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  1. Somethings a stirring... what could it be[emoji848]. Is it a game changer? [emoji1038]
  2. The driving force of the club. Well done guys.[emoji122][emoji122]
  3. Correction. We are the weakest team in Scottish football. That was really bad today and it is going to take a lot more than removing the inept Dods.
  4. Was at yesterday’s game and above is pretty spot on... my thoughts are there is a lack of pace in the team.... nobody who will be able to get behind the defence and cause problems and excite the supporters (a Bobby Barr, Trouts from a few seasons ago). We need someone like that who will make the supporters get excited when they get the ball that their feet and run at defenders ... it may not work 8 time out of 10 but the 2 time it does is what make going to a game worth while. I’m afraid There is no excitement there at the moment.
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