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  1. Have to say, this is not how I pictured Alec Baldwin ending up on this thread. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-59005500
  2. Yer bog standard typical syringe would be incredibly obvious so i cant see it being that. That said for a smaller needle and the volume of fluid required to hurt someone it just seems difficult to work out how anyone would decide to do that.
  3. Im so sorry you were ever in the position that you had to report something, but im glad to hear you had a positive (well not positive but you know what I mean) experience. Its so important to report that kind of thing because it can help with potential moorov or howden detections (as offenders rarely change this type of behaviour) and can assist protect others with things like the DSDAS scheme to help warn future partners of someones history of abuse.
  4. No official figures for you but ive never ever seen a case of someone microinjected with a drug in the sense described. I have heard of several occasions of drink spikings, with generally either tablets of ghb liquids used. The idea of using a syringe in the middle of a night club seems bizarre. Sorry, but ive helped unfortunately hundreds of victims of sexual assaults, at no time have i ever ‘doubted their character or accused them of seeking attention’. Also legislation passed in Scotland allows victims of sexual offences to specifically request a female police officer to speak with. Victims are not ‘disbelieved’ or dismissed off hand, thats absolutely crap and adds to people feeling like there is no point reporting sexual assaults etc due to fears of this stigma which doesnt actually exist. Some times sexual assault/rape can’t be detected through a lack of corroboration or other evidence and its absolutely horrible but this narrative that no one could be bothered investigating etc is absolutely not what happens in reality.
  5. The area the conference is taking part in becomes a territorial extension of the UN at that time, they have decided what area will be closed etc. Also events at Hampden dont have the ‘significance’ or almost every significant (and insignificant) world leader attending plus other vvips. That plus the anticipated impact of protesters etc means that its going to be carnage. The strain behind this is unimaginable. No. The entire area has to be controlled for a full search and seal of everything including drains/pipes, road infrastructure, rail lines etc, the fact this has been reduced to only a week before is pretty good going as the area to be searched and sealed is absolutely massive. Its also to do with the date the UN has demanded for the venue to be handed over to them to prepare/build the venue and make all this stuff happen.
  6. Cmon its absolutely one for the watching type behaviour, there is a difference between cctv footage held for prevention and detection of crime and some creepy throbber taking pictures of someone hes not even sitting beside. Taking pictures to humiliate someone or shame them in public in an app thats used by billions of people is pure shite behaviour and can lead to people being harmed both mentally and in some cases physically as a result of one of these social media posts. He took that pic thinking everyone would congratulate him on being a wonderful person and the reality is it was Lovejoyary of the highest order. The rest of his twitter timeline gives a decent insight into just how much of a wrong yin he is. If he really wanted some kind of action over her not wearing a mask (and hey she may very well have been exempt or eating something) then he could have asked, or you know what sent the picture to BTP instead of shaming someone publicly on social media for a very minor faux pas. Did he think wee Ryan from the Scot Rail social media team would assemble the super best friends team and have this person assassinated or something? Just what outcome did he expect from that tweet?
  7. Dunno in terms of civil law and image rights but no nothing criminal.
  8. Glasgow City council are absolutely choking for it to go ahead, extending licensing hours and holding their own events and civic receptions, pretty much driven by SNP members on the council. David Macdonald cncllr and depute leader at the time of the bid was on record as fully behind the bid as was the Scottish Government. There’s a revisionism amongst SNP supporters giving it ‘bUt tHe Uk GoVeRnMeNt’ when in reality they wanted it here every single bit as much. Also Scottish Public Health powers held by the Scottish Government (ie the same ones used to control air travel/green lists etc and mass gatherings) could have been used to cancel the event. The thing here is the Scottish Government is absolutely delighted to have itself on the world stage at Cop26 and will be absolutely damned if Nicola cant have her wee photo opportunities at the expense of the drain of this on Scotlands public resources. So its a convenient position for them to be in, blame westminster if anything bad happens and use every opportunity available if the narrative suits.
  9. Think the Red sucks will cheat their way to it this year. Sad to see.
  10. What would be the shock result? I dont think theres too much of a difference between the lower clubs in spfl 2/lowland league and the top of the wosl.
  11. If you had money id absolutely recommend getting the f**k out of dodge for a fortnight, this is going to be an unmitigated disaster.
  12. We are getting our back garden done over the winter, part of me agreeing to get it done was that she’ll let me get an outside kitchen. Got myself a traeger smoker to stick in it, to say im excited is an understatement.
  13. Had a day to think about how I feel about this, I think its sad that a man with a family has died in such a horrible way in an act of evil, but I think there’s quite an alarming fascination with beatifying people who held quite offensive positions post mortem.
  14. Thats genuinely a lot of shite, the police have no influence over court reporting and if people are put in prison for something like that its a matter of public record. Id suggest that actually its quite well known that fixated persons are attracted to royals, mp’s and prominent people and with a bit of personal insight into the advice given and police response to such threats I can safely say that tweet is entirely inaccurate. That said I wouldnt be highlighting such issues if i was an MP because all that lightbulb seems to do is attract more moths. CT policing would always take the initial role in that, its not exactly surprising given his role/status.
  15. You are still identity checked, information can be checked against your passenger information.
  16. You absolutely cannot travel on a photocopy of a passport, it is useful to have a photocopy incase you lose your old one as it means you can fill out forms etc to declare yours lost (who knows their passport number?) and makes things slightly easier. Ive known of several people being stopped from boarding flights in the UK for all manner of reasons so this notion that they don’t care who leaves is baffling.
  17. My wee boy isnt of school age yet but he will be walking regardless. I think most kids should walk, but its not always possible for a variety of reasons, like I said ive no concerns with the right to protest, I just dont understand why they continually try and block working class folks on their way to jobs in a fragile economy, where were the insulate lot blocking the tory party conference or whatever? Why not stick it to the man and not the easy target?
  18. God help the parents who are disabled or have disabled kids who cant walk to school from all the self righteousness on here. Id have more sympathy for insulate britain’s methods if they targeted Kensington or Chelseas millionaire rows or the embassy’s/government departments than working class areas with folks who probably cant afford the disruption to wages these people cause. That boy who missed the job interview cant feed his kids on good intentions. Why target the powerless and vulnerable? That imo makes them no better than the government.
  19. No what youre doing is taking a very specific phrasing and definition of what constitutes a GP’s work, forgetting that many do longer days, miss breaks and eat lunch at their desks etc or on house calls. The idea of a GP’s work being only the time spent doing a ‘session’ is again an attempt by the government’s client media to frame the ‘health professionals are the lazy baddies here’ mindset, missing the other commitments which they have as teachers both of student doctors and ongoing professional development, appraisers for colleagues, helping out in palliative care clinics etc. A doctor who works 3 days in practice and 2 out of hours shifts a week would be classes as part time in your book and thats before they go and do any training or upskilling which most doctors fund themselves. Doctors have been talking about the need to recruit more new GP’s but numbers coming through and provided by the Scottish and English governments are no where near enough. Open yer eyes a wee bit more eh?
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