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  1. Stenny v Stranraer

    Special indeed.
  2. Stenny v Stranraer

    Those highlights show nothing in regards to the goal, or Vitoria, being offside. Can we please end this nonsense immediately. Talk about clutching at straws.
  3. Boxing Thread

    Spence would destroy Pac at this stage of their respective careers. Don't see who beats him at the weight to be honest.
  4. Stenny v Stranraer

    Agreed. We are bottom of the league because we are not good enough. The referees are atrocious for everyone.
  5. Kelty Hearts lowland league quest

    A fair amount of deflection here. Strange behaviour. Lowest budget in the league equals bottom of the league for us. We might stay up, we might not it's not something that is going to effect my life. I'll await a more mature Kelty fan to give me a reasonable response. You are dismissed young man.
  6. Kelty Hearts lowland league quest

    I don't see the troll here. Genuinely interested at to how the Kelty fans feel about Ferguson? I would be beelin' if he was destroying my club. He is inept in lower league football.
  7. Kelty Hearts lowland league quest

    I can't be arsed reading this thread but it's plain to see Ferguson is doing another terrible job here. Are the fans turning yet? You ain't going to get anywhere with this clown in charge.
  8. Stenny v Stranraer

    A dusting of snow people calm yourselves. Absolutely no chance this will be off. Not playing on the coo field of Stair Park the day lads.
  9. A View From The Terrace.

    I lost interest in the episodes thus far but this is an excellent episode. I felt the couch talk waffled on in previous weeks for too long but seems a better balance here with that and then the other stuff outside of the studio. Howling at that Livingston video with Gary Holt. Tin pot.
  10. Aberdeen v Sevco - Scottish Cup QF

    Not read any of this thread but must have been some feeling to be in that away end watching the Vermin depart by the bucket load. A fucking horrible club.
  11. Boxing Thread

    Just got an email alert through selling the tickets for the Prograis show in Lafayette. At the bottom it says "A ticketing update on the Glasgow show will be made in the coming days" Ma baws.
  12. Stenny v Stranraer

    What argument? There is no argument from my end merely pointing out you are waffling on as though Stranraer are some football force to be feared when they are one point above us in the league. It's not difficult to comprehend. You also never pointed out the weaknesses of your great team which I requested. Not a great advert for you or your podcast with your persona on here. I would have possibly listened to that but your child like manner has put me right off.
  13. Stenny v Stranraer

    Shiting it now from The Stair Park Galacticos. Will you listen to yourself going on as your mob are Brazil '70 is giving me the boak. Are there any weaknesses to this Stranraer team who are one point above us in the league? Do you slaver as much pish on yer podcast brer?
  14. Stenny v Stranraer

    That's whit a said brer.