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  1. Conner. To date I’ve never reacted to your continual negativity of all aspects of the club and the unnecessary abuse of fellow fans. Rather than spending your free time behind the keyboard get yourself down to Starks Park as a volunteer. Like all clubs at our level it’s that type of activity that keeps the club alive. I’m sure like all others who reply to you I’ll be next in the firing line. Surprise me!!!
  2. Just arrived back in country from holiday this morning. Can anyone confirm whether I can purchase a season ticket prior to game tomorrow and if so the time the office is open to do so.
  3. Thought Davo was outstanding today. Some crucial blocks in the first half one which denied a certain goal. Great to see him scoring and his reaction immediately after, clearly showing he wanted the winner, speaks volumes for him. Well done and thanks big man. COYR.
  4. Celebrations being had in a few Levenmouth hosteleries. We are Raith Rovers. We beat East Fife. Simples. COYR. .
  5. Wonderful scenes when we scored and from the players after the match. Clearly keen to give them some back from previous games. Natural order restored. Now for another 30 year undefeated run.
  6. Scary- you are building a great book of excuses not to go to games. I await your next one with interest.
  7. Shitey transport links to New Bayview???? Buses from Kirkcaldy stop outside the ground ffs.
  8. Scary - despite your many posts on here you don’t strike me as being the most committed supporter of the club.
  9. We saw a lot of shapes and set pieces on Saturday right enough and we trained all week in preparation.
  10. Despite the club trying to hype up a game into being something it wasn’t a home crown barely hitting 1500 supports my earlier suggestion that the attendance would be adversely affected by an all ticket announcement. I hesitate to think what yesterday’s performance will do to the attendance from now till season end. By hey hoh we have a nice pitch.
  11. At a time when we need as many through the turnstiles as possible we’re told the turnstiles aren’t functioning properly. You could not make this up. Without a doubt this will result in a not insignificant number of home fans not attending. The inconvenience of either have to queue to pick up a pre ordered ticket or buy one on the day - all from the office no doubt- does not encourage a casual fan to attend. Over to you Mr Sim to explain another shambles within your club.
  12. That pitch cannot possibly have been playable yesterday. Why wasn’t an inspection called and if in any doubt call it off given the distance people were travelling. Feel so much for those who have gone over.
  13. Surely can’t be in doubt. The horses are running in Dublin and it’s apparently 6 degrees.
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