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  1. Looks like you still have the same gambling issues
  2. The perfect manager for us at the minute has to be Davie Robertson. Wants to come back over to Scotland and is the 'no nonsense' type manager we need.
  3. What do you call a Goalkeeper with a condom on his toe ?
  4. We need a Tidser McHugh swap deal in January
  5. Is it coincidental that the clown Mark Campbell said on his Twitter page that he is a recovering M and M addict. Now we have our management duo as such
  6. Gordon Herd of Camelon. He'll certainly take control of our leaks, and might fire up the strikers!
  7. And me also! No, I only have this one account! I would say it is a large purchase. There are so many different things which lawyers have to look into. Think about when you buy property with a freehold (Scotland). That itself involves many checks. Buying a football club in its complex nature will take even more longer. Not everything is owned by the club, so you are including more complex issues. MC is either a balloon, optimistic, or Mittyish when he foolishly said it would be completed end of August. Not that I would have thought this long, but staff illness, holidays, poor man management from the paralegal staff in either or both lawyer offices can derail any timescale either parties expected. I expect the sale to go through, but both sides have to be on the proactive with the lawyers. FFC have remained quiet, which I think is right. MC hasn't so everyone is hounding him on twitter, and receiving monotone automatic replies meaning nothing.
  8. I'm unsure if you are naive or inexperienced with lawyers, but delays in large purchases are common practice. Things crop up, which then have to be investigated further. Depending on who the lawyers are / paralegal staff, not all are the same. Also, they do not only have one piece of work which they have to work on. There could be twenty / thirty at any one time, so things can unfortunately slip through the net so to speak. I presume it is probably the former in this case with the publicity behind this case. Just my tuppence worth
  9. You don't go to away games, so how can you comment on things you haven't a clue about. You bash about on your keyboard at 3PM on Saturdays, so if you aren't going to leave your Studio Flat, at least open the windows. The stale small must be awful
  10. Is that you regurgitating urine again or just slavering pish
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