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  1. I've been doing a wee quiz daily at 19:00. Wee bit more enjoyable than guessing how many corners Hamilton have had. Follow me on Twitter @ Neilly1986 for the code sometime 18:30 onwards.
  2. !!!QUIZ 7 + MARE PRIZES!!! Why no eh? 40 frontline soldiers battled it out last night let's hope for more of the same.

    myquiz.org and enter code 082124. Be in before 19.00 for a start bang on the hour.

  3. Have to say the effort and innovation from the club so far in terms of raising money has been incredible. An absolute mile in front of anyone at our level and beyond.
  4. Anyone craving a pint of long ball football and a side order of Harkins falling over? Absence makes the heart grow fonder is so very true.
  5. Neilly


    I know nothing. MVG back to his devastating best. Great final and great tournament in general as usual.
  6. Disgraceful corner work from Tesco Joe. Quigg was out of that as a contest half way through and just continually sent out for more punishment. Even in 9th and 10th he was giving it better round and more of the same. Scandalous.
  7. Neilly


    MVG has definitely lost the fear factor and not sure this change of darts has done any good at all really.
  8. That bog of a park is better suited to non league anyway. Brechin "GAME AFF" City.
  9. No surprise to see Yafai sparked against his first real name opponent. That was a long and protected reign.
  10. The only positive is Harkins will now be suspended and we won't now change the shape of the full team for one guy who is not really worth it. It's shocking management from Irons to be honest. I just want this season finished. it's been tedious at best.
  11. The league table would indicate that, yes. What's your point caller?
  12. All of those players would walk in to Cove or Queens Parks team. Just being difficult to suggest otherwise. A lot of jealousy flys about because Kelty are loaded and people can't see the woods from the trees. Quite embarrassing really.
  13. Well they aren't really are they? 14 and 17 points behind those respectively and even if they were to win their games in hand are not going to lay a glove on either. I am familiar with the BSC squad as a good few have played with us and most of them are probably lower end league two players at best at this stage of their careers. Kelty, for instance, have at least four or five players who would get in any team from league one down and even some championship (Reid, Tidser, Easton, Reilly, Austin) mixed with good blend of youth and experience.
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