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  1. My friend is on holiday just now in Chicago, Schaumburg or something, its the next town over from this place, visiting relatives. They had planned to do a 4th July party etc. Heard from him and they didnt take the kids there but think just all the places are cancelling parties and parades etc. 

  2. 53 minutes ago, Brother Blades said:

    I’ve visited America a few times, mainly the southern states. It’s a very strange & confusing place in many ways. When I was working in Mississippi, the guys were the most polite & friendly people I’ve probably ever met, but every single one of them was a gun nut, quite scary getting into someone’s truck & discovering 4 or 5 loaded weapons within reach of the driver. There were a few black guys that worked there too & they were given respect & seemed to be well liked. However, any other black person seemed to be looked down on & in private, these polite people were definitely racist wankers. It was difficult to square the fact that these guys would invite you to family barbecues despite barely knowing me & yet hold such right wing views. Strangely, one time I visited, I travelled with an Indian guy that worked with us & he was also treated fantastically despite none of the guys having met him beforehand. 

    TL;DR - The place is confusing but it’s basically a backward, over religious shitehole of a place with false manners. 

    When I was a PC i spent some time doing some volunteering with a kind of youth project the division was involved in, was really good and helped raise money for charity. I go to the states alot and had seen their version of it at some of the kinda community events we’d gone to so struck up a wee acquaintance with the guy who led that group, he was a full time deputy and basically running the ‘explorers’ was his role. But essentially a 25 year veteran of the sheriff dept. Seemed really enthusiastic about learning about life in Scotland and wanted to meet up when we were over next, promising decent bbq food. I dont ever really need any excuse for brisket so met the guy for lunch.

    Fucking hell, I can genuinely see why after that why the issues that exist in policing there exist. Guy was a lunatic conspiracy theorist who thought the nhs was ‘communist’ and that any concept of social policy was nothing but an attempt to turn Murica into a Obalast of Russia. I like to think im pretty aware and recognise things happening around me etc, but this fucker looked like he was on amphetamines and about to pull his gun out if anyone sneezed. The brisket was good. 

    40 minutes ago, Bob in Denny said:

    It was 40 dollars she got charged....


    f**k sake. 

  3. 5 hours ago, Jacksgranda said:

    I wonder how my health insurance (and premiums) would have held out these last 3 years - 4 different monthly prescriptions, now augmented by another 4, a month's hospitalisation, multiple x-rays, at least 4 scans, 3 ecgs, 4 hormone implants per year at £400.00 a skite, glaucoma tests, consultations with 3 different specialists, a month's radiotherapy treatment.

    I seem to remember seeing a medical bill where they charged the patient more for ‘emotional support’ where the doctor offered her tissues or something. 

  4. I can’t find the tweets looking back, but there was some excerpts from the congressional primary debates for the republicans in Wyoming and I think Texas, some of the stuff coming out is something that would see you sectioned under the mental health act. When Meghan McCain appears the sensible voice of a debate the world is fucked. 

  5. 15 minutes ago, Arch Stanton said:

    I'll take your word for it, I stayed in Sliema (had the worst curry in my life there and that includes Orlando).

    Hired a car while I was there (1994) and got a green Skoda Favorit estate (like the one in Still Game but green). Drove all the way around the island (they drive on the left) and IIRC the island "ring road" bypasses St. Julians.

    It wasn't all bad, the Blue Grotto in the south of the island is stunning and a lot of Valetta is picture perfect. Was pretty cheap to eat and drink and the seafood is especially good.

    Its changed a fair bit since 1994 in fairness. I wouldnt rush back or anything, but the place was nice enough, decent food and good weather. Valetta was superb to spend an evening in. Id be too scared to have a curry in Orlando, had one in NY once and it wasnt very good. 

  6. On 29/06/2022 at 14:11, Arch Stanton said:

    Their biggest tourist attraction is the abandoned set of the Robin Williams movie  "Popeye".

    And if you're into beaches forget it, there's one very small beach on the south of the island and that's pretty much it.

    Im not really into beaches, but theres actually a really nice beach at St Julians. 

  7. 4 hours ago, energyzone said:
    17 hours ago, Inanimate Carbon Rod said:
    You’ve no idea how common it is. Unfortunately prosecutors seem incredibly unwilling to prosecute parents for neglect. 

    What punishment do you think a parent should receive for leaving children at home alone?

