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    No Man's Sky

    Its neat but its very much a gimmick and the thought of using it for an extended time gives me a headache.
  2. Omg that's so funny, best post on the internet today, can we reward you with a, brands new Mercedes, preferably driven straight at you. c**t.
  3. I dont get these people who have children and hour long commutes and are still in the office from 8am to 6pm.
  4. My work colleague who is obsessed with the phrases "I'll take a screenshot", "ill put it in a spreadsheet" and "at my old work we did it this way". Its became a meme how much these phrases get said. Noone cares about your old job, we dont need to hear "at my old work we did this" twice a day every day. Shut up
  5. I agree but its not even worth mentioning. Its too much of a meme just now. If like me you have never watched an episode but just know you'll hate it from the premise then just sit back and watch the producers oversaturate the market till the simpletons get bored and move onto the next slightly more extreme gimmick.
  6. Sold weed in uni, wouldn't recommend it
  7. Mental to think St Johnstones biggest ever sale was a full-back
  8. The UK office series Every other tv show that gets talked up has a glaring fault, either lasts too long or has a dip partway.
  9. People who have children shouldn't be allowed to go out drinking. Like i know this couple who do weekend turnabout of who looks after the child and who gets out to the clubs till 3am. What in the actual Christ. Every single weekend, how much resentment must be there when both parties clearly must think "i wish this was my weekend to go get smashed". Strange way to live.
  10. He's not fast, he's not physically imposing, injury prone, being proficient in Irish football just doesn't translate to the Scottish league. He's been told by Wright to just find another club. As soon as his contracts done he'll go off to Dundalk for 2 years, sore 40 goals and then retire to become an architect.
  11. Hangovers are just awful, a light hangover where you just need some square sausage on a roll and an irn bru, yeah fine but nah just bad. Stoneovers are good through, cannae beat having all the household chores done by 1pm when you've been in a floaty dream like haze aw morning.
  12. Its almost the weekend lads Roll up wait a minute let me put some kush right in it
  13. Mcdiarmid park 4pm Mexican standoff between tam, rothes and random Tams probably on his 26th pint by then so he'll feel no pain.
  14. Well y see i think i could play glenrothes saint and tam off each other and trick both into "meeting at the back of tesco" for a fist fight while im 20 miles away tucking into ma haggis panini.
  15. Posting a picture of Matthew Perry feigning boredom is very intelligent and original for you. Presumably you are on your 8th pint and "f**k c**t f**k f**k" was too much effort.
  16. Dont have to sleep in a tent and don't have to go to fife is pretty much my dream weekend. (I don't actually m8nd fife but i have to go through dundee to get there)
  17. Such a weird viewpoint this, you dont give a shit about these people or their likes and dislikes as long as they turn up for 90 minutes every Saturday and give you something to get drunk and angry and shout about? Don't care what town they came from, how they broke into the game, their plan b, literally just happy to watch them run about a football pitch for 90 minutes and then pretend they dont exist for 7 days. That's pretty sociopathic.
  18. Kyle Lafferty to St J would be a right coup
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