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  1. There must be a temptation to keep the same starting team although that may depend on how bad the knock was Callum Yeats got. Philp can replace him of course without weakening us at all. Although they don't play a back three like Bonnyrigg, Annan are slow at the back and always struggle against pace. Hester bagging four on Saturday should further back that up. I liked the way we looked on Saturday with Yates supported by O'Reilly and Adam Brown in what looked like a front three for the most part. They all linked together well and caused a lot of bother. I like Orr from the bench just now he's really making an impact on the game which is something we haven't seen when he starts. Forbes or Liam Brown is probably the big decision for me. Brown is of course a high quality player but Forbes was very good on Saturday and that goal saving tackle in the first half showed a fire in the belly we haven't seen much in his time here. I'd be inclined to stick with him and have Brown from the bench again. We do have some serious depth now with those two additions though and the excitement is now there again for everyone connected to the club to go and have a right good season.
  2. Kane Hester on absolute flames. What a player he is at this level.
  3. What a result that is for us today and with Dumbarton dropping points it makes for a thoroughly enjoyable Saturday. The first half I felt we dominated the contest with our quick, technical players causing absolute havoc to the lumbering Bonnyrigg back line. They couldn't live with us but I felt at half time we really needed that third as we just can't put 90 minutes together. An absolute nightmare start to the second half for us changed the whole direction of the game. From there on in it was back to the walls for the majority of the half. Bonnyrigg aren't going to cut you open with great football but they are effective in getting the ball in the danger area quickly and causing havoc with their range of absolute units. A lot of close calls around the six yard box but we stood strong, bodies on the line and managed to nick a couple of really good goals on the counter, ultimately Tam Orr finishing the contest with a neat finish under Weir in the closing minutes. Clinical stuff from us really we had two sniffs in the second half and finished both off. Jubilant scenes. I don't want to get too negative on that second half so let's look at it from a positive aspect we really had to dig deep and mentally that has to set us in good stead moving forward. It's a difficult venue to get points from so to go there, score four goals and get three points the players deserve a big pat on the back. Nicky Jamieson is now back to his supreme best after a sticky start to the season I thought he was the best player on the park by a distance. Not many centre halves at this level have his ability over 5-10 yards to cover the ground and make as many good tackles as he done today. Matty Yates, as always, is a pain in the arse to the opposition and him getting a goal from chasing down a lost cause typifies the wee man. Brilliant stuff. Credit to Mark Weir. That's the single worst half of football I have seen from a goalkeeper at this level which is some feat when you think of the characters we have had in goals in recent years. He just could not do anything right and it was a right good laugh. He was better second half as all he had to do was pick the ball out of the net from the two occasions we managed to get up the park.
  4. These are signings you'd expect at a non league side like Cowdenbeath. I agree with fafc1885 Forfar are going to be very lucky to get 8th I feel the squad is a mile off it.
  5. He won't but it will suitable compensation for Queens Park to ply their trade at Ochilview for the rest of the season. Brown is a hell of a player and one I've admired since he broke through at QP as a teenager. The signing is, again, one that I thought would be beyond us.
  6. Solid operator will certainly bring more to the squad than Bryson was doing. Nothing flash but can fill in a few positions and proven at this level last year with Kelty.
  7. Not sure how anyone can even take note of what Fury says at this point. An utter clown. The teams are obviously still working on the deal and whatever he comes out with on a daily basis means absolutely nothing in the grand scheme of things.
  8. This league is wild as shown above. Was at Dunipace v Luncarty last night and it was cracking fare. Finished 2-2 but could really have been 5-5. Luncarty looked a proper mob first half and should have been out of sight. Two excellent wing backs who were causing all sorts of bother. Second half Dunipace really got to grips of those two players in particular and were the better side and missed a few sitters at the end to win it. Davie Grant still an absolute player could easily be playing Lowland League if he could be bothered.
  9. You can get a carry out from ASDA or Londis just across from the Plough. Also The Station Store is right next to Larbert Station absolutely no need to go to Nissa in Larbert basically. There is no such thing now as a Stenny Social club. The Ochilview Bar is on Tryst Road, at the corner of the away terracing, and is just a normal pub that will welcome anyone. That space was a Social club like 20 years ago which is maybe where rhe confusion comes from. The Wee Bar in the ground is the one that's exclusive to QP fans on match day. Gilmours closed 3 or 4 years ago. Crown is fine for a quiet pint but Ochilview Bar is probably the ideal boozer for away fans coming to the area. And, yes, QP will be here the full season. Their board just don't want to tell their fans. The usual from them.
  10. Looks like a bit of a battering going by the highlights. Gives the rest of the league a bit of hope if Stranraer can dominate The Sons in that manner. The boy Grant again looks a star he won't be at Stair Park long.
  11. Brennan being unfit is a bizarre take. How do you determine the fitness of a goalkeeper? His fitness is certainly the least of our worries after Saturday's comedy showing in goal and at the back. God knows how we will line up tonight but I just can't see this squad of players doing much this season unless the Bryson replacement is some sort of magician.
  12. It was the manager sent off for OGB. Obviously Ferry is still registered as a player but he wasn't in the squad last night.
  13. He's focused on FC Edinburgh these days sadly.
  14. They really better not. The football should be a place to get away from the circus this weekend.
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