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  1. With that clown Doncaster in charge i wouldn't even be slightly surprised if it doesn't. Im honestly just waiting on the announcement of just the top flight to go ahead.. I've no doubt now that this reconstruction will definitely go through and Doncaster won't care about the championship, league 1 and 2 once reconstruction is confirmed.. Hope I'm wrong obviously but it wouldn't surprise me.
  2. Sorry to hear about what happened at gayfeild lads... Whoever done that is absolute scum.. Lowest of the low. I hope whoever it was is brought to justice.
  3. In all seriousness though do you think budge will take this to court if the season can't be finished and yous are confirmed as relegated? I personally don't think any team should have been relegated this season when there was still plenty of points to play for but with null and avoid apparently never being an option the only way to save relegations was league reconstruction which I think most people knew would never get the go ahead. I think Scottish football needs reconstruction and bigger leagues but will never happen as the teams will never come together to do what's best for scottish football.
  4. Relegations haven't even been mentioned yet so let's wait and see what this all means when it comes out.
  5. Celtic will be handed the title. United and ICT will go up from the championship (Hearts won't be relegated) and Raith and Falkirk will come up to the championship. Playoffs for teams trying to get up to the premiership will be scrapped also.. This is just what I think they will do.
  6. Apparently both hemmings and Nelson are out for today.... I was quietly confident we would give the dons a good match but without those two I think it will be very tough.
  7. To all the saints fans that ran at the derry when you equalised....... Hahahaha
  8. But when it was us in the fundesliga struggling and you boys in the top flight our thread wasn't taken over from Arabs sticking the boot in right? What goes around.....
  9. So you avoided my post about you going to the cup finals but couldn't face watching your team get relegated....
  10. The point is they were happy to go to cup finals but didn't turn up the night there club needed them most because there was a good chance they would get relegated at dens. It's quite worrying I had to explain that to you
  11. I dont claim to know the future but to say your misery is temporary is a bit brave is it not? Especially with all these loans that will need paid back.
  12. And yet the first response you get is from an Arab who says he can name about ten of our players ralphies_chip couldn't face watching his team get relegated at dens but enjoyed going to the cup finals you just know it haha
  13. This is united fans in a nutshell. They probably don't think any dundee players would get in there team right now.
  14. What the hell is Freddie Daquin doing on the bench? Probably the best player ever to wear the dark blue of Dundee.......
  15. Fair enough your excused! I just don't understand why a team can take 28k to a cup final but can't fill one stand for a very important match in your own city. Not even on the wind up anymore I generally just don't understand that. The only answer is they couldn't face watching there team get relegated from there rivals.
  16. That's fair enough the DA at least your honest about only supporting your team through the good times
  17. I get that bit skinny Arab but where were you all the night your team faced relegation at dens?
  18. I noticed you didn't have an answer to my post beardy? Mind you if I was an Arab and I had to ask what was important about the relegation match at dens I would probably try and hide from replying too. Happy to go to cup finals but couldn't face watching your team get relegated by your rivals.. brilliant supporters
  19. Seriously beardy? What was important about the match at dens? Maybe to show your club that you will be there and support them through not only the good times but the bad times aswell? Me having to explain that just shows your only in it for the good times deary me
  20. MacArab if the roles are ever reversed we will sell out our allocation. Save this post to your hearts desire. I'm sure you agree to take 28k to a cup final then a few seasons later you cant fill one stand just because its gonna be a bad night for your club is shocking?
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