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  1. Don't think it was over quite then - you could have forced me to give up material by threatening to trap my queen (after Qa4 Nb3 you could have had your queen move to a6 to cover b7 and then move that dark square bishop out of the way.). How to get out of that was hard for me to see (I was immensely relieved when you moved the wrong bishop) but the engine analysis says that if I did play accurately, I'd only be a couple of points ahead.
  2. Madwullie Cup round 1 It feels awfully newbie to bring your queen out super-aggressively on move 3, but for some 960 configurations it seems to be a good plan, and this was one of them. Aim Here's rampant bloodthirsty queen beats the_kid1433 more or less singlehandedly, by resignation.
  3. If Rangers get beat at Ibrox and there are no TV cameras, BBC journalists, non-Rangers affiliated pundits, SPFL officials, league sponsor representatives or away fans to see it, did it even happen? If this keeps up they can just say they won the game and nobody who is actually there will be willing to contradict them.
  4. It looks like being stuck out in Livingston and Perth have dampened his spirits somewhat. He was fine in defence and beat Nisbet to pretty much every header, but it took until the 86th minute before he took matters in his own hands and tried skinning a midfielder or two or dribbling the ball past the halfway line, the way he used to do incessantly back when he wore green.
  5. The Aberdeen fans on P&B were probably planning on consoling themselves by gloating on this match thread when we lost and we've scuppered their plans for the evening. Not sure what the overlap between the twitter & P&B contingent, mindyou.
  6. Our thugs are the kind of thugs who'd kick Leigh Griffiths into the stand
  7. The chess.com engine is all over the place if you follow the line it suggests. I think it was just a bit of a wild game that confused it. The stockfish running on my own machine seems to prefer sacrificing the e pawn before the knight move or the queen move.
  8. Division A, Round 9 King safety went out the window as both sides left their royal personages exposed to the elements, but GCarlos9 didn't make mistakes when it mattered and I did. GCarlos9 beats AimHere by resignation
  9. Division A, Round 8 I thought I had Ziggy_the_Spider on the ropes for a while, and then suddenly it all turned to absolute shit in the space of about three moves and I was just totally suffocated. Apparently my worst blunder was not giving up a rook in exchange for a bishop and letting him protect a passed pawn. How the f**k is chess expecting me to see that? Ziggy_the_Spider beats AimHere by resignation.
  10. Nobody's agreeing to that. We don't have visibility on the actual documents - not even the judges and SPFL lawyers have that - but if, as seems likely, Rangers were quoting a price to offer cinch the stadium naming rights after they had signed a contract forbidding cinch logos from appearing at Ibrox even as part of the SPFL branding, then there will be some questions asked as to Rangers making offers in bad faith that they know they're unable to fulfil, or, in the alternative, why Rangers feel entitled to only be bound by this contract when they want to get out of other contract obligations they don't want to fulfil.
  11. Rangers (via the Glasgow Times) offering a curious half-denial to the allegations of the cinch/Rangers "negotiations": "At no point did cinch offer any terms to Rangers. Contrary to the SPFL's claims, no "negotiations" took place." So why only half the denial? Did Rangers offer terms to cinch and if not, why doesn't that form part of the denial? And why is "negotiations" in inverted commas? Would being asked for a quote, offering a price and being told 'nah, that's a big much for us' constitute a "negotiation", say? I expect that what actually transpired, whether or not you call it a negotiation, is already clear to m'learned friends so this semantic quibble is just for public consumption...
  12. It's very straightforward. If you don't want Hibs to get a penalty, just let Martin Boyle do whatever he wants to do with the ball when he's in your penalty area. Don't kick his legs out from under him, and don't ever, whatever you do, do something as foolish as win the ball off him in the penalty area with some kind of 'tackle' or somesuch. Follow those two simple rules and you'll be fine.
  13. I don't advertise used car dealers either. Will Parks of Hamilton give me free bus hire? If all it takes to get free or cheap stuff is to not advertise anything, I should be due a ton of backdated swag. Wouldn't it be a better use of nominal monetary value to exchange their bus hire for actually advertising Parks of Hamilton in the stadium? That way Rangers fans will be slightly more inclined to be inspired to buy cars from Parks of Hamilton rather than buy quality leisurewear from Snodgrass of Govan, or give themselves cardiac arrhythmia from drinking too much Gorrilla Energy drink or eat out at Betty Spaghetti's Italian chain restaurants or whatever? This 'Parks of Hamilton are in the business of clearing spaces of used car advertising' notion seems slightly absurd, does it not? There is that one time Paddy Power decided to sponsor a couple of football shirts to carry no sponsor logo, but they made damn sure everyone knew about it and it's more in line with their brand image. I don't see Parks of Hamilton going down the snarky social media presence route any time soon, and normally, actually advertising your brand is the useful way of spending your advertising budget...
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