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  1. The bars are open inside the ground as well from early doors you might fancy that as you will get to see a bit more inside the club. Croon for noon for myself. As close to a normal pub feeling you will get just now. Home of flat lager and high end pool sharks.
  2. Yes, John Daly has clearly undermined our club but by the same token we have put tickets on a public platform for a priority sale. The right cheek doesn't know what the left is doing sadly.
  3. Essentially that is it. For what should be a priority until Thursday for home fans is now a free for all. Where we are situated is irrelevant in all of this also. There will be home fans in stand and terracing it's more the way this has been handled has been shambolic.
  4. There is no limit of 100. At this point in time our club don't know if it's home, away or neutral supporters buying them when in essence it should be a priority sale for us. Tinpot stuff.
  5. There has been no official release for Stirling Albion fans on social media. Posts they "may" get up to 100 tickets and that they were awaiting official confirmation from us have clearly been undermined by going ahead and releasing details they shouldn't have. Won't matter now as whoever has purchased tickets will have them but this has been poorly handled by both clubs from the outside looking in.
  6. A general sale was supposed to commence on Thursday as per email from our club today. The tickets on sale just now should only be for season ticket holders buying addtional tickets and other associated branches of home fans (Warriors Abroad etc.) I think there has been a bit of an error here either by our club (most likely) or Stirling Albion posting this information to their Twitter when they shouldn't have.
  7. Rutkiewicz is under the bigges pressure I would say. Clearly operating with a decent budget and after last years play off collapse it's vital he gets off to a good start. Seems to be a fair bit of optimism at Forthbank but the league cup tournament is essentially pre-season and we will get a fairer idea of where they are at on Saturday. Cowden, Stranraer and Annan look the weakest squads on paper (as we know that's not how it will turn out) but I wouldn't have thought the managers at those clubs will be under as much pressure as presumably working with the smallest budgets in the league.
  8. If the crowd is capped at 450 as per St Mirren game there is zero chance we will sell that just to home fans. If there isn't a general sale/tickets for Binos I'd be astonished.
  9. A specified time period for crowds this size are an absolute nonsense. I kind of understand it when crowds are over 10,000 or whatever but at our level it doesn't make a lick of sense and will just put people off going. Our club thankfully has had a sensible approach with no specified time.
  10. This is a tough school playing full time sides in this heat but I think every fan is feeling really positive about the team and the way the manager is going about things. We are well drilled against these sides and I think we will see our attacking flair when we get down to league business. It could be the same old disappointment we are accustomed to but there is a different feeling about this squad assembled and I think we are in for a good season.
  11. I was at Dumbarfon last midweek and you weren't allowed bottles or cans but were allowed Capri Sun's. I'm not sure what science guided that but Capri Sun's have a capped top these days that are more dangerous than a bottle top or can If it was due to the danger of the object We are football fans gagging on seeing our team play. The crowds are in the hundreds. There is zero chance any of these drink containers are going to be used to throw on the park but we are all deemed as animals by the powers that be. It's all pretty pathetic.
  12. Despite every takeaway in Scotland being open we can't possibly buy a pie from a pie shop in front of a two men and their dug crowd. Shambolic. Not the clubs fault obviously just rhe "science" not making a lick of sense again.
  13. We ran out of gas a bit in that second half but to be expected against full time oppostion in the blistering heat. It really was some shift the team put in yesterday to have us competitive. We obviously tweaked the system to have two holding midfielders yesterday which was sensible. Kyle Turner was superb for Thistle and it was a tough gig for the lads in there to keep tabs on him at times. When you consider that starting line up had no Thomson, O'Reilly, Brown and James Lyon then it shows we are in a very good place going into the league campaign. We have some serious options going forward and again yesterday Cammy Graham and, in particular, Daz Christie showed they will also have their part to play this season when called upon. There is probably a chance we will take a few doings against St Mirren and Dunfermline so I would be inclined just to continue to rotate the team a bit and give the squad minutes before the Stirling Albion game.
  14. Technically was for home fans only but it's not really enforceable and to be honest a load of absolute nonsense. There will be Partick and St Mirren fans at our home games as well I would imagine.
  15. I like him better at centre back from the limited viewing. He will start as understudy to Mills when the league starts anyway I'm pretty certain of that. We started brilliantly tonight and should have scored in the first few minutes but Thomson hit the post after good work from James Lyon. Dumbarton took hold of the game from about 25 minutes to half time and to be honest maybe should have been 2-0 up at half time. Swift made the change at half time that we badly needed. With Michael Anderson having a nightmare and having been booked he was replaced by Ross Lyon and the game turned from there. We were dominant second half and it was pretty much wave after wave of attack. Mills coming on as well gave us proper width with him and Ross Lyon bombing on at every opportunity. These two are rapid and exciting players. James Lyon looks a proper player. Always positive with the ball and works hard off it. Dare I say it he gives me a similar feeling to the first time I seen Harry Paton, just the smell that he's going to operate at a very good level in the not too distant future. His goal was sensational. The front two are a handful and particularly in our league should get good numbers between them. I think we are a centre back away from a really good side but it's going to be an enjoyable watch this season regardless.
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