    Its not the leaving children home alone part, its the harm they are exposed to. So if they are of a level of maturity where they can look after themselves, get help if they need it, access to a phone, food etc then thats fine. Im talking about examples of anything from babies to 6/7 year olds left in houses which were dirty, had street drugs lying around the place, no heating etc whilst the parent was socialising or drinking in a friends house. Now in terms of punishment its incredibly difficult because if you jail the parent then you’re punishing the child too (in a sense). But its clearly a bigger issue in society than people think and the unwillingness to prosecute for it is alarming. 

  8. 1 hour ago, oaksoft said:

    Thanks for the background. Always interesting to see the details of what is being sought.

    Not sure why Marshy downvoted your post.


    1 hour ago, virginton said:

    A helpful explanation and I think that the police absolutely deserve the deal that they've asked for.

    Rather than fixating on the bottom line take-home figure, there should be more emphasis on improving practices, adjusting working hours and recognising existing goodwill as part of the bargaining process as in the police case.

    Employees across many sectors are leaving money on the table through goodwill, that should be clawed back by recognising work as work rather than an optional extra. 

    There always has to be a trade off, in the grand scheme of things its a relatively well paid job, but the massive trade off is the disruption to your personal life, i think its fair to ask for something that’s slightly In line with the rise in cost of living and pressures of just now. One of the things people say on retiring is that they wish they’d devoted more time to their family than their career, I think its reasonable to ask for conditions which improve the quality of time away from work. Mental health in policing, ambulance and other public sector jobs is through the floor, its ultimately going to be better for wellbeing and cause less sickness to seek to improve quality of life. 

  9. 1 hour ago, Left Back said:

    So has anyone involved in the negotiations spun this yet as actually being a higher than 3.4% rise because of the reduction in working hours.

    What's the reasons for refusal?

    In fairness to the police federation they’ve put their costed and fully rationalised pay request in writing and its in the public domain yes. Couldn’t tell you the reason for the refusal, the ‘official side’ dont give reasons for their decisions.  

    44 minutes ago, oaksoft said:


    3.4% is a perfectly reasonable pay rise request.

    I can only assume it's the cut in working hours which is the problem because it then requires extra money to be for staffing.

    Not really, so your typical ‘response’ policing shift in Glasgow is 0700hrs-1600hrs sun-thurs or 0700hrs-1700hrs fri and sat, late shifts are 1400-0000hrs sun- thurs and 1600hrs - 0200hrs fri and sat. Nights are 2100hrs-0700hrs fri and sat and 2200hrs-0700hrs sun-thurs. The request is to drop an average of 5 hours per week which on the shift pattern can be done by shortening the shift times on early and late shift by finishing an hour earlier (with a 1 hour handover time) and starting nightshifts an hour later. Currently the handover between night to day shift relies on people coming in to start their shift early for no payment, PC’s are asked to ‘muster’ 20 minutes early and most Inspectors and Sergeants (ie shift management) will report for duty and get a handover from the previous shift between 45-30minutes before the start of shift without pay. The action proposed by the federation ‘ie removal of goodwill’ will lead to there being no handover time between night and day shift which will cause overtime to be incurred. 

  10. On 28/06/2022 at 13:02, Michael W said:

    The police not being allowed to go on strike might by why wages often look comparitably bad. 

    On that note, what would happen if they just said f**k it and decided to go on strike? What are the Government going to do about it - sack them? 

    They wont go on strike but will take action to make things difficult, the service has been cut to the bones and essentially the rank and file doing more than they are supposed to has made it work, like answering calls to come out and work rest days, taking pda devices home to respond to emails and victims to keep them updated, starting shifts early to reduce overtime claims etc. The actual pay claim requested was imo entirely reasonable. A 3.4% rise in pay coupled with a reduction in working week from 40-35 hours in line with other public sector work places. 

    On 28/06/2022 at 13:32, 101 said:

    As it is just now, it might be changed so that junior ranks can go out on strike, not sure how it would work in principle but its increasingly being brought up by the union. I saw as far back as 2008 86% of members wanted full union rights, I guess if they make a better offer then that might go away.

    Full industrial right should be a universal right. 

    19 hours ago, Lofarl said:

    Gonna be easier to bribe the odd copper now.

