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  1. I expected better from Loy on comms. The amount of times he got the identity of the players wrong was ridiculous. Particularly at the penalty his surprise that Little wasn't taking it with his record...as Little stepped up and scored.
  2. Some wild suggestions on here that Cowdenbeath have no chance of attracting. The two obvious ones to come in are Weir or Harper. Harper in particular has it on his CV of keeping an absolute rabble of a team up from what looked like an impossible position so is what I would opt for. Not saying Cowdenbeath are as bad as that Albion Rovers side but they are currently the worst in the league by a decent margin with the weakest squad.
  3. He looks the part as a ten as opposed to a winger. Must be 4 assists and 4 goals so far which is excellent considering we are a team near the bottom and he hasn't started every game. Hopefully him and O'Reilly can remain hot in the coming weeks until we get Thommo back.
  4. Time is up for Bollanbaw. You know it's bad when you are expected to get beat off a non league team. Chin up fellas.
  5. Decent preview to be fair and although we don't have anything more concrete on Thomson least there is stuff from the manager before the game. Orr should have a bit of confidence from hitting the net at least and Huntly should be about the level of Lithgae so let's start him and hopefully he can begin to find that Stranraer form of last season. I appreciate this stuff from our actual football manager as opposed to geeks playing football manager.
  6. Heard the same time frame at the start of the week but thought there might be some kind of update by now on social media instead of the football manager "patter". I don't think we can just continually go to the transfer market every time we have an inconvenience, especially with the squad as huge as it is. Could Christie not play through the middle? I think it may be worth a try. We don't really have an option now to hold the ball up and he is likely to cause more bother than Orr and Tierney have done.
  7. Gary Holt comes across as an even bigger w****r than I thought was possible. Constantly sniggering at the table in between questions next to a bumbling mess in Sheerin. Rawlins was the only guy who really came out of that as competent which must give Falkirk fans hope but in general what an absolute state of a football club from top to bottom. Hard to see them getting promoted anytime soon when you see who is running the footballing and non footballing operations.
  8. Press him and he's as much use as a chocolate fireman.
  9. I'm amazed there is not complete uproar regarding Holt. Who on earth needs a director of football at this level? His wage could be used on a decent player or two surely? Just doesn't make a lick of sense. How can the board perceive he is doing an adequate job? Aye its funny for me but the whole thing is mind boggling from the outside.
  10. You can't go crazy positive considering the opposition but if we win next week we can feel progress and of course rid ourselves of that dogshit at the bottom.
  11. What a fucking club. Jamie Swinneys Barmy Army!
  12. Thommo looks out for the season to me. A real bad one from a rugby player. No doubt if he stays on we win that by 4 or 5. They are the worst team I've seen at this level since the Shire.
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