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  1. He better get nowhere near a third fight. Lazy, lazy b*****d.
  2. Goodbye Fermers. It's been emotional. Fair play to the diehards going and watching that week in, week out for three consecutive relegations.
  3. Least you ain't bothered Muzza that's the main thing. Biabi is obviously one. Interested to see who the other is.
  4. He's been as bad as the rest since Waterford but there's no doubt over the course of the season it's a blow losing Gibson. It's more of a worry as we are short of real quality in that area.
  5. Barmy really that power. The look on the face of Ortiz when he went down summed it up. Wilder must be among the worst boxers to ever be a world champion but that power is just ridiculous and over a twelve round fight he a going to land once and that's all that's required. Ortiz won every second of every round until that obviously.
  6. Not read or heard anyone saying Smith won that fight apart from his brother and Bellend.
  7. Shocking. Actually laughable.
  8. Score it a draw. Really decent scrap. Await the Smith landslide.
  9. Massive Ryder round. Got him one up going into the last.
  10. Ryder 3-2 up for me after 5.
  11. I wasn't at either of those games so can't comment. Waterford is the best I have seen us this season hence it's a head scratcher why we have changed from that. McLaughlin was doing fine at left back so not sure why Cook needs to go there. I liked Cook in that central midfield role but he hasn't played there since.
  12. It's basically the same but it's not the same. Against Waterford we had McBride wide and Cook playing more centrally in midfield. It really gave us an extra dimension in terms of pace and drive and we haven't had that since. Makes no sense to me. If you want to get the best from Gibson you need legs round about him. We've somehow ended up with Dykes in there and McLaughlin moved from left back. It's easy to say it's only one or two players difference but those two playing in those positions really did give us a bit more. Why was it changed at all when it was our best performance of the season?
  13. Call me a mad man but why don't we go back to the line up that played against Waterford? We haven't played the same team since and are moving further away from it by the week. I can't understand why we are going down the route of a back three. The young centre back looks nowhere near the level required at this minute in time so i can't see how we are bolstering the defence in that regard. At a loss why Dykes has found himself ahead of Halleran in the pecking order all of a sudden as well. Some baffling decisions from Irons since Waterford and as poor as the players have been he has to be accountable for the selection and shape of the team, which is getting worse by the week.
  14. Kash by two or three. Never know how the judges will go through.
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