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  1. If Dundee are after one of our players it must be Morrison surely?
  2. Been a long while since we had the luxury of having serious contenders for many of the positions of the starting eleven. Hopefully that competition will spur everyone on to be at their best. Looking forward to the rest of the season now. Our best signing has been McGlynn for sure.
  3. Surprised to log back in to see the third signing today. Day started off rubbish, ended up Christmas. Kudos to McGlynn.
  4. Never heard of the Dundee United guy. Is he good?
  5. Demonstrates the reality of our lack of status and money that we were hoping for a "kent" face but get standard issue youngster I've never heard of. Reality hurts.
  6. Our signing announcements are usually better in anticipation than when they are when revealed.
  7. Just worn out the refresh button. Blame Me owes me a new keyboard
  8. I bet you it's the Aberdeen game at Brockville when Alex Ferguson got sent off,
  9. Class how Darvel kept the ball at the corner flag for so long near the end.
  10. I think Lewis does a professional a job given he is a volunteer, so no complaints there. I don't mind Stuart chipping in with his opinions. I think of him as someone random you would sit near in the stand shouting his three penny worth every now and again. Sometimes annoying, sometimes funny, sometimes inciteful, sometimes superfluous. Must be really crap giving your time, doing your opposition research, learning the players names and have a bunch of folks nit-picking everything that comes out of your mouth. I wouldn't/couldn't do it better. Can you?
  11. I like how McGlynn makes a point of showing his appreciation to the fans for attending every single reaction video he does. Class.
  12. New goalkeeper Brian Kinnear. Obligatory nickname ...... Harry.
  13. Typical, I was hoping for a signing or a loan incoming today and one goes out the door instead.
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