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  1. Top Scorer

    12/1 Harry Kane
  2. World cup matches June 15th

    2-1 Uruguay 2-1 Morocco 2-1 Spain Two of the four semi-finalists right there ^^^^^
  3. Russia v Saudi Arabia

    2-0 The Hosts. Protests are a nap.
  4. World Cup Music

    We're on the march with Allys army
  5. England's Glorious Failure

    Well put. Sorta what I've been trying to get over tbh
  6. Bobby Ball? What's he got to do with anything?
  7. The facts do indeed point to that. I hope the facts are wrong and he takes St Mirren on a downward spiral. Nothing personal against AS by the way.
  8. World Cup Music

    Nessum Dorma by Fat Pav
  9. England's Glorious Failure

    Yes, I was being serious mate. I think they could well reach the last 4.