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  1. Looking back through marshmallos posts he appears to have been an unstable chap for a long time.
  2. have a flurry of dots for not being bothered about getting tam p’s.
  3. Was it though? Dont you need to wait for Rab to lead us through it by the hand a bit more before you reach such a conclusion? Irrelevant shite. Pathetic. Needing to ignore posts about football? Pathetic Me too but I seen he had a string of posts after Liverpools arse fell out and unmasked them. Its some sort of bizarre analysis which he seems to have done on the basis that he is a real Liverpool fan with much more insight than anyone else You post far far too much on pie & bovril. He doesn't have a clue. Pathetic. You lot are blind to your own stupidity. Whenever I look in on this thread it’s posts like this that make it unreadable. Rab posts football stuff and then a bunch of pansies desperate for green arrows spam page after page full of irrelevant shite.
  4. Sounds like you should just stop going to gigs.
  5. Quite the overreaction Gordon. Angry retorts and insults at 3 in the morning about what button someone clicked on the internet show you’re clearly not bothered.
  6. Not a lot keepers can do when a striker hits it early like that. It’s great to see so many posters on here patching Celtic v Aberdeen for the Arsenal v Spurs game too! If only we’d had a Clyde v Falkirk final instead.
  7. have either of you considered that crying about getting red dots is what gets you more red dots?
  8. Reliably informed yesterday that Excalibur is the former Rose secretary.
  9. A few cross eyed fantasists on here today then if that is the count.
  10. Paying I was told. 120 in for free??? If you believe the next comment that is.
  11. I don’t think he’s wrong. I’ve been an avid reader of this forum since it’s inception and there’s much less discussion than there used to be. The reputation system has been a poor introduction in my opinion as lots of threads get derailed and spoiled by folk spouting pish desperate for likes.
  12. I trust my judgement and headcounting it’s something I’ve done for over thirty years on behalf of Rob Roy and more recently Linlithgow since I moved there and can’t get to Rob Roy as often. For avoidance of doubt it’s telling from the young boys video highlights and guys on the Linlithgow thread voicing concerns over the falling attendances. Could just be a case of people still being on holiday and attendances picking up over the forthcoming weeks but the hacker boys guesstimates seemed exaggerated. I get backing your team but kind of spoils the point of this thread a little bit.
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