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  1. Wow! I will put money on it that you explode into a rant response Now, I must say I have enjoyed reading through the 'sensible' comments from the other posters on this forum. You clearly have a very sensitive personality which requires 'ego driven acknowledgements of personal success'. As no other fellow Saints Supporters appear to be offering this to you 'In any shape or form', you have taken it on yourself to say. 'I'm Right ; That's what I said ; I'm the best ; I'm never wrong'. In other words, please someone recognise my existence. Well done St Mirren though on your good start to the season. I'm sure you are a good St Mirren supporter, and good luck to you this season.
  2. Yes, we are speaking to his representatives. Naismith is pish scared, and McGinn probably end up with Morton
  3. Simple question is 'How many more managers will we have before Boris Johnson resigns or is removed ?'
  4. Googling the name doesn't make him a bad appointment. I think you are forgetting where we are, and how we have fallen. We are a mid table third tier club. Some fans will not like it, but that is a fact. Simply getting someone in who has known success with a positive attitude and some funds. Livingston (twice) and Gretna all succeeded with managers with some drive and money. Having money alone isnt the answer (3 attempts shows that). Get him in. At least (I presume), you don't have a say.
  5. I'd take a chance on Robbie Horn. Young enough, and deserves his chance of a full time gig (if he wants it)
  6. SIMPLY BRING JACK ROSS HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. https://uk.linkedin.com/in/alan-hunter-9a139a143 Seems to be out Football Manager researcher
  8. To be fair. We have one of the highest budges if not the biggest for the league. Keeping it at 6, Sheerin must be rewarded. Cove, Alloa, Montrose, Airdrie are teams we should be going 10 behind the ball. Clyde, Dumbarton, Peterhead, and East Fife, perhaps speak with Craig Levein for a bit more attacking know how, perhaps 8-2-0 in the hop of a nil nil draw. To be honest this Omicron variant going about has seriously disturbed the dressing room. If we had just kept it to the Delta Variant, we may have had a chance,but the multiple variant has destroyed our gameplan
  9. Lol. Not you, that tosser who abused you. He's a dimwit crackpot
  10. You and chopperreid are top boys who talk sense as well as a few others on here
  11. Just ignore that tosser. Blethers pish on here. Lives for green ticks on here. He's a narcissistic lefty with a 15k admin job
  12. Mark my word, that is the worst I've seen. Could have been a cricket score
  13. That boy at the start saying not to boo players, and at the same time saying 'never thought I'd be in this position' simply showing his ineptitude and how he shouldn't be in that position. Sheerin has his head down a lot when others are being asked questions or talking. A clear 'get me out of here' or lack of confidence body language showing. The Gary's are both arrogant and very bad speakers who disengage with the supporters. The boy Rawlins couldn't give two shots. A wee bit of pocket money in the hope it works. If not, pull the investment and you've a Raith Rovers Claude Anelka situation where 20 years later the recovery has just about rebounded. I do think we have to be more supportive towards the dross, but simply saying not to boo. I'm surprised they didn't say something about mental health, or Hetherington goes home to his Granny crying because the bad men abuse me at my work.
  14. Full Time Football Clubs are no longer community hubs where 'supporters' are guaranteed the welcoming or day out experience we all once had. Go and see Camelon for a fiver if that is your desire. Full Time Clubs are businesses, some empires. I read with sadness so many non business minded fools on here who no longer attend the games. Falkirk Football Club has changed over the years, with some 'supporters' yet to adapt and prefer to offer their business advice on here. Now why are these full time admin staff not business people themselves ? They do not know how to. They are great at saying when things aren't good, but have no solutions. They are nodding dogs in the workplace as they do their admin tasks. If they were any good, they would not be offering their ideas on here as they would be successful and with their spare cash be willing to plough it into the club they love and have proper business minded ideas. The 'supporters' of Falkirk FC are the downtrodden reasons for the demise, not the chairmen, owners, manager, or whoever. Wake up and smell the coffee
  15. Arbroath, Dunfermline, Queen of The South and ourselves have been offered Gavin Reilly until January. I believe Arbroath already said no. Proven goalscorer in Championship which is who they're trying to punt him to and not surprising we're bottom of the pick
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