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  1. First time in a long time we have a manager who actually knows what he is talking about. Impressed.
  2. To sum the previous pages up: "my dad is tougher than your dad". Grow up.
  3. Secret Agent Hughes completes Mission Predictable. Here's a photo snapped after today's game showing his disappointment on getting the Pars relegated
  4. Dunfermline going down !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Shush, don't say that, you'll get HSW started again.
  6. you poor, poor bugger. Don't worry, plastic surgery can do wonders these days.
  7. This is meant in a friendly manner HSW. I have noticed your recent contributions on here are way off the scale. Maybe you should take a break, it's going to be a long summer. We must be much of the same age going by some of your memories of early 70's games. Chin up.
  8. I'm off the the Raith Rovers site to do a bit of a pick 'n mix of their players we should get
  9. There goes a couple of easy wins a season. Bye Dumbarton. Can't see them scoring 4 in the second leg.
  10. Do you think we will continue with the live stream next season? I live in Edinburgh and have health problems so I can't make it to the stadium. The live stream has been great for me.
  11. Might as well wear a criminal strip if we continue to play criminal football.
  12. I don't think the board should take any flack over appointing Rennie. It might have worked but it didn't. The best thing is they played a blinder only giving him a 6 month contract. If only previous boards did something like this with both managers and players we would have a darn sight more cash in the bank than we do now and it would be easier to get rid of the dead wood clogging up the team.
  13. The Montrose game was the first for us that Kabia didn't spend a lot of the time on his back play acting for a foul. Yes, he does have positive qualities and is worth a goal or 10 in a season though he has significant attitude problems which will hold him back. The same game saw my opinion of Griffiths plummet. He took up Kabia's role of embarrassingly cheating to get a foul. Being a terrible team is one thing, being a terrible team trying to cheat for free kicks is worse.
  14. Bad timing? Could have done a job for us? EXCLUSIVE: Owen Coyle set to be the new Queen's Park manager (thecourier.co.uk)
  15. See in the news that Chelsea's MONTHLY wage bill is £28 million. That's 4,666 Leigh Griffith's. You could buy our stadium, the club, the whole of Falkirk High Street and good part of Calendar Park for that probably. Different world.
  16. Not got much going on in my life due to ill health so following Falkirk (on home and away live streams) has taken an even bigger part of my life than usual. After yesterday I feel the season is over. In the unlikely event we get 6 more points than Queens we would be swept aside in the playoffs anyway. So no point getting angry and disappointed for the remains of the season. It's over, I'm letting go. I don't think Rennie should be automatically catapulted at the end of the season. His robotic lack of emotion bothers me, but given the multitudes of managers/players we have gone though, a bit of stability might give him time to improve. I really don't know. Hope.
  17. We had about five clear chances to seal the game but we couldn't hit a barn door with a banjo. Come to think of it, we couldn't hit a banjo with a barn door either. I'm away to lay down, my blood pressure went through the floor when they scored.
  18. Even if Griffiths turns out to ultimately do nothing for us, I give Rennie nothing but plus points for signing him. It was easily worth the gamble.
  19. I hope we start with Dowds, Kabia and Griffiths up front tonight. If we can put a goal or two in the board in the first half we will boss the rest of the game. Worth a try.
  20. Like your enthusiasm but I wouldn't go that far
  21. Even if Griffiths doesn't turn out well, it is worth the gamble. No beating about the bush for Rennie, respect for his ambition going for a player that, if honest, should be nowhere near our club given the state we are in and that he was a Scotland player only a couple of years ago. I too remember George Connelly. I remember an evening game in 76/77 when he scored from a free kick like no other. He couldn't run anymore, was obese, not just fat and had severe personal problems at the time, but it was the legendary George Connelly nevertheless playing for Falkirk. If Leigh Griffiths can provide a couple of on the park memories that people will remember in 45 years time, like I remember George, it will be more than worth it.
  22. Right. If this is true we need to concentrate on getting free kicks about 25 yards out from now on.
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