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  1. Always going to take a period of time to adapt moving from a wee team like Nanna to central Scotland's finest. I believe that period is now over and BTM will open his league account for us on Saturday. Are Tiffoney and Little going to be available for this? I'll say 4-0 if they are only 2-0 if they are not.
  2. It's certainly the correct decision for his health. Even for a young guy he's taken some absolute bleachings using his skull as his main defence. Seen the footage of the Usyk spar where he was basically out cold on his feet and can't remember anything. Let's not forget he was paralysed for a bit after the Price fight, anymore of that kind of abuse and it wouldn't have ended well. I'm sure Eddie will sort him out with something and he will still be involved in the game.
  3. Everything is great in the mind of originalhedge. He might wake up and smell the coffee when you lose to Civil Service Strollers home and away next season.
  4. Cammy Kerr would not get a game for Brechin. How is he still getting a gig at this level?
  5. I've seen Dundee on all the live TV games this year and they are absolutely garbage eh? I'd be worried about a manager who put this team together. Can't be many slower teams in Scottish football. So one paced really lack a bit of penetration in behind or on the wing but just plod from side to side expecting Adam to do something. Under 12s fitbaw.
  6. Had Brook 2-1 going into the 4th before Crawford opened him up. Brook doesn't know what day it is.
  7. I hope she enjoys her sangria through a straw.
  8. This wife is mental. Some skull on her.
  9. Someone needs to stop this. That ain't a boxer.
  10. Docherty very one dimensional and has no tank on that evidence. First live opponent he's faced and he looks a mile away.
  11. 19th it will be. 18th is a Friday. Ryan Garcia has been vocal that he wants the rearranged Campbell fight on the undercard. Would be some launch for DAZN in the UK if they flung that together on the same card. DAZN going to be £1.99 for UK subscribers. Surely an absolute no brainer for anyone who remotely likes boxing. I'd imagine that will go up as the month's pass but cheap as chips to get us started.
  12. Aye I thought it was probably at my end. Nokia 3310 is not the way to be watching a game in fairness I only have myself to blame.
  13. Paton made himself captain as well? That seems pure ego and tinpot to me. Not going to end well is it? You beat a fellow pub team last week but it only glosses over the inevitable battle between the two pub teams for bottom spot.
  14. It's difficult to pick out individuals in such a tremendous team performance but I also have to give a special mention to Andy Munro. He was absolutely outstanding today in every department. A true captain's performance. Muir needed a big performance after a poor start with us and we got it today. He rag dolled Edinburgh throughout epitomised with the penalty that he won for Spence, they just looked scared to match him for physicality all day. The camera seemed a lot better today and it was a more enjoyable watch because of that. Had the commentary on mute though the comms is still ahead of the action (well for me anyway) and that kind of ruins the viewing experience if you know what's going to happen before you have seen it. I'm sure we will get there in time the experience is improving by the game keep up the good work. I look forward to seeing us lifting the league title in front of 6 board members next season from the comfort of my own home.
  15. By the same gear as DAFC and oor Da'.
  16. New season. Same old sensitive souls from Cowdenbeath. Was just the opinion of a television superstar. Get over it.
  17. When did Fury dispatch of Chisora in four rounds by the way? More nonsense you have made up.
  18. "He's nae power and when Del lands it's lights out. Carl Froch telt me"
  19. Oor Da' nowhere to be seen this morning. Hanging oot his arse. DAFC still battling on but once the lager wears off he will be feeling it come midday.
  20. He destroyed Bellew. Bellew admitted as much and that he's never been in a ring with anyone like him. Genuinely don't think you have a clue what yer oan aboot.
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