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  1. I hope spurs loose every single game they ever play now. Thats absolutely the cringiest thing in football since that thistle player posed with the horrendously unappetising pizza. Thats not even football anymore, just monetising shite.
  2. People dont equate the educational benefit of engaging kids in music, it has a proven positive impact on educational attainment elsewhere and provides marginalised kids a skill that opens up other opportunities. I did standard grade music, taught myself guitar largely but that opened up a wide range of options for me when I was older. The socialisation skills too are fantastic. The arts are so important not only for the cultural benefits but the fact music and art are amongst the most important forms of expression and social commentary. Scotland has for me punched above its weight artistically and that needs to continue. Ive read a lot of the pledges in the SNP manifesto and having lived experience of being a child growing up under the poverty line for a good chunk of my childhood, im quite inspired by what seems to be a real commitment to ending child poverty, I think thats what I needed to read to be won over. I still think they have a lot of things to improve on (and thats being incredibly kind and I reserve the right to berate them on their failings) but if they come through on these promises my wee boy will have some opportunities that I never had and hopefully things will get better for some of the kids i’ve encountered who are living in poverty too. Id still like to see the primary school day extended to 5pm for sports and a warm evening meal for kids but its a step in the right direction. For the list vote I think im going to vote green even if it will be Ross Greer, I do fly a couple times a year but i suppose its only right to offset that etc and I think they’ll keep on the snp to keep their promises. Anyway, think i know how im going to vote now. That said if they make an arse of this parliamentary term my vote will definitely be lost forever.
  3. Ah ok, for once maybe my organisation may be leading the way then. Im basically allowed to put as much special leave through as I can justify (it is scrutinised but my team are a great bunch etc so its never really questioned), when it hits a couple of weeks they might look for a doctors note but even then its full pay. As for other absences after 4 absence periods in a year you hit an attendance support mentor meeting but if someone’s quite obviously been ill (like sent home) or had a bereavement then its not a concern. What ive found this approach does is actually mean people very rarely take time off sick and are always keen to get back and be at work. I had someone with a seriously ill child with life limiting disabilities and the effort the guy made to not miss work was astounding, obviously he got all the time he needed and he responded by working his arse off when he was here, managed to get him a move very close to home eventually.
  4. Thats genuinely disgusting. Ive been a manager for a few years now and just cannot fathom why that’s in anyway even remotely acceptable. Staff should be looked after, thats your job as a manager, get that right and everything falls into place. Surely treating someone that disgustingly is constructive dismissal??
  5. I know its a tweet but its reassuring to see ‘normal’ used and not any variant (see what i did there) of the word, perhaps NS is starting to see the light (from all the cigars).
  6. Wow, ok, i mean for me thats just basic human decency, staggering that people would even seek to make people take unpaid leave either. Even taking an entirely capitalist attitude to it, if your workforce is happy, feels valued etc they work hard for you. Just cannot imagine any boss who would honestly take time off that person. Horrible.
  7. Not getting this, ive got the ability to authorise compassionate leave for people under ‘special leave’ fully paid, is it the case in other public sector workplaces that this wouldnt happen? Its good to have these things enshrined in law but any manager who would actually expect someone back at their work in those circumstances is an absolute arsehole of the highest order.
  8. Ive been criticising the standard of politician across the board, thats reasonable, there are very few examples of excellent politicians, even the ones who have positive public images still have legacies of failure, its easiest to attribute this to the current party of government given their failure in a number of areas but it’s not singularly their failing.
  9. I know, thats not even remotely what im arguing about, it has to be done sensibly but for me that does not include a blanket ban on travel, the traffic light system is how it should be opened up.
  10. No one is arguing for travel to places with massive or significantly higher rates of transmission. Im one of the more liberal folks in terms of opening up but even I support being sensible about foreign travel, what I have an issue with is restricting travel to places where rates are similar to ours and vaccination rates are also high.
  11. Its always the same posters running to the rescue of even the faintest criticism of the parties they can see no fault in.
  12. Oh thats a real zinger from you GD. Devastated. But if youre inspired by the current crop of politicians on offer in Scotland just you batter in, tell us all about it, I look forward to ignoring every word.
  13. Do you think they understand that a new variant is just as likely to mutate between two people in Scotland as it is from abroad?
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