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  1. It wouldn’t be a home game without a beer in Elliots. And I’ve noticed the cup game is on the Tuesday as well.
  2. Saturday 27th August, Queen of the South at home. KiwiDB incoming
  3. To my utter disgust as a Crusaders fan, he's going to end up taking over England after the World Cup next year isn't he....
  4. One national is more protected than others I thought the ABs were the ones with the reputation of being protected!
  5. Yeah, can someone please explain the two head to head collisions in consecutive weeks with different outcomes?
  6. Nope, in a squad of 25 players (roughly) it’ll probably need 25 different approaches.
  7. Nope, he lectures on “The Business of Entertainment, Media and Sports” program. Try again. And we also played a lot of shite football in the 90s as well.
  8. Only obvious to you who lived in the 1990s. You have no idea what our lot need.
  9. No, Dick is also a very successful businessman so I’m sure he’s well aware that everyone is different and needs a different style of leadership and motivation.
  10. Of course I have, that was a generation ago.
  11. That sounds like a terrible way to try and motivate a team.
  12. The problem is that there’s no middle ground in the Falkirk support at the moment, it’s either overly positive on Facebook or relentlessly negative on here. The truth as always is somewhere in the middle.
  13. The P&B term for them I believe is ‘arsehiles’ Only the real old timers on here will get that one.
  14. While the 3 year deal was going a step too far, he’s a guy who’s played around 60 games in the Premier and around 100 games in the Championship, he ‘should’ have been more than capable for us.
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