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  1. I also enjoy that level of pettiness afoot, truly wonderful politicking.
  2. The force of that explosion looks incredible. Cars over a kilometre away turned upside down etc.
  3. This is why I like going abroad and avoiding everyone from the UK.
  4. So the Prime Minister appoints his unelected Brother to the house of lords. Leaders appointing family members tends to happen in places like North Korea, China, Saudi and the USA, not really what we want to emulate surely?
  5. I quite like some of the disney parks, we go to Florida as much as we can but probably only do maybe 1 park a year (mostly go for baseball, basketball, shopping and the warm weather) as we’ve kinda seen it all and no point seeing the same thing over and over again. We were planning a big family holiday for my old dears 60th next year (if its cancelled so be it) and I watched some of the disney vloggers as we thought about spending some of the holiday in one of the disney hotels, however they seem to be absolutely mental money for average hotels. Anyway yes my point being many of the disney fanatics are mental people, I remember seeing one of the vloggers say ‘ive never left america but going to epcot gives me an insight into culture abroad’, file him under the aforementioned wrong yin category. Some people absolutely obsess over it and I find it bizarre, yeah its a nice place to go and visit but going to disney 2/3 times a year is mental, especially when theres not even that many ‘thrill rides’, Busch gardens is better and far cheaper.
  6. Dunno i was 3. Apparently i liked it. I really like the idea of these wee semi autonomous places, i’d like to visit some more.
  7. So theres a kinda similar thing happening in Portland. A group has set up a bbq food service called ‘riot ribs’ which sounds like the most delicious protest ever. But basically its been set up to feed anti-police protestors, they charge a small amount and put their profits into supporting their protest. So anyway someone has set up pretending to be them in another area of Portland, they’ve thrown their toys out the pram and chucked it apparently, one of the tweets from another anti-police protestor is that they should report the fraudulent Riot Ribs ‘to someone’ The ironing is delicious.
  8. Im a big fan of sharks. Not enough is being done to protect sharks. Mako sharks in particular are being hunted to dangerous levels to feed the chinese shark fin soup market. There is an international effort to reduce the Harm of mako fishing but for some reason the UK has so far refused to sign up.
  9. Largs is a good day out for football, good people there. Always made to feel welcome. Cumnock is probably my favourite out of the more southern (east) ayrshire grounds, nice tidy ground, good atmosphere etc. Maryhill is without doubt though one of my favourite grounds in any level of football and the things the committee there are doing is just superb. Its also got loads of really strange vantage points.
  10. Absolute scum at the sun, please dont waste your energy with them just now FB. So sorry for your loss.
  11. Given that the deaths seem to have ceased from covid in Scotland, id be interested to know how many people have died from Community Acquired Pneumonia or Respiratory Infections in care homes or outside hospitals compared to this time last year, those figures should help understand if there are undiagnosed deaths, if not then its looking positive.
  12. Its not hoaching with neds, what we have in Scotland is actually a very small number of persistent offenders. Even in bigger ‘schemes’ most of the people who live there are decent, law abiding people. We’ve got an issue with a very small minority of people who persistently offend, someone getting arrested for a breach of the peace or something once in their teens etc doesnt make them a ned. I think we could do even better on our crime with investment in social services and education.
  13. Losing Dumfries and Galloway? Could live with that.
  14. Its nothing like the justice system over here, kids getting locked away for relatively minor offences over there sometimes for years. Over here it can take something like 40/50 detected crimes before they even see criminal proceedings. Quite a lot of people from difficult backgrounds are plunged into the youth court system in the US for absolute nothing offences and its an absolute disgrace.
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