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  1. I was home for a week over New Year and the general consensus was that it was a done deal so surprised as well at this stage.
  2. No, the bit in bold is what I think, he's never actually been tried for it. The judge in the civil case says he's "probably guilty"
  3. So, you can point to the "rape conviction" on his record following that can you? Eh, no, he was sued in a civil court, there was no trial for "rape". There's no such thing as a conviction in a civil court proceeding.
  4. You do know he's never actually been convicted by a court right?
  5. Well you'd definitely had a few.. [emoji23]
  6. So I'm making a highly unexpected trip home at the moment and will be taking in the delights of Airdrie tomorrow. Is there a drinking establishment of choice for Falkirk fans or is it drink in Falkirk and head through last minute?
  7. Always 33 degrees here even at 10pm at night...
  8. I’m sure I remember being down there for a midweek game at some point... no idea what year it would have been, early 2000s maybe..
  9. Tidser is a completely different player to McShane and Gomis.... I think it was the Clyde game early on, he pops up on the edge of the box and makes a great pass in behind the defence for Telfer who fires it across the six yard line begging for a tap in.... not for the first time this season it's a foot too far in front of the strikers and the chance is gone. That's where he needs to be played rather than sitting deeper.
  10. Not denying that, just answering the point about it being an "old" squad. I've heard it all now. Yep, Sammon is much better on the deck than he is in the air... Are you forgetting we are in League 1?
  11. 20 players. 5 over 30, 8 who are under 25 and average age of 26.9. While a lot of them have been around a while, that doesn't make them old.
  12. Guy Bell was brought up in Wales and is a former Welsh U19 youth international... i would imagine Bell Hydraulics is the family business and he’s using it as the UK contact number...
  13. I can confirm I’m nowhere near Peterhead... I don’t do well on trips to the North of Scotland [emoji23]
  14. Any particular reason why? Who says it’s his main company? I was involved in one process last year where the entity to buy the company was set up the day before and there’s still no website in that name and never will be.
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