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  1. I think Kennie does a decent job, i do think we should publish the full fixtures and stick to them for the full season, no swapping games for weddings/big teams on the telly though. I think things will continue to improve the more the wosl beds in.
  2. No one was ‘too good’ for the juniors, i mean i wasnt a fan of how it was run and certain aspects of it, but i fail to see how anyone could think we were too good on the park when we clearly weren’t. Some really enjoyed the junior cup, others didnt, id have taken the league over the cup any day. If it takes a few years and we do it the right way and sustainably then i’ll bite yer arm off for it!!
  3. Walsh and Belushi were good friends, theres a great story told by Walsh in the Eagles documentary about Belushi and him trying to get into a restaurant and getting a kb for wearing jeans so they go and spray paint their jeans black to look like trousers and end up destroying the seats.
  4. I wasnt alive for about 64 years of that total so its fair to say ive no real emotional attachment to it, some parts of the last 17 were good, others not so good. Like i said if folks think going back is the best for their club then they absolutely should do whats best for them. I just think getting all misty eyed about Robertson mucking the fixtures about or the other quirks aren’t appealing for me as a punter. Its got a historical relevance as does any chapter in history, but for me its time to move on, dont particularly feel thats a contentious position to take on it?
  5. Aye but you only need to look at the thread on here its all ‘the trust member on the board should quit’ or ‘give the board time’ then cant agree if you’re boycotting or buying season tickets or not. Doesnt seem to be a lot of unity amongst the sons just now, its a real shame to see but if you dont get your act together and see what everyone else can see then you’ll be playing at posties park soon.
  6. Warned you guys last year when the takeover happened that you had to get organised and you all still seem to be fighting amongst yourselves.
  7. The people whinging about ‘the good ole days’ are probably the same people who go on about blitz spirit and rationing being positive things. No one, absolutely no one is stopping anyone starting the juniors back up and doing their thing again. Genuinely from my own perspective if clubs and supporters miss it, more power to them to start it back again, it clearly means a lot to folks who go on about it and its not a slight on them, if what you had was preferable theres no shame in saying ‘we tried it and it wasnt for us’, absolutely no one would have any hard feelings.
  8. There absolutely needs to be an investigation. What happens with bets made on this fixture btw? Do they pay out at 3:0 or is the match void?
  9. I know imagine wanting our level of football to progress and not be a laughing stock. Its nice you found the pictures on here, you must be delighted, did you get a high 6 off your cousin for that?
  10. Play games midweek then. West of Scotland comes first.
  11. We’ve had fixture free saturdays in the wosl to accommodate the junior cup etc, if anything it makes it clear another organisations cup should never be allowed to take precedence over meaningful fixtures again. The idea of moving football matches because of games not even involving wosl clubs when there are several outstanding fixtures is amateurish at best.
  12. They’ve actually got quite a successful baseball team btw, won a couple of national championships.
  13. Surely got to be some kind of investigation here? How can it be allowed for a team already down to essentially forfeit a match that consigns another team to relegation and save another?
  14. After all the work people have done to get this league going, this is absolute tin pot nonsense.
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