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  1. The guy in the costume looks ridiculous. Fergus looks fine though.
  2. Enjoyed the Rumarn interview. Seems very confident in his own abilities, just what a striker needs.
  3. I hear when Cal Morrison came off he tried to go down the tunnel but missed and ended up in the back row of the stand
  4. I would pay real money NOT not to watch a game from the directors box. I watched a Chelsea game in an executive box at the old Stamford Bridge back in the early 80's due to having a friend of the family being a director of a well known company at the time. It was awful, no atmosphere, too far from the pitch, there may even have been prawn sandwiches. Fish out of water for me. I can't imagine any real fan would want to see a game from there.
  5. Wake me up when you talk about things on the park.
  6. get some/all of that £50K spent on someone who can score now and again. Don't stand a chance otherwise.
  7. The main thing that matters is that we get through the group to get the £50,000 prize money. That could bring in a player, maybe two. Sign of the times. Every season before this one I have wanted us to win for the sake of winning. Now it's to bolster the club finances. Never thought I would consider that.
  8. Morton did us a wee favour by winning on penalties
  9. Surely it can't be as easy as getting a decent manager? Wish we had have thought of that a few years ago.
  10. Was forced to "watch" the game on text updates on the BBC website, like the bad old days of following a game on Teletext. How did that happen then? Did Hibs play their under 18 team or what. Never though we had the slightest chance. Absolutely amazing. Come on Yea Bairns!!!!!
  11. Does that mean we get 2 points? Looked at the group table on the BBC and we are on 1 point. What was the point of penalties then? Would have taken that before the game. Decent start albeit against a much reduced Morton side.
  12. No they've stopped it. Forced to by higher ups.
  13. Damn. Hate the blue shorts. Don't ever belong with a Falkirk kit.
  14. I like the top, just think the carrot logo is too big
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