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  1. Yes the boys train Mon & Wed now as the gaffer prefers this
  2. And JH gives his brother in law Hume the captains armband, laughable & an embarrassment!!
  3. Brown didn’t even get on the park last Saturday and is one of the better players, JH is clueless and needs to go.
  4. Aye said it last week & I’ll say it again, never gonna win with that starting 11, he clearly has no idea what he’s doing, total shambles. As you say players could do a better job themselves, walk please JH
  5. That starting line up was never gonna win that game! 6-0 proves it embarrassing! Well done JH go now!
  6. Your team are that good your only 3 points ahead lol
  7. Defence looked better with Mcilduff & Brown although Brown being played out of position!!
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