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  1. 35 - Del Esplin * - He'll be out for a long time since he plays for pollok!
  2. No doubt the "pollok" fans will say it was a "largs" fan who threw the ball. No pollok fan would do such a thing
  3. Can understand this and we must now move on but it can be very frustrating when a refs decision ultimately cost us the game when we can clearly see on the footage and photo that Amstrong got the ball How did it cost you the game? Are you saying glenafton would never have won if it was 11 v 11?
  4. 3 cracking goals. Ref gave the red that's all that matters
  5. Nicky will be gone at the end of the season as well
  6. Great comeback, you got me there 🙊
  7. As I've already told you ya clown I don't support a junior team, I'll go and watch the best game within a certain distance. I have to say your lot are the worst up your own arses fans I've came across, your exhibit A, and I'll never tire of taking bites from you 😂
  8. Biggest budget, biggest crowds 🤭 just not very good 🤣
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