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  1. Disappointing BUT first bad result since November. Compare that with previous seasons. We're not there yet but McGlynn has improved us no end. I've supported Falkirk for 55 years now. If I was after glory hunting I wouldn't have. Like I joke sometimes, supporting Falkirk has taught me valuable life lessons, how to cope with pain and disappointment. Pick ourselves up and go again next game. That's how it's been since 1876.
  2. Ok, I am the exact opposite end of the wealth scale than Sandy Alexander, but due to health issues and age, I've not got many years left ahead of me either so we are in that one boat together at least. I find that as time is ticking away the value I place on possessions, money and the things I own get dramatically less and less. Got to let go eventually. The point I am trying to make is I wouldn't be surprised if he left the stand to the club as long has his family are otherwise looked after. If I were in his comfortable position I would do it in a heartbeat. I wish I had learned this lesson in life much earlier.
  3. I'm not sure as I've not had my DNA tested yet, but at least he's not the milkman's.
  4. My brother just got his DNA results back. Someone we are distantly related to moved from central Scotland to Brockville, New York in the 1750's. Made my day.
  5. Is there any chance Dundee United will come in for McGlynn rather than one of the usual suspects.
  6. I hate the flares at our recent games, especially those thrown on to the pitch. Don't people realise the club can be fined or worse for this kind of stuff? It's not big and it's not clever.
  7. I nearly always get that wrong, even though I try, it's annoying to me too. Nisbit, Nesbitt, let's call the whole thing off.
  8. After the Darvel game being live nationally, pretty sure there will be teams coming in to nick Cal Morrison, Nesbitt and Henderson from us. I feel certain Cal will be gone in the summer. Every manager of a team up to a certain level will be looking at his performance and wanting that for their team.
  9. I'm not ginger but I found a fact about red heads that is interesting. Many of them have a higher pain threshold than non ginger haired people. Going by that being ginger is handy being a Falkirk supporter to help with all the pain we endure.
  10. A few seasons ago if you had said I would be really happy beating a team called Kelty I would have laughed at you. But here's me being really happy. Times change.
  11. If Dundee are after one of our players it must be Morrison surely?
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