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  1. Largs 8 v 1 beith Some of the goals that night were outstanding. It was 8 going on 10.
  2. Not really after the start to the season they had. Done well to claw it back and make a fist of it. Looks like there will be another rebuild at kilbirnie, again!
  3. Good players, manager just not good enough. If darvel want to progress then they need a better manager.
  4. Ben's players giving it tight to the largs players after beating them 3-2, we relegated you today, was the shout! How did that go?
  5. Benburb were celebrating beating largs a couple of month back, shouting they had relegated largs that day. It's a funny old game as they say, well done largs. 5 wins on the trot with 4 clean sheets.
  6. Aye, him and boy langan, no.7 according to the team sheet. He started at Morton and was playing with Dumbarton last season I'm sure?
  7. Looks like Ben's have signed a couple cracking players in the middle of the park going by their team lines
  8. Don't see many grass games making it this weekend.
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