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  1. Aye, him and boy langan, no.7 according to the team sheet. He started at Morton and was playing with Dumbarton last season I'm sure?
  2. Looks like Ben's have signed a couple cracking players in the middle of the park going by their team lines
  3. Don't see many grass games making it this weekend.
  4. Out his depth more like, and results are proving that.
  5. Fraser dived, clydebank player let him know he dived, was there contact when they went head to head? camera angle is too far away. Has the clydebank player got previous of this type of thing? we know fraser has a short fuse and has lashed out numerous times in the past.
  6. Darvel players and management are always at it. Glad the ref did his job tonight. Money talks and bullshit walks
  7. Pollok dropping more points against a largs teams down to the bare bones with injures and suspensions. Few of the 20's having to step up and help out.
  8. Or like the darvel fans trying to open a car door and get into the car terrifying a young lassy on the way out after the game? And naw, no idea what your talking about, but great defence of your player!
  9. He admitted it after the game, hiding behind all his teammates
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