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  1. you are getting into randoms territory of pointless stats now!
  2. to be fair he would make a good club mascot fumbling around the place. certainly always played like he was wearing a large costume
  3. im sure i read moussa had signed for partick thistle on the bbc but cant see anything onine now. did i make this?
  4. i avoided this film for a long time durle to skys synopsis that basically said "a man seeks revenge after his dog is killed". sounded pish but watched it on a friends recommendation and really enjoyed it once it got going. awful film. agreed theres a great idea for a film there but was probably made at the wrong time. unfortunately it was full of that cheese that plagued most early 90s films. i enjoyed chain reaction. got it on DVD and have watched it many times
  5. lager tastes great at room temperature
  6. if i was you guys i would be dissapointed with this appointment. Appleton would have brought the smack down to this role but perhaps dempster and petrie were far too scared of sacakibg him later. i know i wouldnt want to tell him that news! hopefully you guys go in freefall after this appointment - 11th would be fine!
  7. i once followed through in the pub, infront of everyone, at about quarter past 5 on a friday. my mate greg had my pint waiting and just as i lifted it to my lips i lost all composure. i sat the drink down and had to shuffle home for a shower and a change. i was the brunt of many jokes for a long while but hey, i deserved it! id do the same
  8. you have to love that bond with your best mate when he will call you out the blue to divulge something so personal just to make you laugh.
  9. apart from Patricio. hes an arsehole for wearing number 11 no matter how noble his reasoning! wolves have a lot of quality and i can see them catching arsenal and possibly even chelsea if they get lucky with injuries and suspensions.
  10. paul ince is a fool and anyone who takes any comment he makes serious should be shot immediately. there are few people in football with a larger, unwarranted ego than ince. this as well. someone needs to tell paul that he isnt getting any job offers as hes shit. it has hee haw to do with his skin colour. McManaman is a fud. no idea why but i was particularly enraged when he corrected himself from saying linesman to referees assistant young was finished before the world cup. hes also a cheating shit so i am also enjoying this! they kept talking up the experience the club has. they really dont have champions league experience compared to most the other clubs remaining. they have really missed Carrick in midfield. very under rated player
  11. my mate called me two fridays ago to tell me he had just shat himself and was shuffling home. absolutely made my night
  12. genuine question here, and ive not seen much of hearts this season, but are you just shoe horning your 11 "best" players into a formation? i thought Clare played in that #10 role, djoum seemed to make a difference coming off the left wing and naismith is at his best being a dick and hastling the oppositions CB pairing?
  13. i once had loads of boxes of dvds under the bed in the spare bedroom. went to get them out one day and all the boxes were empty. turned out that, months before, when we put up my homeless brother for a while he had emptied said boxes and headed to grouchos. hundreds of them gone. i have no idea what he got for them so this doesnt help you at all but you reminded me of it.
  14. even to a DAB that behaviour is truely deplorable. on a serious note i hope st mirren can identify those responsible. ive always had a lot of time for st mirren fans, cant be easy choosing a diddy side with the scum on your doorstep, and enjoy my days out in paisley. i bet this turns out to be a couple of teenage fannys
  15. did harvey have to take all of his mums pictures when he was younger like lizs son? that would explain a lot as that slag has done some shit no son should see
  16. if we let cammy go we will end up regretting it. the lad just needs some confidence back. i think McCann was probably the worst manager for a player like cammy. some players need an arm round the shoulder and some need a cunting. cammy appears to be the first type whereas McCann seems only able to give the later.
  17. just shared a munchie box from the chinese with the missus and the king prawns still had their shit sacks attached to them 🤢
  18. this^ i had a Citroen saxo. was delighted when someone wrote it off.
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