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  1. We've surely asked the question. This groundshare is going to go way beyond the group stages is the impression I get. Lesser Hampden is a mile away from being ready.
  2. I was just informing a Montrose fan as he was obviously not aware of the pitch situation. I never insinuated anyone was having a pop at us. Don't take it out on me because your club treat you like dirt on their shoe. I heard about this months ago and assumed it would never come to pass. Absolutely bonkers stuff really but should be a nice little earner for ourselves.
  3. The pitch is being replaced just now and will be one of the best surfaces in the country.
  4. You'll be absolutely delighted with this. If Airdrie can get a move here as well that'll will be your three teams under the one roof.
  5. We haven't announced our early bird offer so this could come back to bite me but 270 for an early bird is an absolute disgrace for the Fife faithful. One of the worst away days out there as well I don't think the walk up prices are going to encourage anyone either.
  6. Another average league two acquisition from Dumbarton. Some really dull work going on there just now the fans must be looking for a signing that will get the juices flowing which certainly hasn't happened to this point.
  7. Queens never got pumped every week and were competitive until the end or I could have said them aye. Would you be surprised if you finished bottom next season? I think from within your euphoric bubble you would say yes obviously but I don't think anyone outside it would be.
  8. I wasn't meaning literally four points but more taking a regular pumping and finishing bottom. I think you knew that anyway but just to clarify.
  9. I think Gordon has it spot on. The Arbroath lad is speaking from a perspective of euphoria as opposed to reality, and I absolutely get that after what has went on there. Arbroath could end up having a Brechin style pumping in the Championship next season and I wouldn't be the least bit surprised. No one would bat an eyelid in truth. Ceiling (and floor for that matter) is just a buzz word that means little in the cold light of day when there are so many different variables at this level of football that count towards success or failure and everything in between.
  10. Montrose could easily have went up through the play offs though had they not buckled in that Airdrie game. They probably win that tie from that position nine times out of ten. They then would have faced a team they finished above in the league for a chance of Championship football. I'd say that's their ceiling. You need the stars to align sometimes, all variables going in your favour and special things can happen. Like what's happened at Arbroath but there is no black and white way of looking at it really. It's your opinion of course but I find it a bit dismissive when these things aren't just black and white to say team x has a ceiling of y when that's just not how things work in reality.
  11. Cowdenbeath, Alloa, Brechin, Arbroath off the top of my head have been in the Championship in the last 10 years. Why on earth would L1 be our ceiling or clubs like us? Anyone could have a whirlwind couple of years like Arbroath who really knows? You are making out Arbroath have found their level in the Championship. You will be relegated again in a couple of seasons. You've done a Leicester. Enjoy the season and enjoy the ride but you will be back at your natural level in the near future and we will see how those 1,000 plus home fans are holding up. The arrogance is staggering.
  12. It will probably be updated tonight now you have flagged this on the Pie and Bovril website. They are always watching. How about some fantasy bookings? Realistic players we could get in that would improve us. Nathan Flanagan obviously springs to mind, has just left Stirling and would be an upgrade on what we had last season at right wing you would think. One of the best players in the league on his day but trying to get that consistency on a regular basis has so far evaded him in his career. Him and O'Reilly cutting in from the wings is a lovely thought though. Charlie Reilly at Albion Rovers is a player who really impressed me this season. Plays in a similar position to O'Reilly, cutting in from the left wing, but for me has the attributes to play as a central striker. Strong, quick and an eye for goal. I think in a better team he would do a lot of damage at this level. There is surely no way he remains at Albion Rovers beyond the summer anyway. Callum Yeats permanently. Surely Queen's Park getting promoted can give us a better chance of securing Yeats at some point in the summer? I think his game time would be extremely limited for them in league one so I can't see how that is looking any better now they have been promoted. He would be worth the wait if it had to go deep into the summer but could be risky if there is no guarantees we can get him and miss out on a decent left back in the meantime. I'm not sure how many decent left backs will be kicking about right enough. I'm struggling after that as too many players are either unrealistic targets or jobbers on the released list who are inferior to what we have. A left back, right winger and striker of quality are going to be required if we are to be fighting it out at the top, thereafter we are just adding bodies to beef up and compliment the squad we already have.
  13. I've heard you are going to groundshare with us for the early part of next season so assuming the ground ain't near ready yet. Would have thought Broadwood would have made more sense a bit of a pain in the arse coming through here every second week for a home game.
  14. Big Martin Bakole giving Tony Yoka an absolute bleaching in France going under the radar. I never gave Yoka a round and Bakole had him down twice as well. Scored a draw on one card and narrow to Bakole on the other two. Correct result but absolutely disgusting stuff that's now the norm.
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