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  1. I'd happily take a 1 nil home win guys I'm not convinced our players are all in it at the moment. Although we do have some bright lights in two youngsters McKay and Brown.
  2. Owain fon Williams has left ICTFC to go to Indianapolis on loan
  3. We don't have a midfielder called Cooper genius. And I'm well aware who the Cunty are I take it you dont understand Sarcasm? Why would you feel the need to involve another posters personal relationships in a post? Are you that small minded?
  4. Reject strikers who couldn't play in a shite team but have both started scoring for us? Dud ex midfielder? The village team who are they? Sounds like your more concerned about others than your own teams inability to do anything other than lose.
  5. It was a brilliant result in Inverness.
  6. You guys got well and truly found out today at pittodrie there was absolutely nothing to threaten Aberdeen.
  7. Who will be Brechin's first?

    BBC Scotland pundit "Brechin will do well to keep this to 6 or 7 today".
  8. Until Tuesday night when you capitulated to us.
  9. True not enough fans in brechin to start a fight never mind a riot.
  10. And let the riots begin.
  11. ICTFC 18/19

  12. ICTFC Alex Cooper Matt Elsdon and David Raven out
  13. Who will be Brechin's first?

    I am more convinced Brechin will not win a game. Having seen them play three times this season against us they don't have a team capable of competing in this league. I know a lot of Brechin fans keep saying their matches a competitive. Doesn't matter Your team keep getting beat.