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  1. Good to see it's not all gloom and doom yet :) As another long time follower of the blue brazil from a distance (Southern England)  it's hard to really know the quality of players coming in but I'm glad there is talk of avoiding the bottom 2 at least. Managed to make it up season before last and hoping to bring a group up from the Chelsea Women supporters group who are now showing an interest. Are there any other places other than Pie & Bovril to keep up to date with what's going on ? (Apart from the clubs twitter feed)


  2. On 15/05/2018 at 19:09, Drifter said:

    Now there's a thought. And one I'm so happy all you genuine fans can still have after surviving that scare once again at the weekend!

    I'm not used to posting much on here so wasn't sure how to reply but I loved you piece about your trips to Central Park ! Pretty much summed up the feeling I got when I finally managed to get there for a game last season. Lost 2-1 to Arbroath but at least I got to see a goal. Then off to Wee Jimmies before heading back afterwards for the Stock cars. Surreal and wonderful trip.

    Unfortunately couldn't make it back this season and had been a bag of nerves until the great escape.  Been following the Blue Brazil for about 42 years from way down in Surrey (I am a supporter of a lesser known team in blue with the initials CFC as well ;) )  Wish I had more people I could travel up with for next season.


  3. 23 hours ago, Cowden316 said:

    In answer to your query if we dropped out of this  league would it survive. Personally I think a lot would depend on whether fans have the drive to want it to survive, the ability to attract continued investment, Club 135, 100 Club and other initiatives continuing and have enough people willing to continue to run the club. The very thought of Lowland League football is a horrible one and one where I think could be a very bleak future for the club on where and what we want to achieve. East Stirlingshire are still here but that said you can see the difficulties in getting out of the league then you have to beat the Highland League then SPFL. Hopefully those rules may change as sooner or later there will be more teams that will probably drop out of the SPFL then they might decide more to come up or change the playoffs or get rid of them. Worst case scenario might be the pyramid is voted to be scrapped which is fine if your in the SPFL but not if your in the Lowland League. Not sure if this is possible though. 

    It is unfortunate we as a club cannot present something to our wider fanbase like yourself  and there have been suggestions for games to be recorded etc but to do this requires volunteers etc. 

    Keep the faith. Bollan I feel will turn things around from what I have seen and is a very experienced manager with determination and a reputation to uphold. The players appear to be working under him whilst being managed/trained in a more professional way  and hopefully he can bring the right players in during this window. 

    Still lots of points to be won or lost but we must start getting the 3 points now or we could be really cut a drift. 


    Thanks for taking the time to give me such a long and detailed response. Half expected to be told to do one being a newbie here and all ;)

    I can see your point about how hard it is to get back up. A whole season of making it to the top of the pile only to lose out in to the winners of the Highland League or SPFL drop outs. My main concern is despite schemes like Club 135 and 100 Club (which I have contibuted to)  with attendances so poor will there be any money without SPFL to keep the club existing ?

    It is tough never seeing any footage..hard to keep track of players and who is actually any good. Have been following the club for more than 40 years and it is never easy. Finally managed to make it to the Abroath defeat at CP last year and it was magical. Fingers crossed I can make it back this season. Having reading both of Ron Fergusons books it made me realise how far and wide the supporters are. Would be good to have a way to find out where the groups are and plan some trips.

    As far as I can tell Bollan has improved things apart from last weeks unfortunate blip.  Draws rather than defeats and holding their own against the top two are positives but as you said we need to start scoring more than the odd goal and turning 1 into 3 points regularly.  Seems like Clyde are the team we need to climb above to be safe. Funny how finishing 9th would feel like my other CFC team winning the league again down south.

    Good to hear from you though. Let's hope tomorrow brings us a bit of joy.

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