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  1. Delicious stuff. The difference is Gerrard obviously see's something in the boy that you thick sheep shagging fuds can't. If he's that pish why are you getting so worked up? Begs the question who exactly are the thick c***s here? If it bothers you that much I suggest you look a bit closer to home.
  2. So with 8 games to go Raith will be crowned Champions much to the disgust of the majority on here, and rightly so. Should we actually celebrate? Should we have an open to bus parading the trophy through the streets of the Lang Toun? Should we piss on Falkirk from high above? Would we have bottled it in the run in? Will Frank deal with his anger management issues? Will Taz start making sense? Will King kebab revert to using one exclamation mark? So many questions, so little time. Keep it all in here folks.
  3. But, but, but... Pre season you fannies thought you were a dead cert for the promotion playoffs. Fucking fantasists. Certainly dead certs for the relegation playoffs 😄 GIRFUY!
  4. You are Zico ya sad fanny. Think most of us get that. Now that you've been banned from Fannytalk I guess we'll be seeing more of you on here?
  5. Airdrie 5 - 1 Peterhead Falkirk 1 - 1 Raith Forfar 4 - 0 Dumbarton Montrose 3 - 0 Clyde Stranraer 2-1 East Fife
  6. FTFY. Agreed though. Falkirk fans have taken deluded cringe to a whole new level. Feckin diddy club with diddy fans from a diddy town.
  7. He was conceived in Falkirk hence his middle name a la Beckham style. Steak Zico Falkirk Martin Fud.
  8. Airdrie 3-1 Dumbarton East Fife 2-1 Montrose Forfar 1-2 Lolkirk Peterhead 2-2 Raith Rovers Stranraer 2-1 Clyde wanks
  9. What have I told you about making a twat of yourself on here. Embarrassing boy. You're allowed to post on Fantalk only as that's where the fannies go.
  10. Better watch out Falkirk fans. The Clyde will want to be your friends and declare a Falkirk/Clyde love in. #Desperatetobeliked
  11. FFS. Cutting edge stuff from Frank. Methadone must be kickin in.
  12. Great comeback loser. Nae wonder the Fife fans rip the pure piss outa ya. In fact, make that the Rovers fans as well.
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