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  1. Glad someone else agreed with me. Embarrising from my club. A will not be there. £10 for a game against a team that we saw 4 times last season and dont really have any new players. Plus world cup games being on. Don't understand this one bit. Muppets ha!
  2. We have signed luke Donnelly. What do you boys make of him. Will he be any good?
  3. If you went from there Twitter they have signed Bobby Barr. Scott Agnew and Stephen Noble from Stirling
  4. Sean winter and Barry Russell have tweeted most players about joining EK. Pair of bams ha!
  5. Well done alloa. Good footballing team. Think they might surprise a few teams if they get good recruitment. Gutted for our old boss Aitken. Done brilliantly at dumbarton. Not sure if he will stay on.
  6. A player coming from st mirren that just got relegated from SPL to drop down to league 1 he showed be strolling about in his slippers and sticking out like a sore thumb. But he's been very very poor. Took over on pen after Wallace left to you boys and won top scorer. Was a big disappointment after his first stint with the club. Thommo would be a great signing for any club in our league. Used as a striker in many games when we were short but he's at his best in middle of the park. Does all the dirty work and the stuff thay goes unnoticed in the middle. Ball winner and gives 100%. Will miss him just like Robertson.
  7. Highly doubt they will be at ayr next season. Aggy signed two year deal with us and was very poor until last 5 games of this season. Think he will drop to juniors or league 2. Thompson will head to Airdrie for more money. Your old pals from Airdrie supposedly offering big money this season after going part-time.
  8. Chris McGowan has signed on for next season. Ryan Thompson and Morgyn Neil have left the club
  9. As much as I disliked hamill in many games this season. Think he will be good for us next season. He played better at centre half with Neil. Would of liked turner being captain but hamill has big shoes to fill after robbo leaving.
  10. Wouldn't say he is shite. Wouldn't say he is better than forrest. Same kind of player as McDaid. Will blow hot and cold in games. But will beat a man. Would be surprised if he didn't sign with dumbarton but would be good back uo for you boys and bring some quality.
  11. Looking forward to the announcements to see what direction faz and Stuart Millar are going. Always a interesting time of the year Mon blue
  12. Gutted about robbo. Underrated player for us. Gave his heart and sole to the club. Wish him all the best at Airdrie.
  13. Sad to see the pair go to Motherwell as i was looking forward to watching them both with 1st team next season but good luck to them both. Bright futures ahead.
  14. Barron very unlucky with injuries. Great servant to the club. Best game he had would arguably be the 2nd leg against Livingston. Okoh on the other hand I am glad to see the back of. Back down south for him as far away from stair park as possible. Glad to see turner impressed west brom. Exciting transfer window for Kyle.
  15. Would get rid of Barron okoh Anderson woods. Not sure about aggy who only really played the last 5-6 games at end of the season. Agree with above a would sign young lyle from ayr as back up to Currie. The lad will get great experience with Eric Philip's. Hopefully see more of baxter and lads from the reseverves being involed in first team duties. Cant remember a time when so many youth lads from the under20s and reserves would even get a mention with the first team so credit to them. Hopefully faz and Stuart Millar can get a couple of decent strikers in asap.
  16. Hopefully finish with 3 points and start looking forward to next season. Thats all really!
  17. Hows thw promotion party going up the A77??? Hahahahaahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahahaahahahaha
  18. I question if he has ever saw okoh play a game of football
  19. Looking towards season 18/19 what players would you keep and get rid of? Keep Turner. Currie. Robertson. Thompson. Neil. Hamill. Show the door Woods. Okoh. Barron Not sure on Agnew. Under 20s McGowan. Elliot. Gray. Players returning to parent club McPherson. Hawkshaw. Beith. Lyon. Dykes. Contracted for next season Anderson. Turner.
  20. Wasnt there on Saturday so can't comment on hamills tackle. Surely wasn't that bad when your highlights never even showed it... As for turners tackle in the 1st game its a tackle you want your centre midfielder to make after your full back gets turned inside out. Tackles like turners, hamills, adams, and think it was Moffats in the 1st game is something that games between ayr and Stranraer have been missing. Maybe even football as a whole.
  21. POTY - Robertson YPOY - Turner GOTY - Roberston v albion rovers away.
  22. Really hope faz starts the under 20 lads who have been brillaint since january for us. The likes of Elliot gray and young gavin scott. Give them some experience and game time. Full pressure on raith on Saturday who a fully expect to put in a better performance than they put in on the rearranged game down here. Wasnt inpressed with them that day. Think we will still be competitive agaisnt raith and east fife away next season as faz wont let the team take the foot off the gas. Hes not that kind of manager. He will want as many points as possible with it being his first full season as a manager. Should be a good game on Saturday. Mon blue
  23. Tell me what he does in a game then. A will wait! He is utter shite.
  24. He is our only striker. Would rather play with none. He has been like that all season. Gives us nothing.
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