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  1. Erdogan is a fucking maniac who is quite heavily in bed with radical groups in the middle east, its typical of him. Just a shame he didnt get emptied in the coup a few years back.
  2. Theres a south carolina baseball team who sell ‘bobbleheads’ of the two main candidates and the most sold has apparently gone on to win the election. The trump one won. Anyway I guess one method of predicting will be wrong, hope its the baseball one.
  3. Oh god im going to go on an absolute binge. No im fine, just unfortunately had very brief contact with someone who tested positive. Appreciate that!
  4. Ive just been told to isolate for 2 weeks, fantastic
  5. There would be a terrible irony if Salmonds beasty behaviour and pig headedness caused Sturgeon to be ousted and killed independence for a long time. But he clearly cares not a jot about how he is viewed taking the kremlins money.
  6. Whats your source? I need something positive to hope for, im on the verge of a Kevin Keegan here.
  7. Do you see us wearing masks etc forever more? Surely if covid follows the trend of h1 viruses it will become less harmful over time due to the virus mutating?
  8. Isnt that kinda what the current flu vaccine does? If so then get the vulnerable vaccinated and lets get on with it.
  9. Can everyone stop with this ‘relax restrictions for christmas’ pish? Im so close to not having to put up with the monster in law and all these sky fairy wanks and tories want restrictions relaxed.
  10. It’ll be quicker to mobilise Sbs than ctfso’s in that area. They are the right resource for a hijacking.
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