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  1. He's not only stinking the place out he's somehow captain with Crighton not playing. Swift has no idea what he's doing with him that's for sure, we look a far better and energetic side when he isn't there. How on earth did we end up with Dec Hughes partnering Wedderburn again anyway? That clearly doesn't work and adding Forbes into that midfield mix just makes us far too slow in getting around the pitch. Look at the second goal on Saturday as soon as our midfield is turned it's game over. Miller was brought in there by the manager's own admission we needed legs and then within a few weeks we are back to the failed experiment. Miller looks a solid player though and even better at right back but it completely goes against the reasoning we were given for him coming to the club. Saturday will be the first league game I have missed this season and I can't say I am gutted at that. We are going to get horsed.
  2. The only thing that will keep us up at this stage is a garbage Cowdenbeath and that's not a good place to be in with the first quarter approaching. We were the better team today but the team selection is just absolutely bonkers. We have no idea what we are getting week to week and Swifts identity from day one of pressing football with advanced full backs is absolutely nowhere. Dropping Thomson is a criminal act.
  3. Not sure what the story is there but aye if he's available he surely needs a chance at some stage or what is the point?
  4. Wilson Lyon Corbett Jamieson Coll Nat Miller Christie Lyon Brown Thomson That's how I would go for Saturday. You could play O'Reilly or Graham for either of the two wingers really as they are all about the same level I would say and all good options. I thought Orr would tear it up here but he's been abysmal and Ryan Tierney is not for this level so we can't really go two up top.
  5. I don't know the ins and outs of it but I doubt it's just a straight forward three year deal. There must be caveats. Swift won't see three years if this continues that's for sure. The direction of the team is nowhere to be seen. High intensity football and full backs bombing on isn't possible with the personell we are playing which makes it perplexing. I'm still behind the manager and we have two games to come but he needs to learn from what he is watching sooner than later. It's so obvious it's galling.
  6. Can't blame the board for providing the manager with the budget we have. That was as bad as anything I've seen in 20 odd years and 6 or 7-0 would not be unjust. If we continue to play players on name value then we are in bother. Taking off Corbett instead of Crighton was a disgrace. Why are we even touching a back four that has looked so good the last few weeks? It's awful management a blind man could see our issues today.
  7. Look at what they're going through? It's hardly a trauma, no one is dieing. You haven't won a league game in four attempts the fans are going through absolutely nothing of note. Back at the games with mates and going through it together win, lose or draw its a game of football. Let's not make this bigger than it is that these poor Pars fans are struggling to go on. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH LOOK WHAT WE ARE GOING THROUGH As I said earlier just self entitled nonsense.
  8. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. That'll make all the difference. We never won any of our first four league games either and also have a new manager. We will have a top four budget for our league and that is our aim but absolutely no need to be panicking like little bitches after four league games. Give the manager time. Its very clear he wasn't wanted at the start and those feelings are still there. It's pathetic stuff really. Walk outs and ENOUGH IS ENOUGH banners outside the ground by wee fannies is just mega cringe but each to their own guys.
  9. Pretty embarrassing stuff. Toys out the pram four games into a season where you haven't seen your club in the flesh for 18 months. A walk out is just self entitled nonsense from wee fannies. Old Firm type patter that.
  10. Sir Richard of Campbell. The people's champion. Drink it on and enjoy it guys. What a fucking time you're having.
  11. The long ball Nanna side (something different) were put to the sword by two exceptional team goals. We're on the march baby.
  12. We all knew it anyway but Shadwell Dug is completely aff his rocker. Greig Spence in 2021 for a team supposedly going for the league title in league one. That's either insanity or a complete lack of knowledge.
  13. The silence is deafening. We don't want to read about who has sponsored players, wallpaper Wednesday or any of that nonsense. The Miller situation needs clarified.
  14. SURELY we haven't done another Harvey Swann? Least he wasn't pictured with the scarf this time but deary me this is going to be embarrassing if we've botched again.
  15. Was decent one in five games if you're lucky. Definitely has ability but doesn't show it often enough. Probably that role coming off the bench for the champions elect will be ideal for him.
  16. It's not harsh in the slightest. A competent goalkeeper saves that and adjusts his feet far better than that for starters. I'd worry for any keeper honestly looking at that and thinking they shouldn't save it.
  17. Now the rage is just laughter. The third is even worse in the highlights. How can a goalkeeper be that gutless?
  18. Telfer will be along shortly to tell you Blair can hit the best long, dioganol pass in the lower leagues.
  19. That has to be the last time we see him. Still absolutely raging at that. I can handle someone being out their depth but to be pea hearted in to the bargain is unacceptable. So frustrating as we were well in the game and gave a good account of ourselves but all that hard work from the outfield players is undone by that nonsense. The second goal as well I think my papa would have got down to that. A lot of positives to take outwith that, Thomson again was superb and Adam Corbett goes from strength to strength. A win from the next two is now a necessity.
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