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  1. Talbot v Buffs Game on

    Well said superpollock, as you say a long way to go and all teams are capable of taking points from any other team on their day. It's not always about budgets, you can have the best players in the league but you need them to want to play for you and Chris Strain (no, I'm not him ) gets the most out of his players most weeks. A lot of people, some Buffs supporters included, are surprised we are sitting top going into the New Year but after last season we'll take it, and enjoy it for as long as it lasts!! COYB
  2. Talbot v Buffs Game on

    2 or 3 new players and because the team are doing well it's all about "money men"?? I'm sure if you compared all budgets within the league Buffs will be around the middle and Beiths will in fact be one of the top budgets. No wonder everyone hates Beith, "f*ck Beith"!!