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  1. Benn is an absolute savage. His timing is everything and hits like an absolute mule. He would take Khans head off but would be a good PPV payday for him before a Porter, Garcia or someone of that ilk.
  2. One of your five points this season. Absolutely pathetic considering outwith the leaders it's much of a muchness.
  3. Bridges was fucking NAILZ. Limited but had it even going into the last two which Courtenay clearly won. I thought she would be insufferable post fight but fair play she was very humble. Cracking scrap.
  4. I love watching Farooq his style is just an absolute joy. Probably lacks real pop to be a threat at world level but I'm going to enioy the journey nonetheless.
  5. Even if they are saved again by politics I think Brechin should do the noble thing and resign from the league. They are pretty much at Shire levels of embarrassing at this level.
  6. Only caught the last half hour but it was easy to see Cowdenbeath are in a world of bother. The worst team I've seen to date. Carry zero threat was like a training exercise for the young Warriors.
  7. If we are being honest the only player we would lose to a higher league club based on this season would be Biabi. We have some decent names in the squad but let's have it right we are lower half fodder for a reason. To be ten points off the play offs in this league is an absolute dismal return verging on embarrassing. DI will get a pass this season due to it really not being a proper season of normal football but more of this garbage next season and I don't think it will end well. The persistence to play Tapping and Blair every single game since the restart is bewildering when both have been a mile off it, particularly Blair. Halleran should surely be getting some game time he can't do any worse than what's being served up. As I said last week the season is over for us we should be giving boys a chance to earn a deal and give assured starters a kick up the arse.
  8. He will have plenty of time to give interviews when he has recovered and taken stock. He probably won't even remember much of what he said. Boxers should never be interviewed two minutes after a bad knockout period, it's just crass.
  9. What a tinpot production this is though. Filmed on a Nokia and the master of ceremonies is an embarrassment. Don't think there was much need to throw that mic in front of a fighter who was just knocked out on his feet in his last fight.
  10. Frampton just seemed to have no punch resistance. Anything that hit him clean he went down. Sad end to a great career but that is definitely the end. Herring is not a world class opponent and Frampton couldn't even live with him in the slightest.
  11. Why? Kilmarnock game is our only meaningful game between now and the end of the season surely have to play what is perceived to be our strongest team. 4th place is long gone and we are not going to finish last so the league campaign will just fizzle out and can be used to rotate and give boys a chance of contracts for next season. Time to reset over the close season and forget this season ever happened, in more ways than one.
  12. 30th March* I'm sure everyone who is going to stream it will be aware when the game is but just incase the odd straggler from PnB is skimming through these pages.
  13. Excitement clearly palpable for the return of the Closed Door League this weekend I note. Will it be 18 games? 22 games? 27 games? Just so exciting isn't it? Big Tam Muir clean through on goal as the camera follows a packet of Golden Wonder Salt n Vinegar on the half way line. Yeah. I'll be giving it a miss as well. Zero interest in how this shit show plays out. Promotion would be met with as much of a shrug of the shoulders as finishing 6th and playing the bottom four teams after a split. Look forward to proper games returning next season though at Ochilview.
  14. For a guy who can't speak English he's giving it some go is David🤣 Seems a lovely guy delighted for him.
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