    In England as you can imagine a starting wage of 19k and working in the greater London area has led to some using foodbanks etc, that actually is an issue in terms of bribery etc. 

  11. They need to keep the far left so far from the mainstream campaign, people like Boyd, Shafi etc need to be told to bolt because they are harmful to the campaign. Also if we could not have the cringey glasgow school of art shite like that lassie who dressed up like lady gaga that’d be superb thanks. 

  12. 35 minutes ago, Brother Blades said:

    They were allowed to vote in the Indy ref. Don’t see why not this time. 16-18 year old too hopefully! 

    Was it not the case that they believed people who were EU citizens were the ones who voted no the strongest (besides the staunch types) because of fears they would be sent packing or whatever labour were telling them on the door steps? 

  13. Went to Malta last year, stayed at the Intercontinental via Jet2, we had a nice time. Got a wee bit bored as we arent beach types but the food with the mix of african and italian influences is top notch, Valletta is really nice to walk around in an evening too. We used the maltease version of uber when travelling about and it was fine. 

  14. 2 hours ago, Albus Bulbasaur said:

    The idea that UDI would happen after a GE is absolutely insane and is pure red meat. 

    The idea of this was actually a tory proclamation. Margaret Thatcher I believe. 

    2 hours ago, Les Cabbage said:

    I agree with the majority of your sentiments but do you not realise that this shit is going to be around for the whole thing regardless of one persons post on a football messageboard.

    The “I’m not going to vote yes because I hate the SNP” is something that’s going to be around no matter what happens.

    I hate the snp but will be voting yes! Cannot fucking wait to vote yes. Every fucker should vote yes. 

  15. 6 hours ago, dirty dingus said:

    Maybe something to do with his job? A bit like you being an expert on the green cross code from all those years collecting escaped trollys from Tesco car park.

    You wouldnt believe the links between the KKK and white nationalist groups in the states and the right in this country. 

  16. 1 hour ago, Zen Archer (Raconteur) said:

    Handbags at the rounders.



    That was not a bad one, but the Mariners players fighting like wee gimps running up and punching people from behind etc. Think this happened because in one of the prior innings Seattle had purposefully hit an Angels player. Fucking sore getting hit by a baseball. 

  17. 10 minutes ago, IrishBhoy said:

    Tennis courts got refurbished in my area a few years back, and the council advertised it as being opened by ‘Judy Murray and special guest’, which everyone assumed was going to be Jamie Murray. Everyone was wrong though as the bold Andy is standing with his mum opening a couple of red blaes courts in a Renfrewshire housing scheme. This was right when he was at the top of his game, definitely top 3 in the world. I don’t think anyone would have batted an eyelid if it was just Judy Murray herself, but a nice touch from Andy to make an appearance too. 

    As a family they are a superb force for developing sports in Scotland. Judy does an awful lot for charity and Andy is for me my choice for President of Indy Scotland if we ever needed a non political head of state. 

  18. 5 hours ago, Duries Air Freshener said:

    That’s what I found when I googled him.

    Why did you even know who he was anyway?  It worries me a bit.

    Cos I’ve studied hate crime and extremism and the KKK quite extensively. 

  19. On 22/06/2022 at 11:43, Duries Air Freshener said:

    Bernard Manning was brilliant, unless you're a snivelling snowflake that places anything to do with race on a pedestal.

    Unless it's against whites of course.

    Ever thought about changing your username to David Dukes Air Freshener? 

    On 26/06/2022 at 11:58, BigDoddyKane said:

    Independence is neither AOUB, Alba or SNP. Plenty independence voters who are not in any party or group

    Yep, AUOB are a shower of weirdos, Alba are bigots and the SNP is incompetent but I still want independence. 

  20. 3 minutes ago, ICTChris said:

    I know people, not in my family, who are basically banking on their inheritance. They have essentially planned financially for the windfall.

    Its madness from a practical view as what if you parents live to 100? What if there are some unforeseen circumstances and the estate is valued less? Clearly there are issues from a moral perspective as well - among many I have particular issues with adult children being reliant on their parents, over and above any help that your parents might reasonably give you.

    Yeh ive seen a lot of that, my parents are quite stubborn, so they probably won’t listen to me when I tell them to just spend their money. If they do leave stuff then i’ll try and do something decent with it but id rather they didnt bother. My wife’s an only child and her parents to be fair to them just splash out and enjoy themselves. 

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