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  1. Scotland is one of the worlds most resource rich nations. The concept that these forelock tuggers think that we are part of the UK because ‘its nice to be British and world war two’ etc is fucking lunacy. Scotland is tied to the UK because we have riches that the UK wants to make use of. There is no place in the psyche of the Tory for keeping something that unnecessarily costs them money, this is exactly why all these too wee too stupid too poor arguments are complete nonsense.
  2. You slaaag. Anyway, that post from ayrshires number 1 football factory fan was laughable ‘stand and fight’? Dont be a gimp, this isnt some kind of feudal state where you need to duel everyone who insults your honour. Feel for the decent people at Kilbirnie who will be hurting due to the actions of complete neds.
  3. Newish is said. im presuming a lot of these examples pre-date it thats all.
  4. You dont get a lot of custodial sentences for drink driving in Scottish courts either.
  5. Imprisonment for drink driving is unusual so any custodial sentence is a win in my view.
  6. Theres newish legislation ‘sec 39 criminal justice and licensing scotland act’ which formalises the crime of stalking, if theres corroboration its relatively easy to prove a charge, proving ‘beyond reasonable doubt’ in a trial ie the PF’s job, can be more difficult. There is domestic abuse legislation ‘sec 1 Dasa’ which means some of your controlling behaviour can be used, it can be used to essentially criminalise controlling behaviour which wasnt previously seen as criminal, its great legislation.
  7. You’ll definitely get there dont worry, probably the next day IF your flight is cancelled. We have just got back yesterday. We flew virgin and my parents BA. Have a look at the tweets around the new terminal C that BA works out of, delays waiting for baggage, no food places open and to get a hire car you have to take all your luggage on the train to terminal A/B as the rental car desks havent opened. Was a bit of a shit show for my parents. In terms of pricing the shops were noticeably more expensive but we still got some decent bargains in North Face (20% off for giving an email address to sign up to their loyalty scheme, gave three different emails each time), Under armour etc (they were doing 40% off full price for blue light/nhs first responders and teachers and 20% off in the outlets). Sign up to mailing lists and if you booked with Andy at Discount florida car hire they send the eat shop play thing that gets you 20% off at Dennys (which fair mounted up for us eating breakfast there 8 days). Food more expensive yes, but not like prohibitively, even at parity with the usd you can make things work, even disney springs etc its just like eating at a marked up restaurant here tbh. In the parks we didnt really eat except from buying drinks and would grab food before, after. Really recommend Portillos hot dogs and burgers near Vineland, fantastic food and amazing chocolate cake. Always a big fan of flippers for a decent ‘sit in’ meal for pizza.
  8. Its that same troll who comes back every time he gets emptied for similar nonsense.
  9. Yes, the fact a state can stand up to the federal legislation (barring a supreme court challenge) and say ‘no’ or ‘we’re doing it if you wont’ etc is pretty good. The FBI for me do a relatively decent job in calling out corruption even when (with Trump) they are blockaded, these enquiries take a long time but are thorough. Yeh that wasnt even remotely the scale im meaning, the entire government, lobbying and state apparatus needs to be reviewed. Its basically state sponsored insider trading.
  10. I fully believe the NCA needs to open an investigation into Brexit, the past two Tory regimes and the current one. The corruption is widespread on the scale of Trump in the USA, we need ‘our FBI’ to do the same.
  11. if there is truth to this, then Kwarteng should be investigated for misconduct in public office.
  12. Id rather it was a guillotine. Yes, the tories have been fucking the economy for years, it was sitting in the 1.20’s for most of this year at a relatively stable basis, but this shite with Boris and the new unelected fascist regime we have now seem to have enabled sheer chaos. Fucking despise these b*****ds.
  13. Thats the pound plunged under 1.09 against the dollar, i wonder if it’ll take til xmas before we see parity?
  14. The UK pension is amongst the worst in Europe, get it to f**k and replaced with a decent fair settlement. Introduce UBI. The UK is a fucking shit show.
  15. Truss is a fucking moron. Pound hits to a further 37 year low against the Dollar, foreign investment looking to jump ship. At what point do these fucking dick heads just admit they’ve fucked everything up? I despise them.
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