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  1. I've been bricking it since this morning I'm not gonna lie... Would take a draw to take back to dens right now.
  2. Incredible gesture from motherwell to be honest.. Fair play 👏👏👏 Also have a greenie for that wonderful username.. Best band on planet earth.
  3. Did I just hear them sing "faithful through and through" so they took 28k to a cup final in Glasgow but the one night where things were tough and there club needed them most in there own city they couldn't fill one stand because there was a chance they would have to watch there team get relegated at dens... Aye faithful through and through lads 😂
  4. Surely this is a wind up.... This is definitely something the dab supporters would do but surely not the whole crescendo bit...
  5. I know he hasn't been banging the goals in recently but I'm surprised to see Cummings on the bench. 3 points tonight guarantees a play off place........ So that's not happening as we are not too keen on ever doing things the easy way.
  6. Hope you are right mate.. I've supported Dundee long enough to know that anything can happen and it usually does 😂
  7. Right lads... After todays results who has got the fear of finishing 5th?
  8. Fair play on your first two points.. Believe me you couldn't be more wrong about your third point
  9. I'd take that. Certainly beats our usual dire defeat. Nobody will be surprised at all if you lads win today.. Maybe your own supporters but that's it
  10. Osman sow upfront on his own and no afolabi or Mullen in the squad.... Happy days and easy 3 points for the dees then 🙄
  11. Same... I know I'll watch it though and hopefully not regret it come full time... All we need to do is win tonight and we are through to the next round (well 99% through) and we are at home against a team in a lower league (albeit a good side who are banging the goals in) nothing can go wrong right? Thankfully Dundee never make things hard for themselves..
  12. Your faith in the team will be restored after we beat cove 3-1 tomorrow night 😛
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