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  1. Will never forget his screamer away to Partick.. im sure it was late in the match and it was the winner.. I ended up a few rows and seats away from where I was before the ball hit the net
  2. Do all Scottish championship teams enter this round?
  3. Lawlor in goal and 6 defenders on the park.. Jesus man hope the big man proves me wrong but I don't see us getting any points today. Must be a real bad sickness bug in the camp.
  4. Each to there own. I was absolutely delighted to see United get knocked out of the cup last night. Two of them in my work had already booked the semi final dates off.. have a great day off guys
  5. I know it's no surprise mcginn not starting but would have thought we would have atleast been on the bench.. surely injured?
  6. Looks like you were spot on Ross.. no movement at all.
  7. Tommy on dark blues site has said there will be two going out on loan and one coming in tomorrow.. he didn't say any names but let's see if he is spot on or not.
  8. Peter Stuart. Genuinely one of the worst performances from a referee that I've ever seen.
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