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  1. 1. Dundee 2. Raith Rovers 3. Partick Thistle 4. Morton 5. Inverness 6. Queens Park 7. Ayr 8. Arbroath 9. Cove 10. Hamilton
  2. Aye, it just gets increasingly pathetic from them. Very weird bunch.
  3. Really like that away top. Thank you very much Mr Ayr
  4. The club owes Adeloye a huge debt of gratitude. We would not be a championship club if he hadn't been here. Despite a lot of unfair criticism at times, his performances/goals undoubtedly kept us in the league. Best of luck to him wherever he ends up. It's sad to see him go but football is a short career and if he feels he can get himself a better deal or even some surroundings that he feels more comfortable in, then fair fucks can't say I blame the guy. At least we can now focus on getting a suitable replacement in. I'm quite excited by the Bristol City lad. Hopefully we can bring him in.
  5. Does Newlandsfield not still have no toilets/facilities? Visited a couple years back and the only option was to pish behind one if the stands. Don't think that would suit Championship. Also there's no seats(terracing is better), but I assume there must be a requirement for some seats at least. Not sure about other WoSFL Glasgow grounds but wouldn't imagine any are suitable.
  6. I was hoping for Arbroath away first up, for pretty much the same reason, always great away day. Any away day on the train past Edinburgh is a class one. We always head up early and visit a few of Arbroath's finest pubs.
  7. Arbroath at Gayfield just cause I love that away day. Although agree with previous on having Hamilton at home if they're still in a state.
  8. That is stunning. Would absolutely love something like that.
  9. Yup, played various very good games but just can't get into them the way I do with this one. I think part of it for me is just how good the story and characters are. Add that on top of the open world that's available and it's just so enjoyable.
  10. Recently came back to RDR2 after not playing it for quite a while. Had been trying to not have it be the only game I play a lot of. I love it just as much and I'm still find new things across the map. I think it's actually ruined a lot of other games for me as I find there is no comparison. I know there was some who didn't like this game but it's honestly the best I've ever played and don't see it being beaten anytime soon, it's addictive. Anyone else have this reaction to it?
  11. Being too young to have had the pleasure of visiting Brockville, What were the reasons for the inability to redevelop? For a long time I would have thought the site limitations around Somerset Park would have made it impossible for redevelopment, but recent plans have proven otherwise and there seems to be a real possibility of modernising the place.
  12. Yeah it definitely wouldn't be an issue in terms of numbers. Probably get some some good atmospheres in the SRE with more in. Unless we're shite, then just an extra wee bit of toxicity.
  13. Aye. Quite impressive. Everything that makes me love watching the football on the North terrace remains the same, while the club takes a big step forward in modernising that side of the ground. I assume the stand will have better catering and toilets etc (wouldn't be hard) than what is currently available at the corner between SR and NT. Obviously this is a huge outlay but hopefully it's a sign of thing to come. Bit more paint and upkeep in other areas of the ground too would be great. Just need playing squads to match, here's hoping....
  14. Were you expecting news on the the whole stadium being redeveloped? Tbf Somerset park is already a pretty good attraction for away fans. I imagine any further improvements will be made down the line if deemed necessary/possible.
  15. I wonder how they'll arrange the ground during that time. I imagine it'll just be a case of putting everyone in the SRE and seeing the main stand getting more use. Put small away supports in the main stand/enclosure in front and allow home fans in the railway end for those games? When new stand opens I assume it would be just home support in the North terrace with no corner given to away support. I've always wanted that tbh.
  16. I'm very happy with the look of that. Bit of relief tbh.
  17. The whole town has been declining for a long time. The high street nowadays is a fucking mess. Sandgate is alright I guess but other than that there's nothing positive about the town centre. Also, the state of parts of White City/Wallacetown is atrocious - total neglect for decades. I imagine it's probably not unique amongst towns across Scotland/UK, but really is a sad state of affairs. Train station man, geezo. Fucking state. There also seemed to be a spate of old/historic buildings burning down a couple of years ago.
  18. Passed yesterday and there was definitely a lot of work going on at what was the Royal Blossom, so might be true. Lychees was class. Ayr has really gone down hill for options to eat/drink imo. FS, gonnae just sign someone Ayr.
  19. To be fair, most of the mocking (myself included) was aimed at the fact that the Hub was occasionally being used as a convenient piece of spin while our playing squad was failing miserably and looked destined to take us back to League 1. I doubt there was anyone who really disliked the idea of the hub. It is fair however, to say that while all attention is being drawn to the hub, we were seriously struggling on the pitch and looked in real danger. In the end, we're still a championship club. So all is well for now.
  20. That was genuinely pathetic. Ukraine did their bit and fair play to them, hope they beat Wales and get there. Their players wanted that and ours didn't show up. Abysmal from Clarke and and the players. Truly awful. An embarrassing display from most, we can have no complaints. Slava Ukraini. f**k off Scotland.
  21. Craig Gordon is a fucking god.
  22. Stevie Clarke wi his Scotrail tie on again
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