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  1. Not my point. What if they come back with Covid on a jolly to Blackpool instead of playing this urgent cup game on a legitimate Saturday?
  2. Just heard a rumour that the Darvel game can’t be played on Saturday because the Darvel players have a Christmas party down in Blackpool. With tomorrow’s game being postponed already due to the state of their pitch and more rain / snow tomorrow when can the game be played? Also what will happen if some of their team get Covid and the some or all their team have to isolate? When will the game get played then?
  3. Just watched the Haddington goal again. Just sums up our weakness. We never play a sympathetic ball to help out fellow teammates or we wait until an opposing player is right on top until they react. This improved in the second half but thought we were very lucky as I didn’t fancy our chances in a replay.
  4. PS; Buckie manager a bit of a Dick. Surely he couldn’t be any worse then the muppet at Deveronvale on Saturday. He was a first class Dick.
  5. Is there no game highlights this year? Noticed the camera at both games and interviews with Andy but haven’t seen any highlights being posted.
  6. Looked as though there is still loads to come. Thought the whole team put in a good performance without even getting out of second gear.
  7. Is this the part of the season we now declare Buckie as Champions?
  8. The system seemed to focus on the umbrella at the far side and the Steward with the yellow jacket at the cemetery end at times.
  9. What’s with all the negative waves Keeper at fault for at least 3 goals (not sure about the 2nd as the camera missed it) Impressed with the fitness and speed of the guys. Considering we were playing a Championship team in very poor conditions I think there is optimism going forward.
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