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  1. Has to be Cowdenbeath. A non existent fanbase and the worst stadium in the Scottish league. Absolutely nothing going for this club.
  2. Mon the Brechin. Get in about these cheats. More to football than the dirty £.
  3. Nope no facts at all. Ears to the ground. Christ, this has been a topic of conversation in lower league football for a few years. No smoke without fire as they say. Mon the Brechin.
  4. Tbh I don't want to see Kelty either. Dirty money is responsible for this rapid rise through the system and I hope they get found out soon. C'mon Brechin!
  5. I don't know what's worse. Getting beat of Clyde or keeping the delusional cnuts up. Guess they'll be favourites to win league 1 next season before progressing into the Champions League. Most delusional, fickle, fuckwit fans in the country. Well done East Fife.
  6. Fucking hilarious that Neil Lennon is the P&B fans second choice. Makes perfect sense. A marriage made in heaven.
  7. Indeed. Probably the best answer on the subject. Think I'll start another poll. Are Aberdeen FC the biggest bunch of bottle merchant diddies in the SPL?
  8. Why bother with my sister when I can have your entire family x
  9. For me it's 55. The club went through troubled times, no denying that but the way they went about their business this season has been impressive. They have been ruthless and the football at times has been sublime. The press/media agree. FWIT Aberdeen fans are not allowed to vote. You're club is an embarrassment and have won f**k all worth remembering in decades.
  10. Juist goes to prove how shite and spineless Aberdeen are. Can't even get a point of Cellic. Fecking bottle merchants.
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