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  1. I find it amazing watching Berwick over the years with how much infighting there is with the board, trust, supporters etc. How can such a small club get it so badly wrong? Why isn't everyone pulling in the one direction? It can't be a coincidence you ended up so poor on the park with all the shenanigans going on off it. For a club with 300-400 core support It just seems rather mental from the outside looking in.
  2. Jeremy Kyle taken off air

    Calm doon grandad.
  3. Callum Tapping will be confirmed shortly. We have also signed Tam Scobbie but that is just between me and you Burnsy. Keep that one to yourself and don't tell anyone else.
  4. Cove Thread

    Cove have to be looking for another promotion in the coming season. Taking out your usual jobbers of Albion Rovers, Cowdenbeath, Elgin, Queens Park and Stirling everyone else will fancy their chances strongly.
  5. Take your medicine like a man and stop crying. No Annan fan can come on here and complain about dirty tactics, absolutely no one. You should be embarrassed to even mention anything about dirty play with the way your team acted throughout.
  6. Kelty Hearts lowland league quest

    Not good enough for full time football but has been playing that for the last four seasons as you allude to. Aye, that makes sense. He would still get a gig at a shite full time side like Raith for example no problem. Full time football at the lower echelons, like Raith, is for status only. You are far better going to some part time gang (Kelty) who are throwing money about and with a decent full time job into the bargain you are going to me making a lot more money and probably enjoying your football more banging goals in rather than sitting on the bench for a full time team.
  7. Boxing Thread

    What was that by the way? Dogshit whatever it was. Insomnia was absolutely cracking for the quarters.
  8. Boxing Thread

    Not long back. Not a bad evening that seeing a top 5 P4P do his thing and the crowning of a new Scottish world champion. I had it 3-2 Taylor after 5 so thought it was relatively close but after the punishing round 6 I felt Josh really coasted home with ease. Still can't resist a tear up even in the last round he was getting involved in exchanges I felt weren't necessary. He's the man in the middle though and obviously never felt Baranchyk was a threat which can be a dangerous game in itself. How good is Inoue by the way? Jokes.
  9. Had to laugh at Nade having handbags with Love for wasting time. Annan were at the dark arts from around the 4th minute wasting every possible second they could. Who was the c**t with the shaggy hair for Clyde? He was like an auld school libero switching between defence and midfield. Very intelligent player. You don't really see that type at this level.
  10. Really enjoyable game of football that. Congratulations to Clyde have a great night lads and enjoy yourselves. Back to farm for Annan on Monday. Has the boy Banks came through the Clyde system? Genuinely one of the best young talents I've seen at this level since Templeton was breaking through. Reminds me of David Brooks at Bournemouth I'm excited to see how his career progresses after that today.
  11. The Arbroath Thread

    Calm doon, Omar. Arbroath fans wouldn't be happy with winning the Championship next season. Get with the programme. Campbell out.
  12. Clyde are "due" nothing. You get what you earn and to this point have continued to fail getting out of the bottom tier. Certainly if it doesn't happen tomorrow it really should next season. Lennon is a fantastic manager for me managing at a level way below he should be at. Another pre season and you would think he should get the missing pieces of the jigsaw. I think this will be a cracker tomorrow so heading over. All the best to the two sets of jobbers involved. The hope is going to kill one of you.
  13. I remember when Big Sow was a football player at Hearts what the f**k has happened to him? Genuinely of junior standard.