7. I don't know what would be the point. Gray is our third-best right-back right now and hasn't looked good at all this season. I mean, he's on a long contract and Naismith is crocked so we might as well keep him around as injury cover, ironic as that seems, but I'd far rather see Naismith or Paul McGinn on the pitch these days. McGinn was the least worst part of our back four last night.
  8. The world where Hearts have managed to win 1 game out of 10 against fellow tail-enders Ross County, Hamilton, St Mirren and St Johnstone this season.
  9. While the post is a severe embarrassment to Motherwell fans everywhere, except the other closet-*** basket cases, this couplet reminded me of one of the more famous sons of Scottish fitba' I feel like yer man missed a trick by not carrying on in the idiom -- You will not be able to stay at home, jambo. You will not be able to plug in, tune in and sit down, You will not be able to watch it on your sofa or on the TV screen at the Athletic Arms Because the relegation will not be televised The relegation will not be brought to you by Sky Sports In 2 legs with commercial interruption The relegation will not show you footage of Daniel Stendel wearing ski googles and climbing a rope ladder to demonstrate the latest in Central European training techniques The relegation will not be televised The relegation will not be brought to you by Premier Sports and will not star McCoist and Sutton or Mikey Stewart and Thommo The relegation will not give Hearts fans sex appeal The relegation will not get rid of the spots The relegation will not make them look five stone lighter, because the relegation will not be televised, brother There will be no pictures of Jonathan Watson dressed as Ann Budge making you question your sexuality on Hogmanay Or Joel Sked simpering on a couch for sixty minutes The BBC will not predict the loser twenty minutes from full time or the management team's resignation date The relegation will not be televised There will be no pictures of Christophe Berra scoring own goals in the action replay There will be no pictures of Christophe Berra scoring own goals in the action replay There will be no pictures of Christophe Berra scoring own goals in the action replay There will be no pictures of Joel Pereira being run out of Gorgie by a pitchforked mob There will be no slow motion or still life of Alex Salmond strolling into Tynecastle with a maroon tie and cufflinks that he had been saving for just the right occasion Albert Kidd, 5-1, and John Robertson will no longer be so damned relevant and Jambos will not care if Hibs gets a slot in the Europa League because Hearts Fans will be in the stands throwing their scarves onto the pitch There will be no highlights on the Sportscene late night special and no pictures of fans invading the pitch in a freezing May afternoon in Inverness The theme song will not be written by Dougie McLean or Eddi Reader, nor sung by Hector Nicol, Wattie Buchan, Frightened Rabbit, or Mark E Smith. The relegation will not be televised The relegation will not be right back after a short profile about Craig Halkett, Craig Levein or Craig Fowler You will not have to worry about the round trip to Dingwall, the stewards at Parkhead or the Union Bears at Tynecastle The relegation will not get better with time The relegation will not be a good thing in the long run The relegation WILL put you in the championship The relegation will not be televised WILL not be televised, WILL NOT BE TELEVISED The relegation will not be a re-run, The relegation will be live.
  10. Looks like Stevie G is about to start becrying in a minute.
  11. I'll have a pint of salty *** tears and a large Edinburgh derby at Hampden please, landlord.
  12. Roseburn end looks even emptier than the home stands now. Obviously they're in a rush to catch the Glasgow subway.
  13. Game is simmering away nicely. A couple more dodgy ref decisions and players getting away with cheating and we're into shame game territory with red cards and players stretchered off. Can't ask for anything more.
  14. Freeman Dyson, one of the most imaginative twentieth century mathematical physics, has finally run out of ideas.
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