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  1. U2 should be boycotted. Not for any particular covid reason, just Bono being a c**t.
  2. As long as you accept that Bono is the biggest c**t on the face of the planet and most probably started this whole thing.
  3. My wee guy is missing his nursery something rotten, that plus just being able to play on a swing, for all that im gasping for a good curry if i could pick something it would be him being able to get a shot on the swings again.
  4. To be fair there are mentalists on both sides.
  5. I thought you were going to link to an article about Bono being dead
  6. Hopefully. I wonder how the sjc will fit in given the league and ssc take primacy. Someone suggested changing fixtures around. I wouldnt be happy having my club subject to junior fixture arrangements just to appease clubs who can’t move on. The best way to start the wosl would be to make it optional, that way clubs could have seen that it wasnt the big bad wolf etc and joined in their own time. Who’s ever said clubs who join should be cast adrift? Madness.
  7. I dont think we are going to see a genuine decline until after easter.
  8. Nah amateurish nonsense, theres no way, absolutely no way the security services would release any insight into their tradecraft so brazenly. Is it possible its a private detective hired by a newspaper, yes, the quality of the audio is good, but i’d put every single penny i have on the fact its not from a government (from that read Police, Security services or otherwise) surveillance operation.
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