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  1. the hamilton supporting diddy awful interested in boness the rangers supporting diddy awful interested in boness
  2. mr luthgy kiddin on he knows all but goes to watch Hamilton more than the wee rose. folk talk to sinnett. sinnett talks to folk. Skint!
  3. 100 + in the stand.and the shelter was bursting front to back.under the stand looked fairly busy. there was loads of room in the shelter it was just much busier than usual because it was shite weather
  4. No be happening then,we are skint you are skint according to jim sinnett and thats why youve had to call on hearts and hibs this year
  5. Are the luthgy boys still making up attendance numbers so they can win this thread?
  6. Gordon if you post sh1te I will give you stick but if you post sensible stuff you will get the credit you deserve. What a condescending w**k. Gordon goes every week you don’t so his sh1te is a more valid opinion than yours is.he should be givin you stick part timer
  7. One of the best performances of season and you still try and drag the neagtives out of it. he goes every week you don’t horrible wee clique always on the witch hunt who go to less games when they are away watching there big team usually youre hated at the wee rose & just trying to get back in good books
  8. Bonnyrigg have never had more than the home fans at Linlithgow in the last 40 years you weird stalker. lies. you wouldnt have been there anyway you psycho.
  9. aye of course! we had more than you at your place last time
  10. sounds like you lot are down to the bare bones.
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