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  1. Agreed, bankies would not get promoted in a 'normal' season.
  2. Seasons over, get used to it. Fair play to the teams who started the season it was always going to be a long shot getting it finished. It did not work! Start fresh when it's safe and with all teams back in the league.
  3. The experts have spoken! - season over! Just need to start again next season
  4. No it's not! - 'Sensible', would be to end the season and start fresh when it is safe to do so. Then these teams can fight for promotion. This is bigger than a couple of teams chasing promotion.
  5. SG think 'elite football' is the top 2 or 3 leagues in the country, they have no clue that the SFA class tier 6 and 7 as elite, that's how I see it anyway. If they did then the lower tiers would have been stopped. No testing, no showers, currently no inside training. Fair play for giving it ago and getting to this point but the sensible decision would be to stop the season and start fresh, hopefully, later in the year.
  6. 2 sides to a story, truth somewhere on the middle
  7. Played 4 league games and already lost 2. Something not right behind the scenes with Syme (seems to be cack now) and mcwaters leaving? that's the way it looks from the outside. I watched the Largs game and thought Largs were the better team overall. Even when it was 11 v 11 Largs had more control of the game and were creating better chances. Strain blaming the ref for the defeat saying the sending off was a farse. Both booking were correct, first one the boy is late, for the second as the keeper goes to kick the ball out his hands the buffs players kicks it away. I'm pretty sure that when the keeper is in the process of kicking the ball it is deemed as one movement and no player is allowed to interfere until the ball is kicked, Correct decision again from the ref. Once your on a booking the player should know better.
  8. Must have been some shift from the largs players, 80 odd minutes with 10 men.
  9. Better tune into super scoreboard tomorrow for the big news then 🙄
  10. Your right, just let them break the rules and put people at risk
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