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  1. Surely MTK should be stepping in and having a word with Taylor? His constant pish is tiresome and he will be losing fans and sponsors by the day with all that nonsense. He doesn't have a massive fan base as it is and this isn't going to help matters in trying to increase his profile for the right reasons. Not a great look all this after attacking that foreign lad last year which for a boxer is the ultimate sign of being an absolute scumbag. He's probably my favourite fighter but it becomes hard to invest in someone when they are such a clown.
  2. Shadwell Dug is a very angry man. A wee break from watching Conor Sammon running doon cul-de-sacs on a two bob stream for a month will do you good. I am convinced Rangers are your real team.
  3. Three week suspension confirmed. Makes perfect sense. I'm amazed it has taken this long.
  4. Surely by definition if teams are getting tested they are obviously going to show more cases than those who are not? I don't think that's a way of looking at things as though we are doing something better at this level than those further up or that the lower league players are looking after themselves better. There will surely be numerous players at this level who are walking around asymptomatic but are just going about their training in a normal manner as they are none the wiser.
  5. I don't really understand how part time football is allowed to continue when the situation is as bad as we are lead to believe. There is no testing at this level. Why can't I play 5 a sides with my pals but lower and non league players can play football three times a week? What's the difference if there is no testing? I don't get how we can fall under a professional banner for sport when there is no testing. Doesn't make a lick of sense to me.
  6. Neilly


    Apart from this run Chisnall has done nothing this year. Certainly wasn't deserving of a spot. The nine picks make sense so far and they are clearly holding out for Barney which is rather embarrassing. This comeback is going to bomb.
  7. Was a competitive fight but that looked a sickener to the body to finish. I wonder if Campbell could have stepped on him in the second and tried to close the show when he had him down? Not sure where Campbell goes from here. I think he's just a level below these top guys at lightweight and will not quite get the world title he wants.
  8. Hope the lad makes a fully recovery and is back in action soon. Today made me really think a trick has been missed with no reconstruction of the leagues in the summer. It's maybe just me but playing Stirling Albion again at home for the second time in a matter of months is just incredibly boring. The league is tired and dull but even worse having to watch it on a stream which is why I never bothered today. Hopefully we are back in the ground by 2022.
  9. I don't think it could have been much worse. Another expense getting transport up there and not likely to progress. Thomas Collins coming in from East Fife I hear.
  10. We were fine until the clash of heads but after that were on a hiding to nothing. Missing Smith, Yeats, Little, Tapping, Hoppy and Muir. That's 6 guarenteed starters (plus Kane) and no one at this level (apart from QP) can cope with that I'm afraid. Just need to battle on as best we can but I think we will be off the play off race until those problems clear up. At least we have the safety net of the two pub teams in the league so are in no danger of going down.
  11. Neilly


    It just doesn't feel right this World Champs does it? Absolutely nothing special about it and just a continuation of the other closed door majors rally it doesn't feel any different. A real shame but least we have some darts to watch. The crowd were generally mutants at the worlds but it's certainly missing them this event for what should be the biggest show of them all.
  12. The performance of Munro pretty much summed up the team performance. Ridiculous first half but absolutely sublime second half. The usual suspects (or suspect) needs to chill out the skipper has had a great season on the whole. Delighted with a point as didn't think we would get anything beforehand. A few players missing and we just don't have the squad to cope already which makes Tapping's tackle even harder to take. Completely unnecessary, a cowards tackle that's ultimately going to cost the team over the next few games. Another tough game next week. I hope we are still in contention of top four by time Yeats and Muir come back but not sure how much longer we can go on with no left back.
  13. Yarde is absolute w****r delighted to see him get his dinner served last night. So arrogant in the post match interview as well. Gave Arthur zero respect and kept interripting him. Only so long you can have "Lions in the camp" as instruction from the corner. That ain't going to progress his careeer. Needs to get away from Tunde to a proper trainer if he is going to do anything of note.
  14. I have respect for you still happy clapping at this stage. Four years of absolute brutality on the pitch and now have a side that is on par with the old Shire sides in the tenner a week days. It takes a strong farmer to keep on cultivating at this stage. I doth my cap to you sir.
  15. As was your response. I knew you couldn't resist. Lovely jubbly.
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