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  1. Better tune into super scoreboard tomorrow for the big news then 🙄
  2. Your right, just let them break the rules and put people at risk
  3. Kilwinning have had a few sessions
  4. You'd need to ask the clubs involved. I don't see any advantage to it at all, but plenty of negatives. Total agree. Think a few clubs think they are above the rules.
  5. No Cheers, every team is in the same boat. So why not follow the rules and only begin training when allowed.
  6. Are teams at this level allowed to train together at the moment?
  7. Think he has the chance of a good job and distance learning (open uni) opportunity . Makes sense long term.
  8. Keir Milliken from Beith Cory Hughes from Kilbirnie Graham Muir as signed again, think that's his 3rd time
  9. See largs announced a few signing yesterday as well
  10. Changing manager every season has taken its toll on a lot of players. Ramsay far from quality , did well to get his move!
  11. They are saying it's playable at the moment but waiting on a pitch inspection, no time given
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