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  1. How would a big football fan not know who Bolongoli is? You are not a big football fan is my conclusion.
  2. Uncle Frank and Uncle Eddie have spoken to each other for the first time ever today on the phone regarding a cross stable PPV. What a time to be alive.
  3. Strange signing that. League two jobber nothing more, nothing less.
  4. In fairness Hopkirk plays midfield, McGuigan will be away and Watters won't get a sniff so we are essentially rolling with three.
  5. Tapping seems to have had an injury free year at Forfar which bodes well. Should be a very handy player at this level. We are quietly going about our business pretty well. Realistically challenging for the league would be a stretch due to the quality QP have and are going to bring in but outwith that there is nothing to fear.
  6. Neilly


    Buying from Argos they will probably be cheap shite. If you want to up your average to around the 45 mark then drop me a PM. I do lessons at the Croon on a Tuesday and Thursday.
  7. This Montrose fan has been hoaching on this move for a while eh? He will definitely be away but I can't imagine him wanting to travel to Angus at this stage in his career. East Kilbride seem fairly ambitious and I am sure he stays round those parts so seems a logical move but of course he could still play in League One or Two with a manager that believes in him.
  8. Where is this confident head of business character you speak of? Oh he's fled like a shitebag.
  9. Jesus f**k. Those commas have put me in a coma.
  10. I have no words for how mental the Nanna family are. Enjoy your day on the farm.
  11. We were absolutely shit and still battling it out with garbage like Nanna in mid table. Delighted to have got the only decent player from them and sure he will add to our options up front. It's hardly ground breaking but McGuigan will be away which hurts my heart a bit.
  12. It'll be the first time a player has moved for more money or a new challenge in football. I forget how out of touch Nanna fans are with the modern world.
  13. Has Mark Dallas returned to social media yet? ICW have had an absolute nightmare here I think that's the end of the road. Announcing they would install Welfare Officers from their own roster is brainless beyond belief.
  14. Only one man can not guide this mob to the league title next season. And that one man is in charge.
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