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  1. Almost 100% correct I think he might have said effin face. A straight red for questioning a decision wow. I think both teams disappointed with the refereeing performance.
  2. No need for apologies I just don’t get the vitriol from some posts. If he’d been an asshole or caused bother at your club or something I could maybe understand it. I don’t know maybe he was nasty to you,if so then he’s getting it back,fair enough. Coached him when he was a kid. Great kid great attitude.
  3. Gutted Slater has left. Good wee player,McCall preferred Cole and Banzo and that’s fitba. Other people can have an opinion,even if it’s one that isn’t as negative and nasty as yours. He was unlucky to get injured but speaking to people who worked with him said he was a model pro and a great lad who really liked Thistle. That’s good to hear and I wish the lad all the best.
  4. Slater regularly topped distance covered during matches. Think that means he’s kinda mobile. I’m not saying you do this, but a lot of fans just follow where the ball is, players don’t, so maybe his, and others runs don’t get noticed maybe as much as a winger might get noticed.
  5. As has been said, there's a player in there. I think he sees himself as, forgive me, an outright number 10. Grafting and putting a shift in aren't his game and the fact we were horrendous under Archibald and Caldwell didn't help him. I think he's probably a luxury we can't currently afford and doesn't strike me as a McCall type player Slater was out injured for a few months. Don’t think the lad sees himself as a number 10 at all,certainly not a crunch tackling midfielder but works hard. Spoke to someone at the club who said he was regularly top of the running stats in games. Came back and Brannigan and Cole been playing well recently so won’t be playing CM till one of them are suspended or injured. Definitely a good player when fit,playing regular and confident.
  6. Think that’s about the best team from the players we have in the squad. Just hope big O’Ware can get back to where he was, but he has missed a lot of football. Hopefully Slater back fit for the start of the season. Certainly a team on the front foot. I’m sure there will be more new faces to come maybe a bit of steel to the side if required. I’m wondering how much of the Liam Lindsay money the manager will get if any. Plus he said he only spent a small amount of the January budget so maybe a couple of very decent signings to come.
  7. Totally agree. Money will be tight so these signings don’t make much sense to me,other than strengthening the squad if he’s able to move a few on. The manager said we had three scouts down South,but players down there in either lower leagues or non-league are on probably double the money we can offer at least. Then who pays for accommodation up here? Think it’ll be a tough window but hopefully we can pluck a few low cost gems from somewhere.
  8. Don’t agree sorry. Bannigan better at tackling, but this season I think Slater been slightly better in most departments.
  9. I agree. I think Slater has been better so far. Hopefully Slater will become “one of our own “. We spoke to one of the boys’ family who said Craig loves the club and said the fans have been great with him(it was only then,we thought it was safe enough to tell him we were Jags fans haha)Hopefully both Banzo and Slater can kick on second half of the season and get us out of trouble.
  10. I honestly don’t know where people dig some of these clips from but I spilled my beer with this one. Well done Walter haha
  11. Not sure if I’ve missed something this season. Spittal has took some free kicks around the box and missed. So I’m thinking it’s reasonable for the manager to try someone else. Ok Slater missed but I’m not sure Spittal would’ve scored either.
  12. Think it was 4-1-3-2 but unfortunately took till 48th minute to give us a bit of equality in numbers in midfield
  13. Agreed Barney about Craig Slater The boy works his socks off,always available for a pass and has a wee bit of quality on the ball. Him and O'Ware were good signings by Archie,some injuries have hurt the squad but there's no denying O'Wares injury was a massive blow. Our defence is a shambles feel sorry for Penrice who should be getting talked through a game and learning but is actually having to take his own lead. Our defence has undone a lot of promising starts, under Archie and Scott I thought we'd be so hard to score against this season,instead we've gifted goals and that's been theirs and the teams' downfall unfortunately.
  14. I thought Ayrs' front two were pretty good. Other than that I didn't think there was much between the teams. First goal a brainfart,second goal a wonder strike. Thought Slater was Thistles best player till his substitution. A very strange decision unless he took a knock.
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