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  1. Anybody know where I can watch the draw live tonight? Any streams or that? Not that I expect my team to get through today right enough...
  2. Aye got one too mate.. my first thought was that aswell.
  3. That is absolutely beautiful!!! Strip is really nice too not gonna lie
  4. Everything mcpake has said on the radio is absolutely spot on
  5. Merry Christmas to my fellow Dees! Got the away strip so I'm a happy chappy. DDYB
  6. No chance... If it does happen then don't worry we will be 2-0 down by then
  7. Don't see anything but a comfortable hibs win with the piss poor defence that we have 3-0 hibs
  8. For anyone interested the draw for the Scottish cup is live on BBC Scotland tonight straight after the Brechin v Darvel match.
  9. St Johnstone fans were all going on about this injury crisis before this match...... Your starting 11 looks strong.
  10. I'm not just saying this because I'm a Dee but it's absolute torture listening to his voice. Waffles the biggest pile of rubbish all the time.
  11. I know this is really frustrating for everyone but this is not an easy situation for the club to deal with. I have no problem with supporters being angry that they might not get in to the stadium on Saturday but people need to remember there is a pandemic going on at the moment. The club would never intentionally stop supporters from going to the match on Saturday but clearly mistakes have been made but the council have not made this easy for the club at all with such short notice to let us know if we could open another stand etc. Hopefully things will be back to normal for the next home match.
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