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  1. £50,000 buys Declan McManus. Shows what kind of diddy team we have become if we cannot stretch to that for a player that would greatly increase our chances of promotion. 24 goals for us in his season with us last time.
  2. I think you are looking for OAN, Fox News or the Flat Earth Society, not Pie and Bovril. Keep your conspiracy theories to yourself.
  3. nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
  4. Blair Alston also strolled through last season, but that's because he couldn't run.
  5. There WILL be live streams this coming season. PRESS RELEASE SPFL AND SKY SPORTS ANNOUNCE MAJOR BOOST FOR SCOTTISH FOOTBALL FANS SPFL Premiership clubs will be able to broadcast all 228 matches to season ticket holders after a major new deal was struck between the league and broadcaster Sky Sports for next season. As was the case this season, all SPFL clubs will be allowed to make available ‘season passes’ of their home matches, to season ticket holders, through online club channels. In addition, all clubs will be allowed to sell any home game not broadcast live by Sky, on a pay-per-view basis next season. With discussions still ongoing between football authorities and the Scottish Government to allow supporters to attend matches in person, the new deal for season 2021/22 season gives certainty to fans and clubs alike on the ability to watch games live on TV. SPFL chief executive Neil Doncaster said: “For the past few months, there have been intense, detailed discussions between ourselves, Sky Sports and our clubs to give fans certainty that they will be able to watch their heroes playing live next season, irrespective of when supporters are allowed back into stadia. Today’s announcement is a major boost for everyone involved in the game. “Obviously, we are all desperate to get supporters back into grounds on a safe and sustainable basis and are making good progress in our discussions with the Scottish Government, especially given the pace of the vaccine roll-out. “In a normal season, almost five million fans attend SPFL games, the highest per capita attendance in Europe, and the current broadcast deals have been an absolute lifeline for clubs and supporters alike as they battle the enormous financial pressures caused by Covid-19. The television viewer numbers for Scottish football this season have been magnificent and this was one of the key reasons behind our agreement with Sky Sports to extend our current arrangements. “Sky Sports have been enormously supportive and, in the UK and Ireland, will continue to screen up to 48 live Scottish Premiership matches, as well as the Premiership play-off finals. In addition, the new deal enables Premiership clubs to broadcast on a pay per view basis every home SPFL game not selected by Sky Sports."
  6. Any idea what will happen to live steams of games this coming season? Will they stop because a limited amount of fans will be allowed into the stadium? I really valued the live streams last season as I am disabled and live in Edinburgh so find it difficult to get to many games in a normal season.
  7. Nothing wrong with Lewis. The couple of "professional" commentators we tried last season were awful.
  8. I think it would be a real gesture of ambition if we could get him back.
  9. Was Gow involved in last week's failed £600,000 offer again?
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