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  1. To be fair, Cowdenbeath have had 3 really bad seasons. Time to go.
  2. Finished bottom of the pile 3 times? Deserve to go down imo. Bye Cowden, and a huge huge welcome to Bonnyrigg
  3. Sadly, that still isn't enough to warrant survival in this league.
  4. You're right, they are, and that's why they'll go down.
  5. I think Cowden have proved over the past few years that they are simply not good enough nor have the resources to survive in the SPF. Finishing bottom not once but soon to be 3 times proves this. The club is done, spent, call it what you want at this level. Stadium is in a bad state of repair and attendance figures are very poor. I think it will be a case of third time unlucky and Cowden drop out the league altogether never to return. Sad, but that's the reality.
  6. That's no way to speak to a lady numb nuts. I'm embarrassed for you.
  7. Ravey Davey is Franks alter ego. All depends on which side of the rock they crawl from under. 2 twats, same sad individual.
  8. Indeed. You're chugging along nicely on the twat wagon.
  9. Big claim. Source? Me get a grip? You're the one making huge allegations with nothing to back it up. We're all still waiting
  10. This will never ever die down. Fans of other clubs wont let it. We'll be the subject of ridicule for decades. Imagine the build up to local derbies. We will never have the upper hand again. They all have to go. Every single one of them.
  11. Well pardon the shit out of me, fannybaws. That's no way to speak to a lady, cock features.
  12. Exactly. Still waiting on OP coming back with a bit more info. @GooseLips ?
  13. Steady on. That's a huge statement he's made. I'd be inclined to ask where he got that info or is it just another ITK aka rumour post? Sounds like a lot of pish tbh. If it is true (which I doubt) that takes this whole sorry episode to a whole new level.
  14. Hearing that DG will be getting his full signing fee paid in instalments. He's also legally entitled to compensation due to his career coming to an abrupt end at senior level thanks to Raith Rovers FC. Hope Sims got deep pockets.
  15. Coming from a supporter of a club that are about to sign Leigh Griffiths. Aye, ok then.
  16. And on another note, DG WILL get his money. He's entitled to it. This farce will cost Rovers the best part of quarter of a million. Money they don't have. I fully expect to see part time football in league one in the next couple of seasons and getting pumped of East Fife and Peterheed!
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