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  1. Except he’s really a midfielder who can also defend
  2. Amazing what a change of manager can do, well done City!!
  3. Ross is injured, has a hairline fracture to his ankle
  4. Great result again today guys, well done, has our luck finally changed, onwards & upwards hopefully
  5. Agree, midfield much better after Crawford went off. Hamilton needs to lift his head & not try and do it all himself, it’s a team game.
  6. Terrible in 1st half again today, got slightly better in 2nd half after subs were made. Worrying we didn’t create many chances, badly need a decent striker up top with McManus. Also need to start with our experienced midfielders instead of teenage loan signings who aren’t good enough fo this league. Oh well concentrate on League now
  7. Yes the boys train Mon & Wed now as the gaffer prefers this
  8. And JH gives his brother in law Hume the captains armband, laughable & an embarrassment!!
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