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  1. Burnie, care to reveal what these 4 options are...?
  2. Lets also consider good guys like the OP who voted for a ‘uk’ party and will vote yes or european citizens who voted overwhelmingly ‘no’ to ‘protect our place in the EU’ (and who’d blame them) who were not amongst the number of votes last night considered ‘pro indy’.
  3. My constituency apparently. Im a postal vote so hopefully mine’s already been stored.
  4. I dont think the snp will achieve 55 seats, too many marginals. Think they’ll get 48 and it’ll still be a great result.
  5. Aye Dumbartons gonnae fucking flourish with foodbanks ya tragic tosser.
  6. I think its funny that you’re labelled a bad guy for calling a tory a c**t, but its alright to vote in a racist wankpuffin who was a member of a club that required you to set a £50 note on fire infront of a homeless person to join.
  7. David Davis a negotiating machine with the subject matter expertise so strong that his first job as brexit secretary was to have a civil servant explain to him what the EU actually did. Yeh he’d have had us a stonking deal.
  8. Santa con appears to be near tory levels of horrible people coming together.
  9. I’ve personally had to talk people out of taking their own lives as a result of being denied universal credit and seen people take their own lives as a result of poverty imposed on them by a regime that somehow cut public spending but got us into even more fucking debt. I helped my club arrange a collection of christmas presents because last year in the area i grew up in 700 kids didnt even have a single christmas present or even a semblance of a turkey dinner or anything most of us on here would consider a normal christmas. My heart is fucking breaking that people think the tories are the answer to well, the tories. Ive tried reasoning with tories, ive tried my best to help alleviate the horrible consequences of their policies and im sorry but now im just angry, im just angry at the horrible people they are. So yes I do consider myself right on this one. Even their own former PM is of the opinion that they have gone too far.
  10. What are we supposed to be nice and think its better to give evil b*****ds a cuddle and hope they somehow stop being evil?
  11. Its fucking sad that Tories equate their own vapid selfishness and think that if others express something which they deeply believe it must be as a result of their own selfishness. If the tories win this election tomorrow and the NHS is privatised etc my own personal circumstances would actually result in my household income growing significantly at the expense of others, I dont want that. My wife and I work amongst some of the poorest people in Scotland in Greenock and Govanhill and i’ve seen the reality of a tory government that doesnt give a f**k. So away and take a good look at yourself accusing people of looking for anything when the reality is most of us here are terrified and angry at the harm boris the bungling racist clown will enact. If you think the last ten years have been bad its about to get worse.
  12. I called you a racist enabler, ie you are enabling a racist to be PM. For someone who tries to lecture people on educational need you seem to have a reading comprehension issue. Also you spelled intelligent wrong.
  13. My point stands. And yes i am fucking angry, angry horrible racist enabling c***s like you exist.
  14. Dont care if I get banned for saying this, but if you vote Tory tomorrow you are a fucking c**t and I hope by some absolute fluke of coincidence that you personally are hardest hit by their austerity policies and lose your job when brexit impacts result in a widescale economic slowdown. f**k the tory vermin scum. A vote for the tories is a vote to kick every vulnerable person in this country in the face.
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