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  1. Exactly what we need at this time. Squad filler.
  2. With all due respect go elsewhere if you want to talk about Montrose or Dumbarton signings players. Nae c**t here cares. Cheers.
  3. We all knew anyway. All 7 eh us. Looks a solid piece of business for us on paper. Hopefully now get shot of Tena.
  4. Stenhousemuir V Arbroath

    Hearing we are signing the centre hoff Munro from Forfar.
  5. You can't really have a season too early though in part time football. You grasp what you can at the time and worry later. Not many clubs down here plan for the next season during the current one in terms of building a team. So many players come and go on one year deals being a season too early just isn't a thing to be honest.
  6. Stenhousemuir V Arbroath

    That is utterly embarrassing. He can't influence anything as a player anymore this needs to stop. As everyone knew at the time, the board have had a fucking mare getting rid of Bomber. McMenamin for whatever reason was always getting that job. Something still stinks about the whole situation.
  7. Boxing Thread

  8. We have a talented squad nothing to worry about here.
  9. Stenhousemuir V Arbroath

    Around the ground is a nightmare just now for parking with Tam Hortons and B&M so down at ASDA would be the best shout. Aye that's right. Tam Hortons and B&M. We are a big deal these days.
  10. Boxing Thread

    Would be amazed if that happens. A fight that means nothing that wouldn't sell half the allocation.
  11. Come On Ye Mo - Montrose FC 2018/19

    Absolutely no chance McGuigan goes to Montrose. Let's just draw a line under that just now.
  12. Royal Rumble 2019

    Any c**t gawn to Walkabout? Just paid 6 quid for the privilege. Was decent a few years back but don't remember paying that the last time. I'm expecting a handy aff Paige included in this price.
  13. Boxing Thread

    Surely Bradders would have text a tap boy like yersel for a wee heads up? Shocking from him tbh.
  14. Riordan stays in Airth so will just be using local training facilities. Could probably do us a job at centre hoff tbh.