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  1. I think you mean Andrew Richard Tait has done nothing wrong besides buying a dodgy looking grill for his teeth.
  2. You really need to stop spending your Saturday evenings drinking paint
  3. In your efforts to not be funny you've achieved the opposite, this is a hilarious suggestion.
  4. St Mirren fan. How did Olusanya play for you today?
  5. Comparing us to the likes of Gretna and Clydebank when you don't have any proper insight to the club finances is one hell of a stretch. These arguments are just going round in circles at this point.
  6. Yeah. We should always budget to finish second bottom, just happy to be part of the pack, and never once aim above our station. Let's usher in yet another generation of St Mirren fans who'll only ever witness a team happy to win a handful of games all season and set a goal of nothing but avoiding relegation, hoping we get lucky with a cup run. God forbid someone has the ambition to try and move the club forward and aim a bit higher.
  7. You're the most negative c**t on this entire forum and that's saying something. You never have anything positive to say.
  8. 'If St Mirren, who are currently 1-0 up at the time of writing, score next the score will then be 2-0. If Dundee United score while it's 1-0 St Mirren, the score becomes 1-1' Congratulations for posting one of the stupidest things I've ever seen.
  9. They aren't trying to 'destabilise our club', there's no conspiracy. Good players tend to get noticed.
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