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  1. Is this what the SNP and its apologists have become? Sneering at working class business owners? I mean I get theres an elitist attitude emerging from them but if this is the sort of talking points your branch are sending out im quite alarmed.
  2. Bill, its thanks to you and the board members throughout the years so my ongoing and eternal gratitude. I wish wee bobby, John Cummings and Paul Jain and all the Bankies who we lost over the years we were trying to get back to senior football were here to see it. Unfortunately cant get there because the mrs wouldnt let me get an earlier flight haha. Hope the fans and the team do the club proud. Im praying for the rain in California. Trailer for sale or rent. We’ve got Davie Davie Davie Davie Cooper on the wing Clinton Maxwells Magic hat Eadie Eadie Eadie! Proud to be a Bankie!
  3. Spend 5 minutes with my 3 year old in the middle of a tantrum and you’ll never feel scared about infertility again.
  4. Tbf the thought of all of those incels in one place is quite scary. They just cant get anything right. Opening up, desperate to appear more ‘caring than the tories’ so held off over a month meaning we reopened just as schools went back, result being massive reinfection which could have been a far less steeper curve as has been seen down south. We’ve retained far more restrictions yet have led the world in infections too. Now just as air travel had a wee chance of a good october they go and hibs it with this pcr pish. Its all safety theatre shite from them. We’re just gonna travel from Manchester and get it right up your pcr tests meaning you will get even less data Leitch you lettuce of a man. Absolute pish for the Lovejoys. The sycophantic arseholes who get a stauner everytime Scotland looks to tighten a restriction or not move the same way as England, they are the social media version of the wee free’s, fucking desperate to have restrictions for a virus that’s never ever ever ever ever ever going to go away.
  5. If you consider the crooked dealings of the scumdrie buyout where the fans raised the capital to buy the club and a last minute bid which was magically just higher than Clydebanks went in. Our fans did everything they could to retain the entity, we were never liquidated (indeed we actually turned a small profit in 2001-2002). The name of the club and the IP was exchanged by the arseholes behind AU to the directors of Clydebank at that point, a season in abeyance occurred where we applied to join the highest level of football which was open to application at that stage. You can assess on whatever criteria you want, but its the same entity to every single Clydebank fan and tbh that’s all that matters.
  6. Yes but do you have proof of a degree in economics yourself???????????
  7. I mean I dont work for NASA but that doesnt mean I can’t spot a rocket when I see one.
  8. Ive see it quite regularly people with profound mental health problems, begging for help, seen people saved from suicide and taken to hospital for assessment and then the staff refusing to section them because they had a drink 23hrs ago or because they said something that may constitute ‘forward planning’ which apparently means they wont do anything (unfortunately not as reliable an indicator as CPN’s make out). Seen people begging for help turfed out and taken their lives within days of being knocked back for help. Its horrible. Locum stuff seems to be quite attractive to doctors with young kids etc. I know the wifes practice is looking at becoming a training practice but its nothing like £500 a day or anything. Places outside Glasgow/Edinburgh also have no chance of getting locum cover. Out of hours is a disaster because the government changed the way the tax and pension works meaning for a GP working 9 sessions a week or similar working out of hours can in some cases mean they get taxed on about 50-80% of the fee for the shift meaning its not worth it to work it. I dont think id volunteer to work xmas instead of being with the family and basically earn nothing for it.
  9. In tenerife just now, fantastic stuff, aye ok its masks indoors but with us having a toddler we’re not bothered about the midnight curfew. You’re just gutted you can’t see Sticky Vicky. If only there were actually important matters for Humza Yousaf to be bothering about, you know like the state of the NHS and SAS or the nick he left his last portfolio in? What an absolute roaster of a man.
  10. It also implies this is going to be a tech system to gain entry as opposed to a quick flash of your vaccine status to a steward at a turnstile or cordon. If the later were the case, the issuer of the vaccine status would be a complete irrelevance. An English or NI issued certificate would be as easy to check as a Scottish one. I suppose the release in QR format was a nod to that but you just need to read the thread on the Prem forum to see many anticipate it being a guy glancing at a screen which now seems unlikely. I cant lie i was just taking a pop at how old firm fans are all a bunch of gloryhunters who dont support their local teams. But yes i agree with you. It would be nice to see the Londonderry Celtic Supporters Club and the Dublin Rangers Loyal supporters clubs frozen out of their respective shiteholes for a few home games just for the sheer getitrightupye factor.
  11. Under these vaccine rules fans from Northern Ireland cannot attend Ibrox or Parkhead, grounds will be significantly emptier. Im now in favour of the passports.
  12. Its just good youre not bothered though. It seemed for a second you were bothered, but that post just confirms you really weren’t.
  13. The NHS was never designed to deliver the health provision it does now. It needs people to be more understanding of the increased demands. Ageing population, the advancement of medical science means more and new costly drugs/techniques mean more illnesses or conditions can be managed/cured/ whatever, so for the model that was built post war to what it is now its a fucking miracle its not absolutely destroyed. People have changed too, doctors waiting rooms and A&E filled with arseholes who have nothing wrong with them but demand a consult every time Kayden coughs etc. I knew a guy who took his kid to A&E almost every single fucking week, thats not right (his mrs also used to complain about the GP every day on facebook). Some of the stories the mrs tells of reasons people want appointments are mad, with society becoming more selfish and demanding of things instantly the time of doctors is diminishing. The things dealt with now like gender reassignment, mental health, more management of chronic conditions in the community and the almost epidemic levels of mental illness amongst society put new types of strain on surgeries which were never even conceived by Bevan. People seem unwilling to use services like Minor Ailments in chemists, which would seriously reduce the burden on GP’s and A&E.
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